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This time meet Belgian Blue Cattle which is famous for their double

This time meet Belgian Blue Cattle which is famous for their double


This time meet Belgian Blue Cattle which is famous for their double muscling due to a gene that suppresses the production of Myostatin.

Before this time, the best known example was that from ridiculously buff Belgian Blue cattle

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Belgian Blues are among the most heavily bred cattle in the world. not only for their bountiful lean meat, but also their jaw droppin.

Belgian Blue, The Super Cow

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So wrong. the belgian blue cattle race

Belgian Blue

Belgian Blue cattle ... they have a mutation that creates twice the muscle tissue. Calves are so big that Caesarian births are standard.

Belgian Blue Cattle which is famous for their double muscling due to a gene that suppresses

Belgian Blue -wow Belgian Blues, the Schwarzeneggers of cows.

Belgian Blue – Meet ...

Belgian Blue Bull

The Belgian Blue has a natural mutation of the gene that codes for myostatin, a protein that counteracts muscle growth. The truncated myostatin is unable to ...

Belgian Blue - a breed of cattle from Belgium that are heavily muscled or " double

The most extreme example of breeding in cows is seen in the Belgian Blue (pictured

Belgian Blue Bull

Belgian Blue cattle are famous for double muscling

A highly profitable Belgian Blue bull. The Belgian Blue Cattle Debate

That is one scary looking load of bull. Farmer Paul Anthonissen herds a Belgian blue

The Reason This Cow Is So Insanely Muscular

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Double-muscled Belgian Blue ...

Source: Pinterest. To save Belgian Blue ...

Detailed posterior double-muscling in the hind quarters of a Belgian Blue cow

Irish Belgian Blue Cattle Society

Belgian Blue minotaur .

NI Commercial Cattle Exhibitors Club

A Holstein cow, which when crossed with a Belgian Blue can result in a more

Belgian Blue Cows -- evidence of 'de-volution'

Belgian blue cows

Belgian Blue trout

Records suggest that early humans went from gathering their food to hunting it about 2 million

Scientists take a page from super cows and engineer double-bacon hogs | Grist

Meet the Super Cow | National Geographic

Etching by John Boultbee (1753–1812) of a famous example of Durham cattle, known as the Durham Ox. Shorthorn cattle were subsequently developed from Durham ...

Pixie Dust As a Baby on the Far Right. Her Surrogate Mama on the Left

Where's The Beef?

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Pixie Dust with Baby Thor Shortly After Birth - March 3, 2009

Japanese wagyu bull

A bull of the Chianina breed

Bull Show 2017

This Belgian Blue suffers from the same genetic mutation as Wendy the Whippet.

Due to genetic selection and experiments, the Belgian Blue is a humongous species of Bull, packed with muscles and meat.

Cows jump for joy after seeing grass for the first time in months | The Independent

Cows in the Alps. “

What ...

The bull at the left has very small scurs. He is a one year old crossbred Simmental/Belgian Blue.

The bull at the left represents what is probably the most common white breed in Europe and North America, the Charolais. There are white cattle of many ...

Steers reared on the veld with only a phosphorus lick and salt and slaughtered at the age of 27–30 months on average yield a carcass of 250 kg.

Well known for its strong maternal and beef qualities, the South Devon is commercially placed in the modern suckler herd, both intensive and extensive.

Magua PP has gTPI 1827

Terminally ill dogs at canine hospice treated to steak dinners, trips to McDonald's and birthday parties in their final daysFormer nurse Nicola Coyle runs ...


Researchers believe that our modern-day pigs were domesticated from the wild boar (pictured

These breeds have up to 40% more muscle than other cattle (4) and as a result the Belgian Blues are known as 'monster cows'.

Cattle were fist domesticated in the early Neolithic. The breeding of cattle is traced back

The d/d animal would be cream to white. All colors of Highlands have always been accepted, since the beginning of their herdbook.

Brief decline before the current rise in popularity[edit]

The two bulls shown above are purebred Simmentals. The yellow bull on the left is a diluted e/e or red animal. The mouse colored bull at the right is a ...

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Belgian Blue Cattle

A large horned breed of cattle from Kenya

Here is a little taste of the fun we had.

As a purely beef-producing breed, the Afrikaner cow yield excellent and adequate milk for its calves. Experiments have shown that, during a suckling period ...

Speckle Park cattle

This color is due to a different gene than the color called dun in Galloway cattle or Highland cattle. We have recently developed a carrier test for this ...

Genetic basis for muscling in Limousin cattle[edit]

Dilute has come to have a negative connotation to some ranchers. I often use the word pale to try to break that connection.

Murray Grey cattle

Domestication of the chicken dates back to 2000 BC and all can be traced back to

Genetic trend means (breeding values) of birth weight for dual-

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Australian Cattle Dog

Because male turkeys are as heavy as 50 pounds, most of the breeding on farms

Top 10 Goat And Sheep Meat Exporters

Speckle Park cattle

Belgian Sheepdog Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts – Dogtime

Genetic trend means (breeding values) of calving difficulty for dual-

Probably the most common family cow these days.

Genetic trend means (breeding values) of body conformation score for dual

This medium-size herding dog breed originated in Belgium where he was used to herd sheep. He later graduated to police work, and today his versatility makes ...


A modern meat chicken weighs up to three kilograms: almost double the size of a

The d/d animal would be cream to white. All colors of Highlands have always been accepted, since the beginning of their herdbook.

Photo: Greg Ebbeck from Six Star Speckle Park in Bowral has set up his own stud to sell to other producers. (ABC Landline: Kerry Staight)