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Want to master the KDE desktop environment on Linux Our

Want to master the KDE desktop environment on Linux Our


KDE Plasma 5 with Adapta theme

My Linux Desktop - Ubuntu 11.10, KDE 4.7 and Win XP in one ...much better than Windows 8 - YouTube

GNOME 3 - Linux Desktop Environments

It's now even easier to make Ubuntu look like Windows 10.


Install Gnome Shell on Ubuntu/Linux Mint

Xfce. xubuntu_1510

How To Set Up The Deepin Desktop Environment On Arch Linux

9 Great KDE Plasma Themes

My desktop

MATE Desktop

Chrome OS theme in Ubuntu


KDE is the second most popular desktop environment, and with good reason. KDE used to be the top dog “back in the day” before KDE 4 came out with a ...

KDE Plasma On Ubuntu

If you want the fast Linux system, then choose the XFCE desktop environment.

I know You might have made some heavy changes to the way your Windows PC looked and might want to have the same experience on Linux too.

How to Easily Install Ubuntu on Chromebook with Crouton

that's the point of linux, you can do whatever you want with it. For

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[KDE PLASMA 5.13 - dev] Flatpak Stores Support on Discover!

Linux Mint Cinnamon

How to Style Linux Mint Like Ubuntu Unity Desktop

desktop environment - Linux arch installing enlightenment just stays same as normal kde - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

KDE 4.14.35 desktop with VirtualBox running

Mint Serena - Cinnamon

unity workspaces

KDE Plasma

Xmonad and awesome are the last two desktop environments I'd like to mention. They are both tiling window managers, meaning that — instead of making ...

Choose the Right Desktop Environment. GNOME Shell

Screenshot 2 – KDE 4.14.38 Desktop with VirtualBox running. Screenshot 3 – Samba running. Screenshot 4 – Nvidia settings and GSlapt running

More like this. linux enterprise · Ultimate Guide to Linux Desktop Environments

5 of the Best Linux Remote Desktop Apps to Remote Access a Computer

Xenlism WildFire: A Perfect Icon Theme for Linux Desktops

kde-desktop on Ubuntu 11.10

Perhaps ending up on /r/unixporn is on your bucketlist, in which case good luck.

Deepin 15 Review 1080p - Chinese Linux For Desktop With Original Deepin Desktop Environment - YouTube

Do you like Windows 10 Look but Love LINUX? Here are Windows 10 GTK Themes for you! - NoobsLab | Ubuntu/Linux News, Reviews, Tutorials, Apps


Hybryde Fusion: Get 11 Desktop Environments in One Distro [Linux]

Old paradigm, modern desktop , feels simple, fast, solid.

image data/images/blog/2013/08/kdetheming/kde-summer2013


Chalet OS offers the comfort and homely feel of Windows 7 coupled with the stability, customizability, security and other awesome features of Ubuntu 16.04.

The Best Linux Desktop Environments for Touch-Enabled Monitor

KDE Plasma KRunner


OpenSUSE 11.2, the latest Linux offering from the Novell-backed project, updates the core components of its GNOME desktop and apps. What's really intriguing ...

KDE desktop with Ambiance theme

xfce.jpg. Xfce is a popular desktop environment ...

But there's another project you may want to test, and it's called Trinity KDE.

... Login Screen

GNOME and KDE's Plasma are probably the largest ones right now. These are great for heavy desktop users, but if you own a very slow computer and want ...

Flatpak apps in Plasma Discover (3 Images)

Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) Is Now Powered by Linux Kernel 4.13, GCC 7.2

Switching between workspaces using a keyboard shortcut.

Install MATE Desktop on Latest Ubuntu. Run the following commands:

enter image description here

Available for Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty/16.10 Yakkety/16.04 Xenial/Linux Mint 18/other related Ubuntu derivatives. To install Arc themes in Ubuntu/Linux Mint open ...

arch linux kdemod4 screenshot

solus os linux desktop

enter image description here

xfce4 desktop environment install on ubuntu

My Linux KDE desktop featuring Tron Legacy theme-C EST PAS DU WINDAUBE- C EST DU LINUX..CHEZ MICROSOFT C EST PAYANT.......pas chez linux.....vive le ...

When it's ready everything will be in your chosen language! Watch a YouTube video about running Calamares in ArchEX. Calamares works in the same way in ...

Just as there are super flashy yet resource-intensive desktop environments such as KDE (shown above), there are some that try to provide a usable interface ...

desktop kde linux

11 Great XFCE Themes for Linux Users

GNOME and KDE's Plasma are ...

The Best Linux Desktop Environments for HiDPI Displays. Derrik ...

KDE neon


Screenshot of Q4OS


Eyes of Gnome 3.18 (top-left), Screenfetch with system infos and theme (bottom-left), Cinnamon's Wacom GUI panel (top-right), color tool (center)

Available for Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty/16.10 Yakkety/16.04 Xenial/Linux Mint 18/other related Ubuntu derivatives. To install Arc themes in Ubuntu/Linux Mint open ...

linux desktop environments

KvHybrid for Kvantum KDE Plasma Theme

Do you want to make Ubuntu look like Mac OS X? If you do we're going to show you how to do it, step-by-step.

Another good starting point is Mate or XFCE4. They have GTK3 support, and have the potential to be modern. In addition, these two desktop environments, ...

KDE Plasma 5

To launch an app in KDE, open menu then search your app name. Or, use category to find manually your app i.e. Firefox in Internet category.

KDE. linux desktop kubuntu

kde plasma tips Swapnil Bhartiya. More like this. linux enterprise

Gnome Fallback-Flashback In Ubuntu-Linux Mint

The icon theme is designed to work with Unity, GNOME, Cinnamon and other GTK+ based desktop environments. The theme is available for GTK and KDE.