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Weekly bonuses Guild Wars Wiki GWW Sport t

Weekly bonuses Guild Wars Wiki GWW Sport t


I don't think any other classes get their unique skin to play with.

GW2 - Fifth Birthday Gift & Anniversary Weapon Pack

My profession can't use guns, so I had to savour this moment.

... kits until much later on when you have high value items to salvage. Example of salvaging some junky blues and greens into some useful crafting materials ...


Why play Guild Wars 2 when you could be playing Darkblood Soul Wars III: Heart of Sin Edition?


A friend got this and had to show me, guess GW2 is the friendliest MMO!

[GW2] Spending 558 Pact Scout's Mapping Materials in Frostgorge Sound

now that we have level 80 boost, is there a way to skip this tiring clicking mash? or maybe change it to auto random loot all the things inside it?

Tormented Rainbow Dye[edit]

User Serge Yseron the expert talked.jpg. Waiting to cooldown before tinking of gw ...



Races Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXlzIRYA4NE

My Screenshots From Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event 1

In case you were wondering, the Gilded Hollow arena is totally measurable.

How to make Black Lion Chests worth ...

Or are you gonna try to say that I didn't sleep?

There Goes The Neighborhood.jpg

Hundred Splintery Whirlwind.jpg

Hang up on gate of madness ...

Guild Wars 2 - Siege Earn Gold Quickly in Guild Wars 2


Guild Wars Utopia

Did you know that most maps give bonus rewards for completing events, jumping puzzles, and mini-dungeons? It's true! You'll get a specific fine crafting ...

Learn to Use the Level 80 Boost. Guild Wars 2



So here's a new one for Guild Wars 2: The game's getting a “competitive” feature pack patch in June. The blog post was tweeted out earlier today by ArenaNet ...

I saw this player sitting on a Throne in Lion's Arch. How.

Whats going on? I cant play all day due to high ping, disconnecting. Even gw2 wiki loads 10 min. Never had such problem before.

There is a consumable item that gives up to a 10% bonus on map rewards points for 24 hours. It is available if your guild has unlocked the Guild ...

The World versus World interface.

The Flight North map.jpg


Legendary Spear Container

... (still ...

I can't believe we ALL forgot our front door keys!

Red Lantern



The schedule for which can be found on just about any Guild Wars 2 event timer.

Guild Wars 2 ☆ S1 • E06

Flax Field Gold Guide Easy 10g+/h (locations & advices) | Guild Wars 2

Team Up for Guild Missions

Guild Wars 2: Should you be playing it?


User Serge Yseron Black Betty 6.jpg

User talk:Gaile Gray/Archive Support Issues/Apr - Jun 2009 - Guild Wars Wiki (GWW)

Guild Wars 2 (GW2) p/p thief (pew pew teefy) PvP

Necromancer (scholar, high health)

Some of us are naked because our armor has broken from repeated deaths. There's a cap on how much repairs can cost, so it's more economical to wait until ...

Hero Battle Arena Bombardment map.jpg

That's why this dashing hat comes with an eye patch, so you can let the world know this isn't your first time on deck.

Guild Wars 2 - Matchmaking Redefined - MMORPG.com



Shannon: Does the development team get many stories from couples who met in Guild Wars 2? What about in the original Guild Wars?

A charr guardian with aegis.

As an example, I had 2 days worth of Pact Scout's Mapping Materials saved up, took them to the most valuable zone for week 5 and just selling some of the ...

+ a older one from the Wiki... I would be scared to engage this guy:

"my zerg rarely died"

Guild Wars 2 ☆ - Library Detective (Domain of Istan achievement)

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Player versus Player. From Guild Wars 2 Wiki




Guild Wars 2: Should you be playing it?

Mesmer (scholar, low health)

TacO is very cool, but also probably very illegal.

My Screenshots From Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event 1

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Guild Wars 2 Hidden Arcana 2

Guild Wars 2 ☆ - Buried Treasure: Challenger Cliffs

... gw2-tremor-events-location-8

User talk:Gaile Gray/Archive Support Issues/Apr - Jun 2009 - Guild Wars Wiki (GWW)

My new attributes are displayed in green. Also, notice that everything I can equip is shown in the left side, so I don't need two ...

Guild Wars 2 ☆ - Season 1 History Lesson

Guild Wars 2 - Although humans begin Guild Wars 2 at a disadvantage, significant technological

As you enter your home instance, you see this kid and this dog running around and having fun.

Taimi's Package and Rox's Package

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Guild Wars 2 Forum - PvP - Why is matchmaking so bad?

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Guild Wars 2 - I made the Legendary Longbow Kudzu

The Crafting Crier had some magical powers…

And all they've come up with are story updates people outside the game can't connect with? Where are the big new features? Is there really no expansion ...


Thief (adventurer, low health)

Elementalist (scholar, low health)

There wasn't anyone around to help me with this Group Event, so I

Guild Wars 2: Jumping Puzzle Kessex-Hügel (Rätsel-Guide)


sit in chairs in Guild Wars 2