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UNiTE Meaning video visual kei band Japanese t

UNiTE Meaning video visual kei band Japanese t


UNiTE - Meaning video visual kei band Japanese

UNiTE - Meaning video visual kei band Japanese

UNiTE - Meaning video visual kei band Japanese

Japanese Visual Kei Rockers Luna Sea Share Video for 'Hold You Down': Watch

UNiTE - Visual Kei Band

[Message Video] MEA (Indonesia): World Visual Festival. visual unite

UNiTE - Meaning video visual kei band Japanese | Visual kei | Pinterest

Yui - UNiTE. Men's FashionEmoBabiesVisual Kei

10 Hottest Japanese Visual Kei Bands With Most Beautiful Men

ユナイト(UNiTE.) 「Meaning」 MV [Kanji/Romaji Lyrics]


UNiTE. Visual kei ...

Japanese fans doing X Japan cosplay. Visual kei ...

JRock. "

Dir en grey


Uniquely UNiTE (JRock Evolution concert Pt 1)

Visual kei JRock. "

Wallpaper and background photos of UNiTE~ LiN ~Guitar for fans of Jrock images.


Wie versprochen ist die erste Band ...

Yui - UNiTE · YuiBandsVisual KeiBandConveyor Belt

unite japanese band -

the beautiful old school bands (speaking about the 90s and maybe the early 2000's?). Anyway it's hard to speak for these bands musically (there's so many of ...

Explore Art Music, Wig, and more!

My Visual Kei List 2017/08

photo: KissOnline.com

Dir en grey in 1997, showcasing a Visual style that would later influence modern Visual kei groups.

Mixing up electro-pop, punk, goth and visual-kei music with performance art and otome (virginal) and Lolita fashion, Urbangarde are one of Tokyo's more ...

visual kei

Dead End2.jpg

Perfume (Japanese band)

A lot of vkei fans say this movement died a while ago but I think there are some rising examples in neo-visual kei.

Japanese Indie Rock in America – Where We Are and Where to Go - Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi


Foreign fan assaulted Japanese fan at GazettE-concert and the band is pissed!

Shonen Knife.JPG

This type is much more thematic (and dramatic imo) to the other types. They have a more gothic rock influence and their fashion styles are typically have ...

Hyper Japan Christmas, held at the end of 2012 saw the return of the popular Japanese cultural festival that gives a taste of life in Tokyo and beyond.

Cosplay in Japan[edit]

As previously reported, Marilyn Manson was a guest on stage at X-Japan's second-weekend headline appearance at Coachella 2018. Joining X-Japan frontman ...

Foreign fan assaulted Japanese fan at GazettE-concert and the band is pissed!


Gackt with Sasaki Nozomi at the Japanese premiere of Kong: Skull Island in February 2017.

The band: One of the proto-visual kei bands that began in the '80s and had an outsize influence on the first generation of post-X visual bands.

... and LADIES ROOM all with their major debut the year later in 1990 (the links goes to pictures I could find of their looks). However, X JAPAN didn't just ...

My Top 50 Best Japanese Songs of All Time

2001–present: Neo-Visual Kei[edit]

Five member visual kei band Kiryu just released the long awaited PV for “Hyakki Yakou百鬼夜行 ”, straight off from their newest album release of the same ...

Stay tuned for the second half of this interview and be sure to check out the links below for more information on the band and some of their PVs!


Last year XENON brought the LA VK to Little Tokyo, Los Angeles during the Fourth of July weekend and changed the local Visual Kei scene forever!

Not one to simply provide attendees with awesome music, XENON will also deliver a fashion show featuring clothing from popular gal brand, GHOSTS OF HARLEM.

I don't really know what to say other than- I MISS THIS GUYS SO MUCH!

Drums: kyonosuke (きょうのすけ)

Visual Kei band "Malice Mizer", ...

In the tenth installment of the "Globalizing Visual Kei" web series, we will explore the digital era and visual kei's marketability overseas.



Bass: yue (ユエ)

Vocal: lime (来夢)

The band: Probably the most successful all-girl-kei band ever (which unfortunately isn't saying much). Started out very gothy and have gradually ...

You mention Japanese friends, much has been said about your friendship with ANTI FEMINISM's KENZI. Can you tell us a little about that?

Guitar: reiki

Ninjaman Japan (ニンジャマンジャパン) Live @ Hyper Japan 2012 Christmas

Oneness' Stargazer PVCM spot

It's almost better if you go into watching We Are X without knowing who X actually are. Or what they look like. X Japan is most often referred to in the ...

The band: Either groundbreaking, experimental rock that revolutionized and kick-started the 'eroguro kei' genre, or dissonant-sounding weirdos; depending on ...


Mejibray - Hane Hana MV

Takadanobabaalien at Monochrome Heaven made following translation:


By the turn of the new millennium, the band has opted for more contemporary and western styles, both musically and visually, to appeal to a then-growing ...

“We Are X” is an amazing documentary about legendary Japanese rock band, X JAPAN directed by Stephen Kijak. It premiered at Los Angeles' Nuart Theater on ...

Today's subject is the second album by an old-school visual kei band named Maschera, entitled Pretty Neurosis and released on ...

In modern Japan, many musicians who use traditional instruments tend to mix traditional Japanese styles with western music, creating new styles of Japanese ...

Visual kei[edit]


The band: Undercode stalwarts that started out lo-fi and disjointed and nu-metal influenced but very charming, and graduated to poppier fare when they ...

Salems Lott - Enigma (UNCUT Video) DESTROY 'EQUALITY'

Figure 3 Kimura Kaela dressed as Alice in her music video 'Snowdome' (2007

(Disclaimer: While this article highlights newly released items in Japan due to the time difference between Japan and the US, the items that are discussed ...

The band: A surprisingly endearing mix of oshare kei and numetal.



What Is The Meaning Of The Name Kei?

I actually had the pleasure to meet Jyou when I saw them in March 2012. I got to see her at the Q&A on Friday and the after-concert autograph session on ...