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WW1 German postcard Communication between the trenches

WW1 German postcard Communication between the trenches


WW1, German postcard. Communication between the trenches: German soldier uses a…

Communication Trench to the Battery: German World War I postcard

Postcard. When the Germans adopted a policy of deep defense at the end of 1914, some of these fortified trench lines grew to three layers deep.

In Britain, postcards that contained military or war material were censored by the Press Bureau for Censorship from September 1916

Not all of trench life was boredom for it was not easy for a soldier to forget he was involved in a life and death struggle. Snipers were a constant menace.

This is a diagram of a Trench in WWI. Every trench had a no mans' land, forward listening post, communication trench, spot for protection from explosions, ...

British Tommies in German dug-out trenches - WWI - Stock Image

I also found a rather large selection (48 pages) of photographs and postcards from the French front on the Del Campe archives. Above, the soldiers bring the ...

... to haunt them when the Germans launched their spring offensive in 1918 and quickly overran the trenches in front of them. Many postcards show pioneers ...

Postcard Back

SGM-81 WW1 Trench Combat Grenade Postcard

WWI, June 1917; "On Messines Ridge : Remains of the German trenches. Work of our guns, an enemy trench wrecked by shells; a collapsed observation post."

Carte Postale Postcard 1914-1918 Dessin de soldats Allemands dans les tranchées Drawing German soldiers in the trenches | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Capture of the first French Flag Lagarde 1914 WW1 German Military Postcard

French postcard from children to their father, reverse side

The German army put the most emphasis on supplying their army with high angled guns before World War One, and they were the most prepared when trench ...

The colour postcards reflected a light-hearted and ironic fashion the reality of life in

Postcard depicting soldiers in a trench during a gas attack. Philip E. Scholz Collection. Veterans History Project, AFC/2001/001/00864.

A group of soldiers in front of a well-fortified light bunker. One soldier

Oskar Merté largely worked as a painter and illustrator focused on equestrian themes through which he found work with Flying Sheets and the German Cavalry ...

French postcard from a wife to her husband, reverse side

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Keeping the Home Front posted, with millions of carefully censored letters zipping between soldiers and loved ones, was vital for maintaining morale

The 1915 Christmas postcard on the right, captioned "The Bomber's Greeting" was drawn by Sir Henry Rawlinson for the men of IV Corps.

In the wake of the Battle of the Marne—during which Allied troops halted the steady German push through Belgium and France that had .

events, First World War / WWI, Western Front, France, 1915 - 1918

German soldiers playing cards on the Western front in the summer of 1916

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German troops reading “The Daily Mail” in a dugout at Wieltje, East of

There are numerous postcards that depict hand to hand combat inside of trenches, so many in fact that it is easy to conclude that this was a major form of ...

WW1: " A Few Canadian Trench Signs" - Oh Canada! a medley of

Colour Christmas postcard from the front line

1916 WW1 Magazine SOMME Royal Fusiliers CHARLES FRYATT Fromelles Trenches WAR (4010)

1914: German soldiers in the trenches during WWI

WW1 Coloring page from First Division Museum

That WWI German & occasional Austrian Trench Knife Thread

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World War 1: The Battle around Verdun, 1916 (Postcard Series). 21st

RARE original Photograph photo postcard WWI German soldier Officer in trenches

WW1 RPPC German photo of trenches Ypres November 1916 #3


WW1 German Military Postcard/Feldpost-Grand Dukes Birthday Party II Batl.113

Historians can gain valuable insight about everyday life in a time of war from these bits of news and trivia — if they can read them.

File:WWI postcard trench.JPG

ww1 postcard verse to a Zepp raid

SENTRY USING PERISCOPE TRENCH (Q 45395) German sentry in a trench using a periscope in the Ypres area. WW I

Belgian soldiers with captured German helmets in the trenches; world war one 1914 - Stock

It happened on christmas day, 1914: German and British troops held a temporary ceasefire

German communications trench, c. 1916 or 1917, WW1.

In The Trenches 1916 German WW1 Photo Postcard (482)

German trenches tended to grow stronger and much more complex as the War progressed. This was in part due to the close integration of pioneer units with ...

This 1917 postcard advertises "fresh Löwenbräu in the field"

French WWI dugout (c) Del Campe

Danger lurks behind every corner in. THE TRENCH OF DEATH! this sketch really reminded me of the old war comics i used to read as a kid Trench Of Death!

German WWI Uniforms - I swear, WWI gas masks are the stuff of nightmares

British) constructed a dichotomy between chivalrous air duels and atrocious air

Postcard. German stormtroopers ...

This wonderful German Christmas field postcard is copied from material submitted to Europeana by Andreas Schuppe

Diagram of a trench in WWI

WW1 French trenches 1918 World War 1 Western Front German major offensive March July 1918 French

Amid the horror of World War I, there was one ray of light — the

butte de vauquois, german trench and bunker, verdun, world war I, trench

Though postcards did not portray trench life as glamorous in any way, rarely did they capture the close presence of death. Where censorship did not prohibit ...

McGill's postcards were illustrated to boost morale and this card pokes fun at German soldiers with

1915 front page The War Budget German Communication Trench - Stock Image

ww1 xmas postcard. "

the girls with yellow hands ww1 postcard

1. Chateau de Coucy on the river Aisne

'Just off to the trenches': The series of 42 letters and 15 autographed

WW1 Canada - lot of 8 Vimy Ridge photo postcards

1916 WW1 Magazine SAILLY-SAILLISEL Trenches SOMME Flander WINTER War 3210

the battle of the somme, 1916, german bunker, world war I, trench

During the War, the Germans began using razor wire, which was die-cut in long strips from sheet metal. They had a continuous serrated edge of sharp pointy ...

Here Kaiser William II is seen getting hit on the back of his neck with a

Trenches Feldpostkarte 1915 German WW1 Postcard (376)

Although no man's land is a generic term, the space between trench lines could vary greatly in distance and the type of terrain it was spread over.

The vast amount of postcards depicting trenches came from Germany. While many cards from all nations depict their soldiers bravely fending off enemy attacks ...

German historical photo postcard: Soldiers in the trench Smoking pipes, playing cards. One

WW1, German postcard. Communication between the trenches: German soldier uses a… | History - WWI | Pinterest | German, Wwi and History

B.G. Teubner from Stuttgart had been an early publisher of books since the early 19th century. They began publishing postcards at the turn of the 20th ...

ww1 Trench Card. On 30th October 1916, the Daily News sent the card on the left to Miss A. Prossthwaite of Bramley, Leeds, thanking her for a donation of ...

German trench attack WWI - Stock Image

WW1 Canada - lot of 8 Vimy Ridge photo postcards

British refashioning a German trench, WW1 - Stock Image

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German military cemetary

german trenches, world war I, trench warfare, lice, dirt, vermin,

Very often communication trenches had to be dug through buildings, breaking through walls house to house of entire blocks as if they were just a natural ...

events, First World War / WWI, Western Front 1915 - 1918, postcard '

Colour illustration of a British army officer scoring a goal against a German officer, circa

WW1 RPPC German photo of trenches Ypres November 1916 #3

2 G55 K1 1915 14 German POWs in Champagne WWI 1915 History World War I Prisoners

Image is loading German-Postcard-WW1-Trenches-1916-607

Even though President Wilson stated that unrestricted U-boat warfare was tantamount to a declaration of war, it is doubtful that he would have take the ...

Postcards from the Trenches. A German Soldier's Testimony of ...


Bedroom in the trench.