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This stunning region known as Henize 210 is home to a dwarf

This stunning region known as Henize 210 is home to a dwarf


Image Credit: X-ray (NASA/CXC/Virginia/A.Reines

Hubble Sees Galaxy Hiding in the Night Sky

The Milky Way is a spiral galaxy with several prominent arms containing stellar nurseries swathed in pink clouds of hydrogen gas.

Herschel Galaxy Survey

[Click to galactinate, or get the 4000 x 4000 pixel version, or, if you're feeling frisky, cram this onto your hard drive: an image that's 8500 x 8400 ...

pair of overlapping galaxies called NGC 3314.

Barred Spiral Galaxy in the Constellation Pegasus Fine Art Print

NGC 6744 by GALEX

Image gallery

Detection ...

NGC 346 is located 210 000 light-years away in the Small Magellanic Cloud

New Candidate for Coldest Known Star May Help Blur the Distinction Between a Star and a Planet

The Chandra data covers only the central region of M31 as shown in the inset box for the image.

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Galactic center | In this spectacular image, observations using infrared light and X-ray

Combined visible and infra-red light images of star forming region Sharpless This nebula is located about light-years away in the direction of the ...

Amazing image of the Hubble Nebula - By NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team

Astronomers Discover Close Pair of White Dwarfs in Center of Planetary Nebula Henize 2-428

An amazing 'edge-on' view of a spiral galaxy 55 million light years

This one looks like a painting to me. Outer space is amazing with all of

A rainbow of colors is captured in the center of a magnificent barred spiral galaxy,

This so-called "vampire star" exhibits the same Z-pinch hourglass plasma shape that we observe at the nebular scale.

The giant star Zeta Ophiuchi and a veil of space dust. A single image from

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A new Chandra X-ray Observatory image of Messier 82, or M82, shows the result of star formation on overdrive. M82 is located about 12 million light years ...

Resembling curling flames from a campfire, a magnificent nebula in a nearby galaxy observed by

[Click the picture to 2 π steradianate and get access to a zoomable, panable image.]

TRAPPIST-1 starlight may pass through transiting exoplanets to reveal atmospheric compositions using spectroscopy (artist concept)

Unusual so-called "shell"? Really?

The large image here shows an optical view, with the Digitized Sky Survey, of the Andromeda Galaxy, otherwise known as M31. The inset shows Chandra X-ray ...

Artist's impression of the huge outflow ejected from the quasar SDSS J1106+1939

Strangely glowing, floating dark clouds are silhouetted against nearby bright stars in a busy star

The fiery descent of Atlantis… seen from space!

An artist's conception of the Kepler-11 system.


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First off, can I just say what a fantastic job VFX Supervisor (and Dark Matter Supervising Producer) Lawren Bancroft-Wilson is doing this year.

File:Artist's impression of the ultracool dwarf star TRAPPIST-1 from close to one

The Whole Sun Catalog

TRAPPIST-1 is a smaller (11% the size), fainter and redder star than the Sun


Tag: black hole

This image from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope is of a celestial object called the Ant Nebula

Artist's illustration of galaxy with jets from a supermassive black hole.

This composite image of the nearby starburst galaxy M82 shows Chandra X-ray Observatory data in blue, optical data from the Hubble Space Telescope in green ...

[The image on the right, released last week, is a mosaic of mid-infrared images of the Orion Nebula region taken by SOFIA.

Destruction of 38 Synagogues by the Israeli Sharon Government

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As our mission is drawing to a close, we look back at the things we have learned and endeavor to pass some of those gems over to our successor Area Medical ...

Hubble view of a supermassive black hole "burping".

... Comet dust · Meteor shower

This image, taken by the STEREO spacecraft (for Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory), shows the Sun in the far ultraviolet, almost at X-ray energies.

A color image of the star system made using four different filters at near-infrared wavelengths. Captured at the Keck II Telescope in Hawaii.


... Rosetta/Philae (orbits/landing 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko)

Artist's impression of stars born in winds from supermassive black holes.

What we know about the Universe comes from telescopes. Prior to the VLA, stars were only visible at night. The VLA, built in 1980, allows around the clock ...

Atlas Image mosaic, covering 7' x 7' on the sky of the interacting

[Oh yes, click to hephaestenate that.]

This image shows a huge galaxy, M60, with the small dwarf galaxy that is

The only reservation we could get was a cabin sleeping five — three bunk beds and a queen size bed. We opted for the Queen size bed, but we loved the rustic ...

Comparison of Kepler-11 orbit sizes and our Solar System's orbit sizes.


Aitoff projection of the three-color composite JHKs source count map of the entire sky

Peter Downsbrough, In Front 1975

For example, the lunar far side has a bunch of small volcanoes, some only a few hundred meters across, like this one:

Also, Jupiter's atmospheric physics is dominated by the internal heat of the planet, and not by the heat from the Sun. So even if the Sun did heat up ...

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Here's the scene on October 24, 2007, as seen by the Earth Observing-1 satellite:

Monster Black Hole Found in Dwarf Galaxy

Grafton House and Garden Tour — CANCELLED

Desktop Project Part 11: Upside down volcano plume

Page 1

As we traveled back to Arizona after attending Mom Voorhees' funeral, we made a quick stop at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

2 story New Orleans style structure painted blue with white trim and brightly lit sign reading

Over lunch managed to run into Eric Potts, Dame and Director of the Wimbledon show and have a very brief “hello” before heading up to run Act Two.

1-story red brick exterior with wide white columns supporting roof overhang

They both looked young and beautiful at their viewings. We were glad we were serving close by (Arizona) so that we could come home for the services.

Outside the Milky Way[edit]