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White Scars by Geof Hill Astartes Legion V White Scars t

White Scars by Geof Hill Astartes Legion V White Scars t


White Scars by Geof Hill

30K V Legion White Scars Consul by Nathaniel Taylor

I also painted up my Dreadnought. This was slightly converted to have a heavy flamer instead of a storm bolter. I haven't really used this unit much, ...

CoolMiniOrNot - Aquilante Faustino Blood Angels Horus Heresy Chaplain by lilloser

Warhammer World: Unpublished Legions Descriptions

HERESY - Death Guard Moritat

The first is probably obvious: on the shoulder pad is the older Alpha and Omega style icon of the Legion.

chaos info julienhainault laer pre-heresy slaanesh

inoxhammer: “ Space Marine vs Ork- by XRobinGoodFellowX http://xrobingoodfellowx.

White Scars by Michael John

Stormseer is a specialist officer unique to the White Scars Space Marine Chapter. Stormseers are

White Scars by John Nicholls

Warhammer 40K Database

The White Scars were the V Legion of the original twenty Space Marine Legions of the

Today I am going to run through the Legion specific rules for the Alpha Legion in 30k. I will go over their unique characters and of course their ...

A Space Marine

Horus Heresy - The Death Guard begin

White Scars

[The gratuitous image is from today's game that we played on a new gaming mat from Deepcut Studios. If we have the tournament, it is a mat that you could ...

White Scars

I', also using all my older plastic leftover armour marks that I wont be using with my Minotaurs; this fits for me as the white scars are an old and ...

And so on to Rylanor. There are a lot of parts to this guy and I'm not really sure where to start, but I'll forge ahead anyway. If you have any questions ...

Jaghatai Khan, Primarch of the White Scars

I wanted to keep the bike fairly simple, no long forks or anything like that, but I did add a few saddlebags, boxes and pouches to give it the feel of a " ...

Chapter: Shadow Warriors - Custom Fluff - Forum - DakkaDakka | We've got a Strategy Rating of 4.

White Scars Progenitor Legion M31. Ravager with Tornado Pelt Honour Gift.

RG Assault Astartes

White Scars by Charles Gordon Mitchel

Warhammer 40k,3 sons of the emperor,

My White Scars army consists of:

The Last Hunt (White Scars)

My White Scars army

White Scars

Horus Heresy Review: Alpha Legion Legion Rules

A Scimitar Pattern Jetbike of the Dark Brotherhood; note that this Jetbike was encountered by

Anyway, this guy was my first model base painted with my Badger Khrome airbrush. It was an interesting experience trying to get the highlights in the right ...

I will continue with my White Scars in the hope of finishing all the models I have left to paint for them.


Clearly the Alpha Legion iconography is a major draw card for them. However, this is also a negative in the sense that they ...

... this space marine is a dynamic example of the "gun kata" meme that I'm trying to capture in my evolving Alpha Legion army that is coming together.

This squad uses the Forge World resin upgrades for the White Scars and is painted in the traditional colours accented with gold.

What I'm ultimately gunning for here is a unique looking miniature which could double up as (e.g.) a Chaplain or alternative Legion Consul.

A White Scars Heretic Astartes who has been utterly corrupted by the insidious influence of Slaanesh

From there, I used at least three washes of dirty black (basically watered down black mixed with a small amount of brown and red) to settle in to the ...

Gitsplitta's Unified Painting Theory (7/5: Thing 1's terrain work, tropical jungle!) - Forum - DakkaDakka | We've got a Strategy Rating of 4.

... along with the mk 5 heresey bodies fit well with the scars for me; its a bit of a shame all the biker legs are mk 7 but hey ho, we compromise!

(for reference, all the other legions had similar images featuring text that has already appeared in Betrayal, Massacre, Extermination, etc.).

EISENHORN - The Clash by NicolasRGiacondino on DeviantArt

Damocles Gulf Crusade

I think the pose and everything else really clicks well here for me. So I won't write much more and will simply leave you with the image.

... update that includes Iron Hill Dwarves, Primaris Space Marines details, and a great picture of Duncan outgunned with some of the Imperium's Finest.

And here's the Librarian from the Blood Ravens Chapter. I hope you (and the auction winners) like them.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Back when I first put together my Death Guard (for use at AdeptiCon 2007), I was using the Space Marine Codex of the time. My Tactical squads each had a ...


... or the narrative for them (infra-red perhaps?), but they do look very cool. Who wouldn't want to be treated by a person with so many eyes, after all?

A solitary space marines of the Adeptus Astartes White Scars chapter. (Miniature from Games Workshop - of course!)

Finished Plasma Blaster Tartaros Truescale Terminator

These three are a Veteran kneeling, the Vet with the Heavy Flamer, and the Vet with the combi-plasmagun. The two on the outside have small scrolls sculpted ...


Space Wolves, Space Marine, Warhammer 40k, Game Workshop, Punk, Gothic, Marines, Goth, Punk Rock

Brian Moll joined the NOCF Artists' Consortium this year, and knocked it out of the park with this great Leviathan Dreadnought.

The Sergeant is made using one of the white scars upgrade torsos, but with the sword replaces with a combi melta. Ive done that more than once, ...

White Scars - Warhammer Wiki - Space Marines, Chaos, planets, and more, Mk XIV 'Bullock' Pattern Jetbike.

From the graphic alone, it seems that the clear the Alpha Legion is the winner of this poll with a whopping 22% of the total voting.

15094297_1157899437578857_6560590287001431639_n.jpg (677×960)

When I look at the White Scars models, I don't see anything that reminds me of monks. Neither when I look at their artworks.

Space Marine Bikes

Tech-Priests are the religious sect of the Adeptus Mechanicus

Finally, I made the mistake of mounting the miniature on a regular circular base. I then glued it on top of a larger 32mm circular base.

Showcase: Space Wolves Rune Priest Biker Here is my latest piece of work – a Space Wolves Rune priest biker based on the White Scars biker from the Overkill ...

Hobby Update/Battle Report: Kataphron Destroyers and the First Ride of the White Scars Battle Company

Space Marine, Marines

Adeptus Astartes Icon

The White Scars are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter and one of the First Founding Legions of the.

You can& go conquering the Galaxy in your boxers now can you? Do you know you marks of Space Marine power armor?

Warhammer 40K Database

25 Reasons Space Marines Are Awesome | Space marine, Marines and Warhammer 40K

White Scar

space marine chapters: White Hand to Zero Legion

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Space Marine, Warhammer 40k, Game Art, Gw, Concept Art, Marines, Sci Fi, Bobs, Punk

John Blanche - Dark Explorators The Shriner

Warhammer 40000,warhammer40000, warhammer40k, warhammer 40k, ваха, сорокотысячник,фэндомы,

Fulgrim_by_John_Blanche.JPG 2,132×2,886 pixels


Adeptus Mechanicus by Jes Goodwin

Jaghatai Khan - White Scars Primarch


The Wrath Khorne Daemonkin Faction. Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull


Ratasphère Skaven