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Ultra villains Ultraman forever t Super robot Comic and

Ultra villains Ultraman forever t Super robot Comic and


Trinity War. Ultraman ...

Crime Syndicate (The New 52).jpg

Justice League


Ultraman (The Crime Syndicate) · Comic VillainsMarvel ...


All of the villains are free, and the Justice League is dead. This can mean only one thing: Forever Evil #1 has finally arrived. The first issue of Forever ...

Crime Syndicate, (Ultra man, Super Woman, Johnny Quick, Atomica, Deathstorm, Power Ring, aided by Evil Alfred aka The Outsider comes to earth Prime, ...

Ultraman, Super Woman and Owlman of the CSA(Crime Syndicate of Amerika


Zor-El (Prime Earth)

Multiversity Ultra Comics (2015) 1D


Countdown to Final Crisis

Ultraman (1993 1st Series) 1B

Vampire Ultraman--art by Doug Mankhe.


Art from Convergence: Crime Syndicate

Superman vs Ultraman by Ed McGuinness

Crime Syndicate of Amerika - Ultra-Man, Super Woman, Owlman, Johnny Quick and Power Ring (DC Comics);

Clark Luthor

Multiversity Ultra Comics (2015) 1C

The Ruler of Kandor--art by Ian Churchill.

I love the Crime Syndicate of America, both the Antimater Earth version, and the version! Crime Syndicate of America

Top Rated Lists for Ultraman

Thor Ultra, a Mashup Thor and Ultraman by Rick Vo

Ultraman revived--art by Chaz Truog.

Record/book featuring Ultraman, Gamera, Ultra-Seven, and Captain Ultra.

Ultraman. Ultramanburns.jpg

Ultraman Story (Theatrical Film, 1984)

love-and-radiation: Ultraman fights monsters by David Velasquez

Lois Lane (Earth 2)

Latest Images

56 items Alternates ...

Multiversity Ultra Comics (2015) 1A


Brainiac (DCAU)

Multiversity Ultra Comics (2015) 1B

We take a comprehensive look at the beginnings of Japan's landmark superhero, Ultraman!

Ultraman Orb is the latest incarnation of Tsuburaya Productions' Ultra heroes.

Powers and Abilities. Action Comics 242

These Legionnaires had updated costumes and hairdos, and the spaceships, planets, and aliens they visited were all updated as well, creating a much more ...

Imagine no more because I found some, and their as funny you'd think they'd be.


Anime REVIEW: Dragon Ball Super


Ultraman sketch by scabrouspencil


Ultraman Tiga by ~KaelNgu on deviantART

Ultraman Classic Battle of the Ultra Brothers (1996) 1

DC Collectibles DC Comics Super-Villains Deathstorm Action Figure

Secret Society of Super Villains. Villainsunited1.jpg

Aquaman as a Kanren runner/Ultraman type is just genius though. Kanren Runner or Ultraman are the most obviously super-heroic of any Japanese super-heroes ...

Doomsday and Superman mere moments before their mutual deaths in the final pages of “The Death of Superman”.

Cyborg Superman

Toybox REVIEW: S.H. Figuarts Ultraman Geed Primitive

Ultraman Tiga (2003) 1

Ultraman Story (Theatrical Film, 1984)

Cover to JLofA #29.


Earth 3 Superwoman


TSUBURAYA Action figures depict Ultraman as he faces off against Baltan Seijin in the first series.


... entries and 4-panel comic strips from the heroes' packaging. Today, it's Bring on the Bad Guys! And be sure to check the bottom line on Magneto's card.

Forever Evil TP: Amazon.co.uk: Geoff Johns, David Finch, Richard Friend: 0001401253385: Books


That illustrates how points 8, 9, and 10 line up on a single page, but alignments between the two stories go back to the first scene of FC #6, when Brainiac ...

... as an invisible guardian ...

Ultraman 1. Comic MoviesSuper ...

If ...

Forever Evil: Arkham War TP (The New 52)

... entries and 4-panel comic strips from the heroes' packaging. Today, it's Bring on the Bad Guys! And be sure to check the bottom line on Magneto's card.

Image is loading The-New-52-DC-Comics-Super-Villains-Power-

The ...

By the Power of Grayskull!

Multiversity Ultra Comics (2015) 1E

With DC Comics Presents Annual #1 (1982, by Marv Wolfman and Rich Buckler), Ultraman got a chance to shine as he was freed by the Luthors of Earth-1 and ...

These villains were the focus of the Forever Evil seven issue mini-series of November, 2013 to July, 2014 and its spin-offs.

10. General Zod

And, when Mandrakk arrives, he throws the Spectre and Radiant to the floor, and says that he "fed on these 'servants of God,' defenders of this universe.

Mister Mxyptlk astonishes Superman in his first Post-Crisis appearance.

We Don't Get It

8 Most Powerful (And 7 Lamest) Justice League Villains, Ranked

1. Mongul I

But he didn't reckon on the speed of this Superman, who easily dodged to his right. But Superman knew this was a powerful enemy, and noticed that the heat ...

New Comics Releases For January 21, 2015

Ultraman may have scaled down and joined the S.H. Figuarts line but Ultra-Act is not dead quite yet – hanging on by a thread with figures based on the ...

Ultraman_AlexRoss. Ultraman ...

Lena Luthor (Adventure Comics) v2-6.jpg

They are the world's gravest super-villains: Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Power Ring and Johnny Quick–the legendary Crime Syndicate of Amerika.

X-MEN ...

DC Collectibles DC Comics Super-Villains Bizarro Action Figure

Cover to Action Comics #80 (Jan 1945), art by Wayne Boring.

DC Collectibles DC Comics Super-Villains Johnny Quick and Atomica Action Figure