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VE Victory in Europe Day was celebrated all across Canada as in

VE Victory in Europe Day was celebrated all across Canada as in


Cheering people sit in and on a car, waving flags V-E Day celebrations ...

VE-Day in Toronto

A large group of women is standing on the sidewalk, cheering and waving. V-E Day celebrations

Victory in Europe Day (VE Day) celebrations in Toronto, Canada, May 1945.

People dance in the streets of London on VE Day, 8 May 1945

British girls, of the Picture Division of the London Office of War Information dance in

Some 500,000 celebrants swarm into Times Square the morning of May 7 after the A.P. announcement


Armed forces personnel and civilians are parading down Yonge Street, waving the Union Jack and V-E Day celebrations ...

Children enjoy a street party to celebrate the end of the war in 1945.

Pieces of paper fill the air above a city intersection. V-E Day celebrations ...

Women and children at a VE-Day street party in Stanhope Street, London NW1

10 Photos Of VE Day Celebrations

Adults and children wave flags and watch a small bonfire. V-E Day celebration ...

8 May 1945: Victory in Europe Day and the Defeat of the Axis

Winston Churchill waving to crowds in Whitehall, London on the day he confirms that the war with Germany was over

... VE Day Germany surrender WW2

VE-Day 1945

A mounted London policeman pushes his way through the crowds of people gathered in Whitehall,

HM King George VI and Queen Elizabeth with Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret joined by the

VE-Day in Victoria

Long streamers flutter in the air above a city street. V-E Day celebrations ...

Victory in Europe day, headline in the Daily Mirror.

Victory in Europe Day. Champs Elysées 8 mai 2015.JPG

Young Japanese Canadians being relocated in British Columbia, 1942.


By late 1944, tide had turned; Allies closed in on victory in Europe

The Juno Beach Centre hosted a full house of students and visitors from all across Canada for the 70th Anniversary of Victory in Europe today!

World War II Victory Europe 70th Anniversary Ceremony, May 8 2015 | C-SPAN.org

Britain remembers the 50th anniversary in 1995 with a Lancaster bomber dropping poppies in front of Buckingham Palace

Field Marshall Wilhelm Keitel signing the German surrender in BerlinNational Archives

What You Need to Know About May 9 Victory Day Celebrations in Russia

Small boys walk down a sidewalk, waving a Union Jack. Children celebrating V-E Day

Two British sailors and their girlfriends wading in the fountains in Trafalgar Square on VE Day

Post navigation. ← Odessa: Averting Another Massacre · 2016 Victory Day Celebrations in ...

Historic Archival Stock Footage WWII - Germany Surrenders - World Celebrates V-E Day!

People are dancing in a circle in an intersection. The building behind them is covered V-E Day celebrations ...

Ground staff at an RAF bomber station in Britain celebrate VE Day, 8 May 1945

On top of a traffic light another celebrant perches precariously, waving an American flag and

... New York's Times Square is packed Monday, May 7, 1945, with crowds celebrating the news of Germany's unconditional surrender in World War II. #

People gathered in Whitehall to hear Winston Churchill's victory speech, 8 May 1945

May 8th is the 72nd anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day, a day in which cities in Great Britain, the United States, and formerly occupied territories ...

List of national days

A small girl wades through drifts of tickertape and paper on the street. Paper debris from V-E Day celebrations ...

VE Day 70th anniversary: A look at Germany's surrender in 1945 and the end of WW2 [Graphic images]

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill addresses the celebrating crowds from the balcony of the Ministry of

VE DAy2011. Victory in Europe was celebrated across ...

VE Day 70th anniversary: A look at Germany's surrender in 1945 and the end of WW2 [Graphic images]

WWII casualties

A Ukrainian man carries a portrait of a relative and helps a veteran before a march

United States military policemen reading about the German surrender in the newspaper Stars and Stripes

London Victory Celebrations of 1946

This was the special VE Day cover of the Illustrated London News magazine in May 1945

A crowd of Parisians celebrates VE day, the end of the European campaign in World

May 8th V-E Day is officially proclamed

Buildings on Bay Street are covered in Union Jack flags. At the end of the V-E Day celebrations ...

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Victory Day 2018: Russia commemorates Nazi Germany's surrender and end of Second World War | The Independent

Victory Day 2018: Russia commemorates end of Second World War. 24 show all

Joint press conference. “

A Christmas party in Berlin (Germany)1945. The children were orphans, whose

Eager soldiers pulling copies of "Stars and Stripes" from the press of the London

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The government of Benito Mussolini fell just two weeks later, but the Germans swept into power, turning from Italian ally to occupier.

Victory Day 2018: Russia commemorates end of Second World War. 24 show all

Victory Day 2018: Russia commemorates end of Second World War. 24 show all

Joyce (left) and Cynthia celebrating in Trafalgar Square (Imperial War Museum)

Ukrainians hold photos of their WWII veteran relatives at a rally to mark Victory Day, in Kiev, Ukraine, Tuesday, May 9, 2017.

Generaloberst Alfred Jodl (1890 - 1946): Jodl signs the instrument of surrender at

The Champs-Élysées in Paris on VE Day, photographed from an A-26

A British soldier at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, May 1945. The camp was. Newspapers all over ...

VE-Day Riots

Celebration, Netherlands 1945. Canadian troops during the celebrations in ...

Royal Family on Buckingham Palace on VE Day

A 3-inch mortar crew in action as the 20th Division prepares to advance on

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Hong Kong Prisoners. Canadian and British prisoners in ...

Victory Day 2018: Russia commemorates end of Second World War. 24 show all

Victory Loan Parade

Newspapers all over the world reported the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan. This is

A German V-2 rocket on show in London's Trafalgar Square. It was part

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