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William Benedict actor Whitey in quotBowery Boysquot Skinny in East

William Benedict actor Whitey in quotBowery Boysquot Skinny in East


William Benedict, actor (Whitey in "Bowery Boys", Skinny in East side kids) 1917-99

William 'Billy' Benedict Picture

Billy Halop, leader of The Dead End Kids

The Bowery Boys, Dead End Kids, East Side Kids

Billy Hallop.. so cute!

Leo Gorcey | Leo Gorcey and Kay Marvis Bowery Boys

Huntz Hall, Billy Benedict, Bobby Jordan, and Leo Gorcey in Live Wires


The original Dead End Kids (top) Huntz Hall, Gabriel Dell, Billy Halop

"Spooks Run Wild" - Starring: Bela Lugosi & The East Side Kids - Leo Gorcey is third from the left, standing - Huntz Hall, is on the ground, ...

Though known for his lovely British accent and gentleman good looks which made him ideal to

Peter Sellers was a comic legend for being an excellent impersonator as well as capable of


William Powell may not have been a handsome leading man, but his voice and fashion

Though Joel McCrea's rugged versatility made him a durable lead in everything from romantic comedies to

[FILM] Sidney Blackmer [1895-1973] American actor. He was a major character actor in more than 120 films. He won the 1950 Tony Award for Best Actor (Drama) ...

Whether in real life or in The Postman Always Rings Twice, if you romance Lana

Though Brock Peters is best known for playing Tom Robinson from To Kill a Mockingbird,

Though Brian Donlevy usually played supporting roles and villains, he's best known now as playing

Het eerste wat je in het appartement van Harm en Gerie Meijer tegenkomt is een overall. Aan de kapstok vlak achter de deur hangt een blauwe overall.

A rare vintage press shot of The Bowery Boys' Huntz Hall, Leo Gorcey, younger brother David Gorcey, and character actor William Benedict for the 1951 comedy ...

While he achieved stardom at 22 for playing war weary WWI soldier Paul Baumer in the

It was very difficult for me to find a proper picture of Dennis Hopper since his

The Age of Comedy - The Bowery Boys 1947 aka The East Side Kids. I

It's hard to imagine anyone else but Robert Preston as "Professor" Harold Hill a

Gerie (Geertje) kwam op Wieringen in het huishouden van Cees Laan nadat ze eerst drie jaar in Amsterdam soortgelijk werk had gedaan.




[치어리더와 배우는 JUMBOS 응원가]::대한항공 점보스 배구단::

Though best known as a chief from Little Big Man and other movies, Chief Dan

... then a local dive bar. Vincent and Oliver's relationship is the heart of this film. It's filled with humor and a great deal of 'heart'.

A Stop at Willoughby - Image: James Daly Twilight Zone 1960

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Na geruime tijd in de keet te hebben gewoond werd deze ingeruild voor een huis in het MUZ-park. Daar hebben de Meijers jarenlang met veel plezier ...

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Lana Turner's discovery as a 16 year old girl at a Hollywood drug store is pure

En er is nog zoveel meer om tevreden te zijn in Parkzicht. De hulp is er uit de kunst. Hulp bij het aan- en uitkleden. Als er iets is druk je op ...

This black comedy, directed ...

The jokes become repetitious and the film goes on for much too long. There is a funny bit towards the end involving some surprising cameos, but even that ...

... Expendables… founder, ...


... sexuality to turn men's minds to mush, the always magnificent, Meryl Streep giving us a delicious take on 'motherly love' and finally…

Wel gaat ze als het weer het toelaat elke dag met de rollator- een stukje wandelen in de Parklaan. Als het niet zulk mooi weer is doet ze een rondje door ...



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MyYESNetwork.com > Thread > It's All About the Yankees and Everything Else


Sal Mineo was well known to play vulnerable but troubled adolescent boys like the incredibly messed


Not only does Wonderstone gets fired but he discovers that he's broke. Yep our guy has hit bottom and now, he has no choice but to start over.



Caesar (the incredible Andy Serkis) the leader of ...

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Lou Christine, Novelist & Playwright


In 1979 ...

Rounding out the cast is Jennifer Garner who plays Dr. Eve Saks, Ron's personal physician, who reluctantly becomes his ally.

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First ...

Not that I want to draw too many comparisons from last season....but just like last year there is a problem with first base. I'm not going to say "Oh it ...