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This is the aptlynamed quotblack swallowerquot Chiasmodon niger a fish

This is the aptlynamed quotblack swallowerquot Chiasmodon niger a fish


This is the aptly-named "black swallower" (Chiasmodon niger), a fish known for eating bony fish up to 10x its mass and 2x its length.

Weird Deep Sea Fish | deep sea fish sometimes called the black swallower can devour fish .

The black swallower, Chiasmodon niger, is a species of deep sea fish in the family Chiasmodontidae, notable for its ability to swallow fish larger than ...

The 20 weirdest fish in the ocean

10 Underwater Animals with Amazing Abilities - Also known as Chiasmodon niger, the Black Swallower

There Is A Parasite That Eats Tongues And Replaces Them With Terrifying Monsters

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Motor Mouth, the Black Swallower

Russian fisherman finds some crazy deep sea creatures!

Stock Photo : Black Swallower (Chiasmodon niger), expandable stomach can accommodate very large prey, deep sea

A drawing of the Chiasmodon fish, showing it before and after it performs fish-vore on an unfortunate victim.

The Black Swallower (Chiasmodon niger) is a deep-sea fish that can literally eat something that is larger than itself. “Yes, LARGER THAN ITSELF!

I used to absolutely love Finding Nemo. Dory taught me so much. Every time I watch Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, I learn something new from her and it ...

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Ferocious-looking sea creature has been identified as a long-nosed Lancetfish (Alepisaurus

A viperfish is a deepwater fish with long, needle-like teeth and hinged lower jaws. It is one of the fiercest predators in the very deep part of the sea and ...

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Les Aliens des Profondeurs

The black swallower fish

siamese fish?? What chemicals are going into our oceans? i hope this is photoshop!!!

rattail fish observed at 2637m below sea level, 6 June 2012. Credit: CSSF

Роман Федорцов (@rfedortsov) | Twitter

The black swallower

Dragonfish - This has teeth on both jaws and even its tongue. Though terrifying in appearance, the fish are only about the size of a banana.

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rat tail fish | Giant Grenadier

Fedortsov compared this fish to a zombie.

dendroica: A close up of the head of a deep-sea viper fish photographed by American marine photographer Jason Bradley Picture: JASON BRADLEY / CATERS NEWS ...

身近な魚類図鑑:アカナマダ 深海魚アカナマダの標本。 :ぐっぴーさんの

rattail fish

11 fascinating see-through animals

Deep sea anglerfish, Deep Sea, Fishes, Melanocetus johnsonii at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

39 Scary Deep Sea Creatures Photos By Russian Fisherman Is A Nightmare Fuel Of Creepy Catches

Un pêcheur russe partage sur Instagram les créatures les plus horribles qu'il récupère dans

Fish caught near Marianas Trench.


The Black Swallower, that could swallow larger fishes than itself (Chiasmodon niger, 25

Fotos espantosas de seres "alienígenas" que habitam os oceanos

Barrel Eye Fish (acropinna microstoma). It's head is transparent, enabling it to look up and see through the top of it. A deep sea fish which lives in ...

337 Lb Tuna Caught at Cabo Blanco Peru by Member of the Cabo Blanco Fishing Club Frank Scherschel P

Angler Fish: Halloween Costume Inspiration

Live Betta Fish "" VIVID BLUE BUMBLEBEE Halfmoon HM "" (Male)

Wolffish with an overbite!

mymodernmet: “ Expressive Marine Life Portraits Capture Fantastic Range of Fishy Personalities ”

lolz online - Great shot of a Sturgeon in Kennebec River (Maine)

The mesopelagic viper fish Chauliodus sloani

Sloane Viperfish


Blobfish - Photos - Top 20 ugliest animals of all time

Black dragonfish (Idiacanthus atlanticus) swim in the subtropical and temperate waters of the Southern Hemisphere, traveling as deep as meters

This undated handout photo provided by NOAA shows a deep-chimaera, a boneless fish that is a distant evolutionary relative to modern day sharks taken by an ...

rat tail fish | and the rattail fish

Bizarre, see-through sea creature baffles angler Marine experts in the U.K. identify the jelly-like blob as a Salpa maggiore

Ocean Creatures, Underwater Creatures, Nature Photography, Amphibians, Reptiles, Marine Fish, Aquarium Fish, Deep Sea, Deep Blue


13 Créatures Extraordinaires du Fin Fond Des Abysses

This creature was found feet deep in the ocean. It's called a Chimaera. its skeleton is made of cartilage.

Megamouth sharks are an extremely rare species of shark, and recently a 16-foot-long megamouth shark was caught off the coast of Japan and it was b…


Nature Natur

deep sea fish

Unsure of species

GIANT GRENADIER: This is a funny name but if you look at the thing it

Picture of snipe eel

The World's Most Strange Sea Creatures ~ Blobfish

Stoplight loosejaw The “stoplight” part of the name comes from the fact that this fish uses a red light to navigate and hunt.

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The bottom of the ocean is a dark, violent place that is rippling with variations of creatures designed to survive in an environment as biologicall…

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the Hatchetfish is actually a light source in the deep, dark oceans it calls home

The mesopelagic predator Gonostoma (Sigmops) elongatum

(M) African Pseudobalistes fuscus credits: Route 66 Marine

The humpback angler fish Melanocetus johnsonii

169 best MUNDO ABISSAL (DEEP SEA CREATURES) images on Pinterest | Marine life, Life aquatic and Pisces

Out of this World Fishing! - FunOnTheNet

You're sexy and you know it, angler fish!

Maori Wrasse #science #animal #fish


Find this Pin and more on Real Mosters by cody28kilgore.

About Telescope Goldfish

Picture of Ghostly Seadevils

Absolutely Nothing Like A Walk On The Beach :-) To Soothe The Soul.

creepy+fish.jpg (1600×1200)

Nassau Grouper, Bloody Bay Wall, Little Cayman. Alex Mustard

Amazing fish you can catch only with a shovel

Perch Dissection Diagram Fish dissection name

deep sea fish

Deep-sea fishing is just a wonderful and very activity that is enjoyable. Check out ideas that will make your sodium water fishing adventure better still.

Eurypharynx pelecanoides, commonly called the pelican eel, the gulper eel and the umbrella-mouth gulper, is a deep-sea fish.

i lantern fish!

Tiefsee: Leben im Dunkeln

Be Like Water

Rare 'black seadevil' anglerfish caught on film in Monterey Bay

(via Wildlife and Nature Pictures) Fangtooth Fish - beryciform fish of the family Anoplogastridae, that live in the deep sea. The name is from Greek anoplo ...

Most Amazing Things On Earth | 10 Most Diabolical Fish On Earth | Amazing Data

Larval Ocean Sunfish (Mola mola) by G. David Johnson