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Uighur Princes Bezeklik Temple 9 8th9th c Wall painting 624 x

Uighur Princes Bezeklik Temple 9 8th9th c Wall painting 624 x


The image shows uighur princes, Northern Silk Road, Bezeklik, cave 9, 8th

Uyghur Princes wearing Chinese-styled robes and headgear. Bezeklik, Cave century CE, wall painting, x cm. Located at the Museum für Indische Kunst, ...

Bezeklik, Cave century CE, wall painting, 66 x

The image shows uighur princes, Northern Silk Road, Bezeklik, cave 9, 8th/9th c. | Miniature | Pinterest | Silk road, Museums and Paintings

Hell scenes - Bezeklik, Cave date: Wall painting. 147 x 95 cm.

Uighur donor - Bezeklik, Cave c. 45 x 25 cm.

A Brahman or Vajrapani - Bezeklik, Cave 9. 8th-9th c.(

Uighurian Princes and Princesses Left: Wall painting, 62.4 x 59.5 cm. Bezeklik, Temple 9, 9th century

Albert von Le Coq - Image: Bezeklik caves, Pranidhi scene 14, temple 9

Chinese Mural Painting

Dance of princess Chandraprabha,Kizil Caves(Indo-Greek/Sassanian styles),China

Church of the East in China - Nestorian priests in a procession on Palm Sunday,

Large embroidered textile depicting a miraculous image of the Buddha surrounded by bodhisattvas and disciples

A mural form Bezeklik in the Berlin Museum

Right: Manichaean diagram of the Universe ...

Buddhist temple and monastery in Ajina-tepe, Tadjikistan #buddha #buddhism #buddhist

Uighur princes, Northern Silk Road, Bezeklik, c. Underfoot is an interesting depiction of a rug possibly felt stitched or dyed red on white ground.

Famous Great Traveler Photos -- National Geographic

Floor (details) - Bezeklik. Mural fresco. 215 x 240 cm. MIK

Kashgar, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region


Wall painting from a Nestorian Christian church, Qocho 683–770 CE

Only in 706 was he buried in the Qianling Mausoleum in Shaanxi when the prince (and other ...

Sogdian in Sassanid style dresses donors to the Buddha - China, 8th century

Part of the 7thC Sogdian fresco at Afrosiab an older Samarkand. | old fresco's | Pinterest

One of the Penjikent murals with a snake/lion woman in it? I don't know. It's really fantastic, though.

Astana Cemetery - Portrait of a servant, mid-8th century, colour on silk

Uighur warriors during the time of Tang Dynasty.

Uigurische Prinzessinnen, Wand-/Höhlenmalerei in Bezeklik bei Turfan, 8./9

Astana Cemetery - Stairs leading to an underground tomb.

Protectorate General to Pacify the West - A historical map of Xinjiang.

Beiting Protectorate

Kizil Caves

The Nine Pinnacle Pagoda of Shandong, completed by 756 and crowned with an unusual set of miniature pagodas; it is also unique for its octagonal base, ...

Tang dynasty art

Bezeklik Caves - Image: Turpan bezeklik cuevas d 01

Emin Minaret

Tang court ladies, 706 AD, Qianling Mausoleum

Former Liang

Lanzhou - Image: Lanzhou Montage

File:Patan temples.jpg

Astana Cemetery - A mummy from a tomb at the Astana Graves

Jiaozi - Pottery dumpling and delicacies from a Tang Dynasty tomb

Jiaozi - In the north China, folded jiaozi are rest on bi (箅)

Uyghur princes from Cave 9 of the Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves, Xinjiang, China, 8th–9th century AD, wall painting

Jiaozi - Image: A Jiaozi with suan cai

Jiaozi - A plate of boiled dumplings (shuijiao) and sauce

Doğu Türkistanda bulunmuş bir heykelcik.. Türk Uygur Erkek Figürü

Turpan Depression

Albert von Le Coq - Albert von Le Coq

Figure 11

Tang dynasty art

Kasuga Deer Mandala Kamakura Period, 14th century, Nara National Museum

... man wearing a distinctive cap and face veil, possibly a camel rider or even a Zoroastrian priest engaging in a ritual at a fire temple, 8th century AD

Gaochang District


Image from http://file.siam2web.com/amuletsale4u/product/

Gog-and-Magog-in-Early-Eastern-Christian-and-Islamic-Sources.pdf | Religion And Belief | Books

Tang dynasty art

A ceramic offering plate with "three colors" glaze, decorated with a bird and trees, 8th century.

Northern Liang

... of the Visualization of the Buddha - The Interfusion of the Chinese and Indian Cultures in Central Asia as Reflected in a Fifth Century Apocryphal Sutra ...

Rare Yuan Mongol Kabuto

A ceramic female polo player, from northern China, Tang dynasty, first half of the 8th century, made with white slip and polychrome.

Buddhist mural in the Bezeklik grottoes, 9th century. ”Tejaprabhā Buddha and the Five Planets”, 897 A.D., British Museum

A ceramic offering plate with six eaves and "three colors" glaze, 8th century.


Gaochang's location (close to Turpan) on the Silk Road.

Early T'ang period palace maids, Shensi History Museum

A rounded ceramic plate with "three colors" glaze and floral design, 8th to 9th century.

A rounded ceramic plate with "three colors" glaze, 8th century.


Ema are wooden wishing plaques you can find in Japan in many shrines and temples. They have a long tradition. You write your wish on them and then hang them ...

เปิดจองอย่างเป็นทางการครับ พระปางเสด็จลงจากสวรรค์ชั้นดาวดึงส์ (ปาง

Buddah Statue, Ganesh Statue, Gautama Buddha, Thai Art, Asian Art, Art History, Buddhism, Statues, Cambodia

A limestone statue of a mourning attendant, 7th century

Ladies dancing, 7th century

Demographic trends[edit]

Two Guanyin statues

Mirror with floral medallion, plant sprays, birds, and insects, 7th century

Mirror back with dragon


”Lokhapala on a Recumbent Bull”, 618-906, Brooklyn Museum


Terracotta lady, 7th-8th century. ”

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