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Vandersteen M7HPA High End Hifi t Audiophile and

Vandersteen M7HPA High End Hifi t Audiophile and


The 1C, not just another box speaker. Vandersteen

Vandersteen Audio has plenty of us hyped for CES 2018 this year in Las Vegas. Just last year at the LA Audio Show (article here) our own John Stancavage was ...

4 Affordable Audiophile Speakers

Vandersteen Audio Increases Its Carbon Footprint

Pre-Show News

Listening to the Beatles' “All You Need is Love,” I'm thinking that you also need a great hi-fi system. (And a cool car, but I digress.

Average consumers will think your product too expensive. Hardcore enthusiasts will consider it too cheap. And since your loudspeaker has been on the market ...

Klipsch Forte audiophile heritage line speakers

Vandersteen 2CI

We at Vandersteen showed an experimental update to the mighty Model Seven, which were powered by the very latest iteration ...

Vandersteen's 7.25" Scan-Speak Illuminator midbass driver, featuring an aerodynamic neodymium magnet system and proprietary cone of carbon-fiber-and-balsa ...

Vandersteen Audio High End Speakers

The Model Seven Michael Trei/DVICE

Pre-Show News

A central pillar in the Wilson doctrine states that of all the elements in an audio system, the speakers have the hardest job -- and by inference deserve ...


Vandersteen Treo CT: One of the Greatest Bargains in High-End Audio

In one sense, Richard Vandersteen has been the victim of his own success. His Model 2 loudspeaker (footnote 1), introduced at the 1977 Consumer Electronics ...

And as people always seem to most want to hear and see the biggest, baddest audio systems to be had at a show, let's start with.

Vandersteen Model Seven Mk.II loudspeaker ($62,000/pair) The basic architecture of the Model Seven hasn't changed since Michael Fremer's review: a rigid, ...

Positive Feedback Editor Dave Clark Didn't Just Love Our Quatro Wood CTs- He Bought Them!

Vandersteen 2Ce Signature II

Vandersteen Audio Model Seven Mk II

Is High-End Audio Obsolete? - AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

High End 2017 Munich: Nagra - The best sound at the Munich show. Moiz Audio

The real essence of the Model 5 is that it is a cost-no-object Model 3A with a cost-no-object 2W powered subwoofer, all built into a single very elegant ...

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Vandersteen Audio Model 1C Stereo Speakers No Reserve/Low Starting Bid

Another Reviewer/Vandersteen Owner- Pete Roth and Model Seven Mk II and M7-HPA!

Pre-Show News

Inside the M7-HPA Liquid-Cooled Amplifier .

Forefront Audio

A nice pair of Vandersteen 2CE Speakers with walnut trim

Of course, these are only a few of the folks who give high-end audio its special sauce—others include Kathy Gornik, who has played as big a role in growing ...

If you fashion yourself as an audiophile and just threw down a decent wad of cash on a new A/V receiver, you probably won't like hearing that the ...

Enlightened Engineering, Musical Magic: The Spatial M3 Turbo S Open Baffle Speaker System – Steve's Audio Blog

The Vandersteen Model 7 speaker, at Audio Connection Steve Guttenberg/CNET

TSAKIRIDIS Devices, amplifiers from Athens Greece, High End Munich 2017

Press & Reviews

Quality Sound On The Cheap – Buying Vintage Audio Equipment

The Making of a Jazz Audiophile

Vandersteen 2Ce Speaker Stand (Pair)

RMAF 2013 - Dan D'Agostino Momentum Mono-Block amplifiers with 5A Carbon

High End 2017 Vids 1

Your exhibit was a good as hi-fi gets—at a show, or anywhere else. Vandersteen ...

The Axpona Award Winning Stereo Haven system....some say simple, some say small, we say brilliant! "Good is good", says local audiophile Tony Fafoglia.

Vandersteen Audio >

East End Hi-Fi is pleased to announce our new partnership with one of high-end audio's stalwarts, Vandersteen Audio! Vandersteen has been producing some of ...

Ask Richard

sabrina open face_2.jpg

We at The Audio Beat need no convincing of the significance of subwoofers to music reproduction, even with seemingly full-range speakers.

Hooked up to a pair of Vandersteen Quatro speakers, the sound of the table and electronics was exceptionally transparent, smooth, resolving, ...


Audio Advisors and it's clients were recently honored with a visit from the founder of Wilson Audio, Dave Wilson. Wilson Audio is an American high-end audio ...


Doctorjohn Cheaptubeaudio: Audio Reviews and More: Review: Sony PlayStation 1

Despite the fact that I have devoted an entire room in our house to hifi, my office is where I spend the most hours, and where I have the most time to ...

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Vandersteen 1b Speaker Stand (Pair)

Love the 3D Textured Wall Art and rug that matches. #audiophile #music #art #audioporn #hifi #thebest #luxury #nicehome #design #madeinUSA #wishlist #sound ...

Six months ago, I asked if high-end audio was obsolete; thanks to the NY show, I'm wondering the same thing all over again.

Audiophile Review! Benchmark AHB2 Stereo Amplifier, Exclusive Benchtest!

Vandersteen 2c truei_2015 demonstration

The Revel Ultima Salon2/Mark Levinson system continues to do justice to the high end without fanfare. It's bold, defined, resolved with a rock-solid ...


Bose 141 Bookshelf Speakers

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Thorens is a Swiss manufacturer of high-end audio equipment. They are historically renowned for the range of phonographs (turntables) they produce.

"I wanted to dip my toes into the tube sound, but I didn't want to go full-on tube," Paul states. "I didn't know enough about it, and I didn't quite have ...


Linn HiFi Your Mid-Atlantic Linn Hifi Headquarters. Analog and Digital. Record Players

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Re: Vandersteen Quatro Wood CT

Vandersteen Audio's Model Seven Mk II Speaker and M-7 HPA Amps Make European Debut at High End 2015!

Don't try to pin me down though. Recent concerts include Wilco, Patricia Barber, the Rolling Stones and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Click image for larger version Name: 160601_the-show-newport_eclipse-room.jpg


For those who've salted away $118,000 and can hold on to it until the second quarter of 2017, Moon by Simaudio has an amplifier in the production queue just ...

One of the most exciting aspects of high-end audio is finding an unassuming product that delivers big results. Totem Acoustics has a well-deserved ...

As I entered Vandersteen / AudioQuest / HRS Room, our resident power guru Garth Powell from AudioQuest was putting on a power demonstration. If you haven't ...

If you talk about a well-made affordable piece of tubed audio gear, you have to go up against the Great Wall. Don't you? Well, I don't have one of the ...

A Krell KSA 50 amplifier Steve Guttenberg/CNET

The second Brooks Berdan room rocked Vandersteen's first semi-attractive speaker, the $10k Quatro. If you're not familiar with Vandersteen, the one thing ...

The Benefits of Stereo Subwoofers

BBC Approved LS3/5A...and another one. The grand daddy of · Audiophile SpeakersStereo SpeakersHigh End ...

Other areas of improvement as compared to my 7Bs are: upper end detail and extension didn't sound bright or overdone, bass production was deeper and ...

Richard Vandersteen's new Trio model is a slim-line three-way with 8-inch passive radiator/coupler.

Getting the Best Digital Audio Quality

Vandersteen. These were very nice narrow baffle sounding speakers, they used side wall reflections to make a very spacious and high quality sound.