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This little known garden folklore is unknown to many But from what I

This little known garden folklore is unknown to many But from what I


COMPOST BANANA -> Mantis gets its wings! Garden Style [Gardening T-Shirt

Garden City Harvest

Gardening Champion!


Ten Stunning Yet Little Known Ancient Treasures Across Africa

Death in the Garden: Poisonous Plants and Their Use Throughout History by Michael Brown

ORGANIC Garden Produce

it would make a great garden sign.crossing over to The Otherworld the world of the Faery.

A page of snowdrop folklore, legend, superstition, history and myth, enhanced with a collection of illustration for children from well known artists of the ...

Amish cover.jpg

For Brooklyn and Tisa, what a fun and whimsical poem.

Things begin to wrap up with Green Ways, a brief little herbal documenting various popular East Anglian herbs and concoctions, before the longer Folk Ways ...

Primarily these gardens were planted to provide food. Many of the herbs were carefully selected for their meanings and folklore.

Michael P. Garofalo

Gardening Champion!

“The Farm at Maple Tree Lane.

The term “Three Sisters,” is now the most commonly known term associated with companion planting. Many northeastern tribes believe the Great Spirit passed ...

Lesser known gods and goddesses of Greek Mythology! (I knew almost all of these

May Folklore and Fun

In the hidden land of Faery, travelers say, there are marvelous herbs and flowers completely unknown in the human world. Brilliant colors, intoxicating ...

The Devil's Plantation is presented in Royal octavo format, with 272 pages, plus 16 pages of photographic plates, and line drawings and figures by Gemma ...

The "Jew's daughter" lures Hugh into her garden. Illustration to Sir Hugh by George Wharton Edwards (1896)

Folk Magic and Protestant Christianity in Appalachia | Magic (Paranormal) | Calvinism

"By the Milk-Light of Moon": Myths and Meanings of "Over the Garden Wall," Part One

A survey of the brickwork by Dr. Kevin Hayward of Pre-Construct Archaeology in May 2011 revealed that brickwork and tiles to date from 1450 to 1700.



A stunningly beautiful young princess, whose name is Nella, is having a secret affair with a handsome prince who lives many miles away. The two lovers build ...

It is probable that one of a number of lost holy wells fill it either St Clement's Well or the Holy Well which gave Holywell street its name.

Facts About February

Situated beneath 5 Strand Lane is one of the city's most enigmatic and perhaps little known relic, the so-called Roman Baths. Laying four feet six inches ...

Legend and Folklore Symbols: Xochiquetzal

Did you know ferns have a long history of folklore? See plant lore and tips

Situated beneath 5 Strand Lane is one of the city's most enigmatic and perhaps little known relic, the so-called Roman Baths. Laying four feet six inches ...

The source of water

The high altitude, lush green tea gardens over the rolling hillsides and the surrounding tropical forest makes it truly breathtaking!

Norsuntepe - Little-Known Mysterious Prehistoric Site In Anatolia, Turkey Read more: http

The three sisters method is an ancient practice, and something to ruminate on while planning your garden and preparing for the upcoming season.

Situated beneath 5 Strand Lane is one of the city's most enigmatic and perhaps little known relic, the so-called Roman Baths. Laying four feet six inches ...

A bowl of picked elderflowers.*

Here's a list of some of the stranger, lesser-known mythological creatures found in folklore across the globe.

Irish Folklore | Stunning Green Man Celtic Mythology www.emerald-heritage.com

Beira, Queen of Winter

walpurgis night

Amazon.com: The World Treasury of Fairy Tales & Folklore: A Family Heirloom of Stories to Inspire & Entertain (9781577151272): Joanna Gilar, Rose Williamson ...

Quick—what do you know about gnomes (aside from being tiny men in colorful pointed hats found in the gardens of retirement communities)? Actually, ...

