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William Ellsworth quotElzyquot Lay Outlaw of the Old West best known as

William Ellsworth quotElzyquot Lay Outlaw of the Old West best known as


William Ellsworth Lay Known As “Elzy” Or “Elza” The Outlaw Of The Old West…

William Ellsworth (Elzy) Lay in prison garb. Said have been Butch Cassidy's…

real prostitutes in the old west | soiled doves of the old west

Wild Bill Hickok

Outlaw - Ned Kelly, with other members of his gang, were outlawed by the

Bill Carver, outlaw member of the Wild Bunch

Wild West. Jesse Linsley, a Member of the Wild Bunch Gang, 1902

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William "Bill" Chadwell, aka: Bill Stiles - Outlaw member of the James-Younger Gang, Chadwell was killed on September 1876 during the First National Bank of ...

Roy Daugherty, also known as Arkansas Tom Jones, 1870 - August 1924 was an outlaw of the Old West, and a member of the Wild Bunch gang, led by Bill Doolin.

Old West Legends ~ Bill Miner- The Gentleman Bandit, or the Gray Fox,

Deputy Marshal in Oklahoma; member of the Three Guardsmen crime fighers

Harry Alonzo Longabaugh (1867 – 1908) better known as the Sundance Kid. He was an outlaw and member of Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch in the American Old West.

westerncollectibles: “ Charles Earl Bowles (b.after better known as Black Bart, was an English-born American Old West outlaw noted for the poetic messages ...

Though the Cook Gang was short lived, lasting less than a year, these ruthless outlaws made themselves extremely well known across the Cherokee, Creek, ...

Butch Cassidy, 1893

old west death photos - Google Search

Old West Outlaws Butch Cassidy And Sundance Kid tintype

Henry McCarty, better known as Billy the Kid, and also as William H.

old western us marshals | Old West Lawmen Package of 4 Fine Art Prints

Did you spot the two style differences, that set Butch and Sundance apart in their famous picture?

Fred Waite and Henry Brown fought many a battle alongside William Bonney, aka Billy the

Ole Hobek and Ben Kilpatrick. Ole Hobek and Ben Kilpatrick Old west outlaws ...

Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch was an outlaw gang of the American Old West. Pictured below

Old West Women | ... and common-law wife of Doc Holliday in

What really happened to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?

Colorado Range War[edit]

Parker associated with a broad circle of criminals, most notably his closest friend William Ellsworth “Elzy” Lay, Harvey “Kid Curry” Logan, Ben Kilpatrick, ...

Harry Longabaugh (the Sundance Kid) and Etta Place, just before they sailed for South America

Legendary "Wild Bill" Hickok, a sheriff and marshal in the American West who dated Calamity Jane and was friends with Buffalo Bill Cody, appearing in Cody's ...

American Outlaws & Criminals – 14 Notorious Female Gangsters in History You Wouldn't Want To Mess With

(1847-1919) - She had quite an interesting life as a singer, a burlesque dancer & a member of the Lydia Thompson troupe. Pauline supposedly had relations ...

Bat Masterson - later in life, worked as a newspaper editor.... Old WestInteresting ...

William F. Cody Buffalo Bill American Old West 8x10" Hand Color Tinted Photograph

Earp was portrayed in a movie for the first time by Bert Lindley in Wild Bill Hickok, released by Paramount in 1923.

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Julia Bulette - Virginia City Madam In The Old West

Butch Cassidy

"Big Nose Kate" Horony

"As Wild felled one of the redskins by a blow from the butt of his revolver, and sprang for the one with the tomahawk, the chief's daughter suddenly ...

Hank Williams "Move It On Over" (original) - YouTube

Union Colonel (later General) George William Taylor of the 3rd New Jersey Volunteer Infantry

This is the outlaw nephew of the Davy Crockett of legend who died at the Alamo on March 6, 1836. [Thank you @Judie Metz.]

Portrait of Pat Garrett from The Story of the Outlaws

Frank McLaury

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Splitting Hairs The Fight Over Long Hair in the Old West · arizona_statehood_timeline_history_events

From L-R General Lee's son, George Washington Custis-Lee, General Robert E. Lee, and Walter Taylor. This photograph was taken just days after his surrender ...

Folks' Poems: Dale Page [ Dale E. Page ] Cowboy Poetry at the BAR-D Ranch www.CowboyPoetry.com

Dr. William Gibbs McNeill Whistler, a surgeon in the Confederate army.

Frank and Jesse James in 1872. The James brothers were Confederate guerrillas in Missouri during

Although not as well known as someone like Wild Bill Hickok or Wyatt Earp, Dallas


Wild West Show poster


William B. Smith

Prison photo of former Mobster Andrew DIDONATO

... body of Floyd after he was killed in a shootout Oct. One controversial account claims Floyd was murdered by FBI agents as he lay wounded and disarmed.

Dr. George E. Goodfellow, also known as the "Gunfighter's ...

Deadwood - Season 1 Episode Still

John Chisum Cattle Baron He founded one of the largest cattle ranches in the American West

Apart from her profession, she was a prominent figure in century old west history.

William Frederick Cody, aka Buffalo Bill Cody, was a versatile man of the American West.

Ray price, Lay your head on my pillow.wmv

... of the Children's Western series of the first half of the 1950's premiered. "The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok" starred Guy Madison in the title role.

Find out more about Larry Hoover, also known as 'King Larry,' the

William S. Hart

wild west erotica - Google Search

Warren as a U.S. Army officer in 1918

By Shawna Shepherd , CNN White House Producer Washington (CNN) -- One of the most famous veterans of the "Greatest Generation" has joined.

Pretty Boy Floyd not looking so pretty.


Portrait · Battle of Vicksburg

Chapter M of the Encyclopedia of Northern Kentucky by Enquirer Media - issuu

I am a great admirer of General Robert E. Robert Edward Lee was an American career military officer who is best known for having commanded the Confederate ...

William Conrad in 1952, when Matt Dillon was created on radio

Joseph McCoy

Ellsworth Raymond Johnson (October 1905 – July — known as "Bumpy" Johnson — was an American mob boss and bookmaker in New York City's Harlem neighborhood.