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Unidentified British officers in IFF Mk III radar chief controller room

Unidentified British officers in IFF Mk III radar chief controller room


Unidentified British officers in IFF Mk III radar chief controller room, early 1940s.

GL Mk. III(B), with IFF

Royal Air Force Radar, 1939-1945 CH15214.jpg

Bill Wallace operates the range and bearing controls of a GL Mk. III radar while

air traffic control

1 - PPI Display; 2 - 'A' Display; 3 - HPI display; 4 - Aerial bearing indicator. Click to enlarge. (Courtesy CB 4182/45 Radar Manual via Øyvind Garvik )

Subterranea Britannica: Research Study Group: Sites: Wattisham - Anglia Radar Air Traffic Control Centre


Hugh Dowding was eventually dismissed due to his refusal to implement non- radar solutions to The Blitz, including cat's eye day fighters like the Hurricane ...

Daring: Bionerd uploaded this picture of her in the Chernobyl power station control room on

A Mk. III Accurate Position Finder (APF) ready for action, with its

ROC reports flow back through the Sector controls to FCHQ; it does not show the radars, which were still officially secret ...

ASA in PB2Y.

Prelude to the Battle of Britain

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Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King was Chief of Naval Operations from March 1942 to December 1945. He was a dynamic leader, highly intelligent but abrasive and ...

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greatestgeneration: “ The Andrews Sisters ” During a time when teenagers were doing the jitterbug

The Aviation Control Tower of the Aircraft Carrier

Air Traffic Control Tower @ Seatle Tacoma Airport

Photo: The Operations Room

HU Portrait of Flying Officer Antoni "Tony" Głowacki who shot down five enemy planes in one day on 24 August 1940 while in service with No.

What an Air Traffic Controller sees

The operator display of the CH system was a complex affair. The large knob on

Photo: Flight Marshall's room with windows overlooking the Operations Room

A British 'Chain Home' radar receiver room during World War II with console visible

Awesome Air Traffic Control Towers Across the World ~ Kuriositas

RAF Bomber Command operations room, 1941. Artist: Unknown. - Stock Image

The first all female C-130 Hercules crew to serve a combat mission for the

Hurricane Mk I (R4118), which fought in the Battle of Britain

... series SP338/3 control symbol 13/4/10 titled 'Unidentified Objects (Flying - report of) Filed owned by Flag-officer in charge, Eastern Australia Region.

Side view of the SPG34 as fitted on HAIDA's 3"50 gun. (Photo by Jerry Proc)

Control room, Kola SG-3, 1980s. Courtesy Ivanovic Vladimir Khmelinsky, private

Langley AFB Air Traffic Control Tower 1996

British police officers stand outside a residential property in Amesbury, England, Wednesday, July 4, 2018. British police have declared a "major incident" ...


GCI head controller room Sopley

Figure showing 'A' and 'PPI' scopes with target and Emergency IFF pulses

Mark 16.

While the PlayStation 2 was home to countless classics, there are quite a few great games that flew under the radar.

Mark Kennedy being interviewed on Channel 4 News in 2012.


Plan position indicator (PPI) display showing Doppler radar weather data

W/T Trench Set Mk III* transmitter

U.S. Navy Admiral Cecil Haney (right), then-U.S. Strategic Command commander,

A depiction of the Mark III IFF system. The sharp upward points on this A-scope presentation represent the target return pips. The IFF response shows as a ...

Radar and Electronic Warfare 1939-1945 Aircraft Navigation and Guidance: The Operations' Room


ACTUAL-SIZE PHOTOGRAPH of a radar "scope" taken in a plane flying over

IFF interference shown on a radar display.

RAF Sector Operations Room / Fighter Control Room with map / radar plotting table. Lascaris

British soldiers stand over the body of an unidentified dead soldier.

Radar in World War II - Battle of Britain operations room at RAF Uxbridge.

Figure showing 'A' and 'PPI' scopes with target and Wide IFF pulses

An Air Direction Room

Damage: The broken pressure gauges from the nuclear power station's control room after the nuclear

Three Air Traffic Control Class A students - 1974 - Brunswick

(from l to r): R/O?, unknown, the Master, Capt. J. Poole, 3rd Mate?, Chief Officer?, unknown, unknown.

W/T Trench Set Mk III* receiver

... 19. career ...

... series SP338/3 control symbol 13/4/10 titled 'Unidentified Objects (Flying - report of) Filed owned by Flag-officer in charge, Eastern Australia Region.

Tuner Short Wave Mk. III*

Indian Navy officers during a search operation in the control room of a military aircraft.

Image showing transponder and interrogator-respondor.

3 AW(F)OTU adopted the nickname "Night Witches", suggested by the wife of the unit's Engineering Officer, and the orange and black logo seen on the nose of ...

Figure showing a circle of non directional BL radiation with our ship in the middle and

Large screen displays on USS Vincennes, typical of early Aegis platforms 1988


The training combat information center in the King and Prince Hotel. The aircraft carrier diagram in the background illustrates various shipboard inter ...

SO on PT Boat.

... a young USAF pilot serving with the RAF, took off in a Lightning fighter aircraft from RAF Binbrook in North Lincolnshire to intercept an unknown radar ...


Nick ...

The system includes a laser mounted onto an aircraft as well as relevant ground control gear. +3

#Swanwick 15 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Large screen displays on USS John S. McCain, circa 1997. Destroyers have two displays while cruisers have four.

... lower on the hill a small building was constructed to house a later IFF Mk lll secondary radar system, which became operational towards the end of 1943:

Mission Control at NASA ...



Torpedomen of HMS JAMAICA who finally dispatched the SCHARNHORST. Right to left: Petty Officer

Spotted: Thai military say they picked up an unidentified aircraft on radar bearing off the

Blenheim Mk IFs of No. 25 Squadron at Martlesham Heath, 25 July The foreground aircraft is equipped with AI Mk III radar.

Block diagram of a typical radar system with IFF. BL Antenna, Duplexer, Interrogator

Light-weight radar set.

In June of last year we took you on a typical tour of duty that a WWII Signaleer might have lived. In that article we followed an EM and a Signal Officer ...

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Soldiers from New York: Jewish Soldiers in The New York Times, in World War Two: Sergeant Michael E. (“Mickey”) Drucker – May 7, 1944

Two pilots (Flying Officer Albert Gerald Lewis on right, unidentified flyer at left) between flights during the Battle of Britain, RAF Fighter Command ...

Image of radar system.

Colour photos: The images in the Imperial War Museum archives include this one of the

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Military radar screen at an air base