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Wang Hui 16321717 Hut in the autumn rain t

Wang Hui 16321717 Hut in the autumn rain t


Wang Hui (1632–1717) , Hut in the autumn rain

Landscape: Eve of Mid-autumn, Unidentified Artist, After Wang Hui, dated

Landscape: Eve of Mid-autumn. Artist: Unidentified Artist; Artist: After

Wang Hui, Mountains, Streams and Autumn Trees - Stock Image

Wang Hui (1632-1717) Deep in the Mountains 1692. India ink and

清 王翬 溪山雨霽åœ-

Wang Hui, Fisherman Huts and Clearing Skies in Autumn

Artist: Unidentified Artist; Artist: After Wang Hui (Chinese

Artist: Unidentified Artist; Artist: After Wang Hui (Chinese

Landscape in the Style of Yan Wengui. Artist: Unidentified Artist; Artist: After

Wang Hui, Thousand miles along the Jangtse 1700

Clearing after Rain over Streams and Mountains, Qing dynasty dated 1662 Wang Hui (Chinese, Hanging scroll; Metropolitan Museum of Art

Wang Hui

Landscapes Clear and Radiant A detail from “Autumn Forests at Yushan,” one of many works by Wang Hui at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Credit Palace Museum ...

Wang Hui, (need title)

Snow Clearing: Landscape after Li Cheng

Tree in Autumn and Crows, dated 1712

Emperor Kangxi (K'ang Hsi) inspecting the dams of the Yellow River.

Deutsch: Wang Hui u. a.: Südreise des Kaisers Kangxi (Querrolle Nr. 9 .

清 王翬 ç‰ åº·ç†™o

溥心畬 - 山水四條屏之三

Deutsch: Wang Hui u. a.: Südreise des Kaisers Kangxi (Querrolle Nr. 9 .

Wang Yuanqi: After Huang Gongwang's "Autumn ...

Wang Shimin: After Wang Wei's Clearing of Mountains and Rivers after Snow

Zhu Da: Autumn Landscape

Voyage dans le Sud de l'empereur Kangxi par le peintre chinois Wang Hui 1632

(雨竹小鳥圖) Birds and Bamboos in the Rain

Wang Jian (17th-century painter)

Wang Hui, Fisherman Huts and Clearing Skies in Autumn. The Beauty of Green Mountains and Rivers 1679

Xiao Hui Wang Art Museum

A scroll from “The Qianlong Emperor's Southern Inspection Tour.” Credit Mactaggart Art Collection, University of Alberta Museums

Wang Fu (painter)

Bamboo and Ducks by a Rushing Stream, 1127-1279 Ma Yuan (Chinese)

17th and 18th centuries[edit]

Gong Xian(龔賢) , 山家黄叶图 旅顺博物馆藏. Gong Xian was one of the literati and known for his work with prose and poetry. It was only after the fall of ...


Li Tang, Myriad Peaks and Rivers

Paul Cézanne, Mont Sainte-Victoire, 1882–1885, Metropolitan Museum of Art. Post-Impressionism

Bo Ya Plays the Qin as Zhong Ziqi Listens (伯牙弾琴). Muromachi

Gao Jianfu: A Solitary Temple in the Autumn Mountains

Ivan Shishkin, Rain in an Oak Forest, 1891, Tretyakov Gallery. Peredvizhniki

Shitao's Landscape Painting | Chinese Art Gallery | China Online Museum

4 seasons

Ma Yuan and Xia Gui,Traditional Chinese Art at Art Realization China

reminds me of a certain little cabin in the middle of nowhere.: little cabin on the Columbia River Gorge by Restless Transplant :.

the dead and dying ---Autumn cemetery

Example #7 from the Scroll

Ni Tsan

Xiang Shengmo (1597–1658), Reading in the Autumn Mountains. Ming dynasty

Jennifer Poon watercolor & ribbon on cut paper " ...

Example #2 from the Scroll

Frederic Edwin Church, The Heart of the Andes, 1859. Church was part of the American Hudson River School.

Chinese Trees Painting x x

Relaxing In An Infrared Japanese Garden by Daniel Ruyle

「聚落(しゅうらく)」 多層民家 兜造りと呼ばれる。養蚕住居

Wang Wei: Snowy Stream

Wang Hui (1632-1717), Spring garden

Reciting Poetry before the Yellowing of Autumn Wu Li (China, -

Xiao and Xiang active 16th century-, Shosho hakkei, Toshun Japan Autumn moon upon

Travelers through Mountain Passes, Dai Jin (1388-1462)

Twelve Views of Landscape (山水十二景), also known as Twelve Views from a Thatched Hut Xia Gui (夏珪, fl. 1180-1230), Song Dynasty (960-1279) Handscroll, ...

柴門掩雪圖 Thatched Cottage Covered by Snow

Landscape art movements[edit]

Kuo Hsi, Clearing Autumn Skies over Mountains and Valleys, Northern Song Dynasty c. 1070, detail from a horizontal scroll.

Hasegawa Tōhaku, Pine Trees screen (Shōrin-zu byōbu, 松林図 屏風), one of a pair of folding screens, Japan, 1593. 156.8 × 356 cm (61.73 × 140.16 in)


Zhao Mengfu (Chinese, 1254–1322)

Hiroshi Yoshida woodblock prints

Zhou Maoshu Appreciating Lotuses

Dreaming in Shade of Tong Tree. Tang Yin (1470 - 1524)

The Kangxi Emperor's Tour of the South (康熙帝南巡圖) Wang Hui (王翬, 1632-1717) and other people, Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) Ninth handscroll of a set, ...

Mi WanChung (米万钟)

Мастер-класс Восточная техника Пейзажа - Горы и воды - Шан-Шуй

The Thatched Hut at Liangchang 17th-18th century Huang Gongwang , (Chinese, 1269

Breaking down the journey into episodes, the artist designed a series of twelve massive handscrolls; he painted most of the landscape himself but left the ...

"Winter in the Woods" by Isaac Levitan

Example #5 from the Scroll

Rembrandt, The Three Trees, 1643, etching

Example #4 from the Scroll

Landscape painting

Shoda Koho. Японский Художник. Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский Сервис…

Shitao: Poetic Feeling of Tao Yuanming

Example #1 from the Scroll

Landscape painting

Chinese Screen Paintings Landscapes, Four Seasons Chinese Painting, Scrolls

Wang Hui(王翬) , 仿杏花春雨江南图

Rain, Sun Passing. Meall Gorm