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Troll skeleton Gloranthan Trolls t Skeletons

Troll skeleton Gloranthan Trolls t Skeletons


Zorak Zoran trolls.

Dark troll shaman worshiping at kygerlith.

http://glorantha.tumblr.com/post/107550080583/jenxrodwell-a-troll -berserker-worshiper-of

The four stages of Dragonewt development, from left to right: Crested Dragonewt, Beaked

Durulz&Dragonewts by Arkat-Kingtrollkin

Troll skeleton.

Part of an illustration for the Guide to Glorantha from Moon Design.

Dark Trolls

RuneQuest Uz (trolls)


DragonNewts by Arkat-Kingtrollkin

Troll Tomb by Scravagghiupilusu959 on DeviantArt

A troll champion lies dead and forgotten after a furious battle. Art for "Hearts in Glorantha", a gloranthan publication by Games.

DeathLord by Arkat-Kingtrollkin

Troll, Monsters, The Beast

Glorantha: Generals by Merlkir

Trolls from the Big Rubble

Still, trolls are trolls. And obviously, the artistic conception of trolls varies widely from artist to artist and mythology to mythology. So I didn't ...

Arkat-Kingtrollkin's DeviantArt Gallery

Troll Update - Glorantha Trolls. I recently backed Fenris Games' "Rise of the Draugr" Kickstarter (and now they are finally putting into production that ...

Troll skull.

1381098940268.jpg (593×649)

Another Citadel troll (Marauder MM40) and a Reaper Cave Troll (Bones 77004).

"Deep in the Great Caves of Dagori Inkarth, Kozjorak Ab, a Dark Troll priestess of Kyger Litor (the Dark Mother of Trolls), is performing a ritual .

glorantha - Google-Suche

This was one of the more straight-forward Gloranthan pantheons to illustrate, ...

A troll shaman tossing his bones of divination.

Red Goddess Shield by Arkat-Kingtrollkin.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt



Civilized Troll on Mantis by Blackyinkin

Band of Trolls

Find this Pin and more on Glorantha by jhschmidt4800.

The largest trolls in this group are from RAFM, and include a Troll Warrior (Demons of Darkness RAF3723), and an Undead Troll (Demons of Darkness RAF3724).

13th Age Glorantha - Chaosium | RuneQuest | DriveThruRPG.com

Drawings showing various cultures I did way back for HeroQuest: Glorantha

Bits and Scribbles : Photo Mularik Ironeye, half-crazed Arkati Sorcerer and companion to

UZ Trolls by Blackyinkin

Find this Pin and more on Glorantha by jhschmidt4800.

Old School FRP : Greg Stafford's world of Glorantha | RuneQuest

Pamalt for Glorantha: The Gods War

Orlanth magical items

Ernalda priestess and Orlanthi Warrior

Glorantha: Argan Argar by Merlkir

A sorceress of the Lunar Empire in the RPG campaign setting of Glorantha. She specializes in curses, hexes and geases, rather than flashy, battle-spells.


Squelette de troll, uz uz…

The Mostali certainly aren't generic fantasy… | Glorantha

Designing the New RuneQuest - Part 3 - Chaosium Inc.

Troll Right Hand.png

Troll Right Hand Flute.png

Troll Heavy Cavalry 293021_451417878281160_1651483731_n.jpg 640 × 480 pixlar

GobblerAttack by Scravagghiupilusu959 on DeviantArt It is my first time depicting a Gobbler. Glorantha is

jeffjerwin – I'm working on a scenario (someday, perhaps, for a Gloranthan Repository) called "The Woodwife's Lonely Cry" set in the Troll Woods.

Mad Knight Castings Skeletal Trolls

Gloranthan Miniatures PreOrder



glorantha art - Google Search

Thunder Brothers for Glorantha: The Gods War (a Sandy Petersen Game)

Selenes for Glorantha: The Gods War

Aldryami by Jeff Laubenstein

Continuing the Big Rubble theme we have going on Runequest Thursday, I thought I would make up some magic items that might be found in and around The Big ...

De la grande famille Uz, quel spécimen ?

Elfo negro -voralano- RuneQuest, "Glorantha, el mundo y sus habitantes"

Troll Priestess feeding Dehori Spirit

glorantha - Google-Suche

13th Age in Glorantha update: Hell Mother and Eaglebrown Warlock art


The Marsh Troll was sculpted by Bob Olley, and bears the characteristic facial features of all Olley trolls.

Another one of my Reaper Bones minis, this time “Kallaguk, King of the Trolls” sculpted by Jason Wiebe. There is also a metal version of this guy.

Another Citadel troll (Marauder MM40) and a Reaper Cave Troll (Bones 77004).

The Ral Partha troll in particular bears the characteristics of the classic troll from the AD&D Monster Manual. The AD&D troll was obviously modeled after ...

A Grenadier War Troll (MM84) and Female Troll (MM86), both from the Monster Manuscript Vol.X box set.

The Greater Lunar Empire


More Ral Partha trolls include True Trolls (Personalities and Things that go Bump in the Night 01-063), and a Hill Troll (Personalities and Things that go ...

A Ral Partha Troll (AD&D Monsters 11-408), and a pair of Grenadier Trolls (Julie Guthrie 706) are next.

Table des tailles trolls et comparaisons — JPL | Glorantha | Pinterest | RPG and Characters

Some unconventional trolls are the Archive Bridge Troll (Middle Earth 540), and the Ral Partha Draken (Personalities and Things that go Bump in the Night ...

Glorantha: Zola Fel river folk

I cut off all of the trophies from one of the headhunters because I don't like figures that are covered with skulls or decapitated heads.

This Mountain troll from Reaper miniatures is a good match for the GW Lotr troll, for all those out there collecting such armies.

The Runequest trolls seem a bit undersized for their intended scale, since Uz are supposed to be larger than humans, but they're just about right compared ...

Runequest_Troll_Skeleton (5)

Runequest_Troll_Skeleton (3)

There are a large range of troll goods which are mainly disgusting, but may include something useful or appealing to for humans.

These smaller trolls would be ideal for a low fantasy game in which monsters are not of gigantic proportions.

Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes Index


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