Ten Little-Known Facts About Tea | Foodal.com

The title of Nigel G. Pearson's The Devil's Plantation speaks to a concept also known as the Devil's Holt, Halieman's Ley, or Guidman's Croft, ...

A Treasury of African Folklore: The Oral Literature, Traditions, Myths, Legends, Epics, Tales, Recollections, Wisdom, Sayings and Humor of Afr: Harold ...

Over the Garden Wall Theory - Part 2 - The Unknown Explained

Vintage Garden Fairy Bronze Statue on a Marble Plynthe - unknown Artist

Situated beneath 5 Strand Lane is one of the city's most enigmatic and perhaps little known relic, the so-called Roman Baths. Laying four feet six inches ...

They are also known as pixie's rings, faerie circles, or elf circles. The English believed that fairy rings were where ...

... fiery yet compassionate queen of five Pandva brothers, and is also considered as the sole reason behind the greatest Epic Mahabharata. But do you know ...

... daisy-like plant in the aster family whose sunny, yellow center opens around Midsummer every year. This has earned it one of its many folk names, ...

ORGANIC Garden Produce

The Bean-Nighe or "Washing Woman" is a type of Banshee who haunts

Get the book — GHOSTS AND OTHER SUPERNATURAL GUESTS — Winner of the 'Gothic Read of the Year award' 2014

Tomte with Moose artist unknown

If you are in south-eastern UK, you might like to see the new. Calendar of Kentish Snowdrop Events for 2018

The True Friend and Husband…”, dedicated to the 225th anniversary of the writer Sergey Aksakov. It presents enlargement prints of little known ...

All About the Month of May

Weinstein is known for his street photography particularly in New York, and for his abstract images using Jewish folklore to explore universal themes of ...

"Poetry is the silence and speech between a wet struggling root of a flower and a sunlit blossom of that flower." - Carl Sandburg. "

map of eden

Photographs in February Karen and Mike Garofalo Red Bluff, Northern Rural California

Goa - Of the lesser known Sojourns-map2.png

Swamps in Literature, Film, and Folklore

Native to England and France, Bluebells grow in lightly shaded gardens and woodlands. The bell-shaped flowers are an otherworldly blue—the rarest color in ...

The Fair Folk

I decided to look at the place where I currently live and see what folklore can reveal about it.

“Odin battles Fenrir.” Illustration by Arthur Packham. Publication source unknown.

FolkSinger Rose - Example Two

There are lots of Herons in Galway, testament to the rich, clean waters we have all around us in this beautiful city. Don't ignore them...they may be trying ...

Heinrich Schlitt Gnom mit Zeitung und Tabakspfeife.jpg

"And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, ...

Plant Story: Common Houseleek, Sempervivum tectorum, Folklore

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Illustration from the title page of Robin Goodfellow: His Mad Pranks and Merry Jests (1629)


Secret Medicines from Your Garden: Plants for Healing, Spirituality, and Magic: Ellen Evert Hopman: 9781620555576: Amazon.com: Books

Step 10 – Read and study a wide range of garden folklore and science-based reports. We garden for pleasure so it's a great way to explore the unknown, ...

Romanian language

The water looks calm and steady, but if someone steps into it they get sucked away due to the many natural tunnels present underwater.

Copy of J Morgan Puett.jpg

How Many Hours Does a Whale Sleep? Folklore Determines “Science”

Photographs in March

FolkSinger Rose - Example One

The website allows you to easily uploads information on holy well(s) such as location, accounts of traditional prayers or rounds, folklore about the well, ...

According to the Scandinavian mythology, the Kraken is a giant sea creature (said to be 1 mile long) that attacks ships and is so huge that its body could ...

The 1909 James Sackville Sighting

ten lesser known churches in Sofia

According to folklore then Grettir sterki (the strong) Ásmundarson tested his strength on this rock by pushing it from Hrútafell mountain, leaving the gap ...

Draupadi's father Drupada, King of Panchala, created her for the sole purpose of destroying the Kuru household that patronized Drona, who used his students, ...