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Where the border between East and WestGermany used to run a

Where the border between East and WestGermany used to run a


Where the border between East and West-Germany used to run, a border known

West Berlin, as of 1978.

this, about 10 miles east of the town of Ratzeburg, is where the border between East and West-Germany used to run, a border known as the Iron Curtain that ...

Border crossings up to 1990[edit]

About 10 miles east of the town of Ratzeburg, the border between East and West

Mödlareuth is located on the border of the states of Bavaria and Thuringia. It was

Map showing the Allied zones of occupation in post-war Germany, as well as

A white sign on a post with the German inscription "Halt! Hier Grenze". Border installations at Schlagsdorf

The border is marked on the western side by signposts saying "HALT HIER GRENZE"

Berlin Wall

Postcard showing West German border guards as tourist guides, looking at an observation bunker, ca. late 1970s (collection Astrid M. Eckert)

The small German village of Mödlareuth is situated partly in Bavaria and partly in Thuringia.


Berlin wall being built

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 06.20.43. Germany's unemployment rate made headlines when it hit a ...

The Berlin Wall fell 25 years ago, but Germany is still divided - The Washington Post

Locator map of Brandenburg, Germany.

East Germany - 10 things you never knew about the GDR

East Sea - germany

West Berlin citizens hold a vigil atop the Berlin Wall in front of the Brandenburg Gate

East German Combat Groups of the Working Class close the border on 13 August 1961 in preparation of the Berlin Wall construction.

The Oder and Neisse rivers

Do East and West Germans still speak a different language? | OxfordWords blog

A hillside with multiple barbed-wire fences running parallel to each other, with fruit

East Berlin "death strip" of the Berlin Wall, as seen from the Axel Springer AG Building, 1984.

West Berliners crowd in front of the Berlin Wall on November 11, 1989, as

Postcard with images of border towns and map depicting border-related sights along the Iron Curtain, 1970s (collection Astrid M. Eckert)

Post-war Germany: Politics, Developments & Partitioning - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com

Checkpoint Charlie, Friedrichstraße, Berlin: Replica of the old western border post.

The Brandenburg Gate in East Berlin

A satellite image has revealed enduring divisions between the east and west of Berlin, with the eastern half of the city much less brightly illuminated at ...

GermanyGermany Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

A solider stands on one side of the Berlin wall as it is under construction while

East Germans still victims of 'cultural colonialism' by the West

The untold story of the US Army unit that surveilled the East/West German border before the collapse of the Wall

Spring 1918: Germany's last offensive

In Fermanagh, drive down past the town of Enniskillen and on to the border towns of Belcoo and Blacklion and you see how past and present merge.

East Germany[edit]

10 It Did Not Separate East And West Germany

Close-up view of a boot which has been modified with a hooked overshoe,

Dachas near Dresden.

Tiny red and white bubble car, viewed from the rear, with a dummy in

Outline map of Belgium, the Netherlands, West Germany, East Germany and Czechoslovakia with

When East met West: How Germany became one

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 06.27.08

Two East Berliners jump across border barriers on the Eastern side of border checkpoint at Chaussee

Home > Do East and West Germans still speak a different language?

The Elbe, viewed from the Bastei rock formation.

Map of Power Generation in Germany, 2014

How is the Border Between Europe and Asia Defined?

Austria looks like a horribly disfigured amputee, but at least it gets to keep Vienna. Great Bavaria occupies most of Bavaria, and southern Germany as well ...

Regional division of the Carpathian Mountains (top) and a geologic cross section of the

Western police awaiting an eastern border controller at the opening of a new pedestrian border crossing. View into the vaults of Oberbaumbrücke, ...

Map of Cold War Berlin.

1940 Soviet map of the western portions of the Ukrainian SSR captured from Poland in 1939. The adjacent parts of Poland occupied by Nazi Germany are labeled ...

This is a 6-day, 194.5 mile, 313.0 km tour along the Werra. We start in Eisfeld, the last railroad stop along the Werratal. In German, “Werratal” simply ...

A power station in Vattenfall in Jänschwalde, east Germany

West German trains ran through East Germany. This 1977 view shows how barriers were made near the tracks to keep people away.

East Germans climb the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg gate after the opening of the East German border on 9 November 1989. Photograph: Reuters

West German industry map, 1972

Horn-shaped device mounted on the side of a metal fence, with trigger wires

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West Germans curiously peer at East German border guards through a hole in the wall

People celebrate the opening of the border between East and West Germany at the Berlin Wall in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on Nov. 10, 1989.

Palestinians run for cover from tear gas near the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip

Russian-Polish border agreed to on October 18, 1920

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 06.21.44

The reduction of the Ruhr Pocket and advance to Elbe and Mulde rivers between 5 and 18 April 1945

Boulder carved with the words "Für die Opfer der Unmenschlichkeit". In the background

Group of visitors at the inter-German border, Mödlareuth (Bavaria), 1985/86 (Photo: Archive Bundesstiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur [Federal ...

U.S. military convoys were still a regular sight in West Germany in the 1970s and 1980s.

A man hammers away at the Berlin Wall on November 12, 1989 as the border barrier between East and West Germany was torn down.

View of two lines of vehicles passing between two buildings, with four passport control booths. Vehicles queuing at the East German ...

Eastern Bloc emigration and defection

10 hidden cold war sites Barabarastollen

Photo Gallery: A Single Republic

Western Germany more socially cohesive than east, study finds

... between east and west. (Source of the following 8 maps: German statistical office. Visualization: Gene Thorp

(Click here for an ...

Police cadets of the East German Volkspolizei wait for the official opening of the Brandenburg Gate on 22 December 1989.

Encirclement of the Ruhr and other Allied operations between 29 March and 4 April 1945

The border between West and East Berlin at Potsdamer Platz

... was not a leisure tourist visiting the border as a sight, the card itself follows the conventions of picture postcards produced for holiday destinations ...

Europe borders and fences map

They pushed their way across the white demarcation line dividing East from West Berlin shouting: "We want in, we want in."

Women hold bags and signs that read: "Same pay for same work" at