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Tiger1 Detail Loaders hatch TanksWar t

Tiger1 Detail Loaders hatch TanksWar t


В кадре знаменитый Pz.Kpfw.VI

Tiger 1 nrA22 of the 3rd Panzer Regiment Grossdeutschland

Late model Tiger I. Steel roadwheels. Late model commanders coupula. The loaders hatch

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A early variant Tiger 1

Tank Ace Otto Carius with his Tiger 1 and crew pose for a picture for home

Heavy Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B, Königstiger ("King Tiger") II.It had early reliability problems but ended up deadly: both remarkably agile and ...

Photo of a Tiger 1 showing great detail of the zimmerit pattern applied to the hull

Tiger 1, Kursk, Summer 1943.

Pzkpfw VI-Tiger 1

Rear details seen on this Afrika Korps Tiger 1 that appears to have seen plenty of

A very good condition Tiger 1 with several interested troops enjoying a photo op next to this massive tank.

winter camouflage tiger tank | Tiger winter camo Russia 6

„early tiger 1 possibly the henschel factory germany“

Totenkopf Tiger 1 tanks in area of Bobrinetz, Ukraine during January 1944

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Image is loading Award-Winner-Built-Dragon-1-35-TIGER-1-

Tiger 1 "132" Notice the damaged side fenders, and the battle damaged road wheel. Good details to add to a model. John T. Kleptz

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A '13' a day, to keep the doctor away.

Tiger 1 interior

Tiger 1 "712" USA

Great color photo of a Tiger 1

Engineers working on the engine of a Tiger 1

General info

German ACE, Whittman, standing out out the turret hatch of Tiger #206.

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Heng Long German Tiger 1/ 16 Scale Remote Control BB Firing Tank

Product Description

Takom King Tiger 1/35 Scale with Henschel Turret + Full Interior Detail Model Tank Kit

Picture of SdKfz 181 Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I (PzKpfW VI) / Panzer 6)

M4A3 76w Sherman with a threaded and capped M1A1 gun, and split loaders hatch. Oddly this tank has T51 tracks, when the T48 rubber chevron track would be ...


Panzer VI Tiger II "Königstiger" in ambush camouflage pattern

The crew of one of several Tiger 1 tanks has the engine access hatch open for inspecting an maintenance issue

A German soldier sitting on top of a Tiger 1 operating near Kalinin oblast Russia 1943

Tiger 1 "712" USA

Panzerkampfwagen VI.

Tiger 1 nr. 205 is on the march, with it's Ace Commander 'Micheal Wittmann' out of his hatch monitoring the area, on his way from Northern France to the ...

Villers bocage 1944 tiger tank 231 getting towed by tank 222 after abreak down,10 days later it is abandoned and scuttled in the middle of a road by its ...

Tiger 1 Vimoutiers-Francie

Tiger 1 rear engine hatch - this one actually removed from a Sturmtiger captured by the

German heavy tank Tiger T-VI E/H (Zvezda 3646) in the coloring of the machine, participated in battles on Sicily in July 1943.

A Tiger in Russia.

T34/85 right front fender and drivers hatch

“The extremely complex suspension system design of the Tiger I heavy tank, consisting of four rows of overlapped and interleaved road wheels, three per axle ...

An almost to perfect shot of the Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger (Sd.Kfz. 181) early model. More

Dragon 1/72 Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger 1 Early version # 7482

PT-91 "Twardy" ("Hard") Polish tank based ...

Late model Russian T34 with 85 mm gun compared to German Tiger 1 fitted with the famed 88 mm. The latter was formidably armoured (although its armour was ...

Tiger 1

German Tiger 1 Tank in the field

Michael Wittmann's Tiger 1 is part of a column of Tigers moving toward Villers Bocage

Tiger 1

Tiger Tank of schwere PanzerAbteilung 502 near Leningrad


Tiger I number 10 of 1.Kompanie schwere Panzer-Abteilung 506

Tiger 1 tanks of the III Panzer Corps, February

Several Tiger 1 tanks crossing a bridge.

A early Panther A captured by the Allies in May 1944 in Italy.

Tiger 1 nr. 131 operating at speed during a demonstration at Bovington, England

Tiger 1 x2

08e93ab007832af7ff0d4c9c3e9c5484.jpg 1,024×966 pixeles

t-30 heavy tank

A Afrika Korps Tiger 1 operating in Tunusia with the schwere Panzer Abt. 501

Panzerturm Tiger 1

This is the German Tank, it was a key factor in the Blitzkrieg attack the germans used, these tanks would move in first and destroy as much as possible

They remnants of a abandoned Tiger 1 that has been partially disassembled for scrap value

A new Tiger 1 with it's gear properly secured to a heavy duty flat car for transportation by ordinance train

Tiger1 recovery

A misplaced early production Tiger turret. I'm sure the tank without its turret is in far worse shape.

Dutch women and children sitting on a Sherman vc firefly tank

M4A4 Mk.V Sherman tank (T-147477) of 'A' squadron 4 troop, Ontario Regiment, 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade, passes through Via Don Luigi Sturzo, Trecastagni ...

A rebuilt small hatch Ford M4A3 of C Company, 35th Tank Battalion, 4th Armored

On this prototype the drivers hatch was moved entirely to the top of the hull and the vision flap was deleted from the design though ...

tiger tank 2 - Google zoeken

Tiger 1 Lenino-Snegiri (Russia)

Replenishing the amo supply in a Tiger 1 during winter conditions

Panzer VI Tiger tank & KV-1S tank (destroyed)

Tiger 1 "Vimoutiers"

Fury / The 10/27/2014 WW 2 film will feature the last surviving operational Tiger I (pictured). The vehicle, known as Tiger 131, belongs to Bovington Tank ...

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Tiger1 schwere PanzerAbteilung 503 tanknumber 123 wintercamouflage . near Rostov-on-Don , 1943

Tiger 1– Military Historical Museum, Lenino-Snegiri (Russia)

A brand new from the factory Tiger 1 tank.

Tiger 1 Tunis

82de514fb6732c4085bb2e9cfe8ca4e8.jpg 750 × 1 059 pixels

Mechanics repairing the final drive assembly on the Tiger 1. Photo shows the amount of time and effort required to keep these huge machines in running ...

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This Tiger 1 Ausf. E from Panzer Regiment "GrossDeutschland" has been the victim

Finished the tank today. German Tiger Tank with the camo and ensigna of the PzAbt

Lorraine 40t - French prototype of heavy or medium tank with oscillating turret, auto-loader mechanism and multiround drum. Never entered to service.

This prototype had the gun fitted and the drivers position was moved rearwards so that his hatch was partially on the hull roof and his vision flap was ...


Brand-new " Tiger " delivered

E Tiger 1 - BFD