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Wonder Woman39s Lasso of Truth sometimes creates awkward

Wonder Woman39s Lasso of Truth sometimes creates awkward


Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth sometimes creates awkward situations. OK, PG actually said "

... justice and truth as Wonder Woman.

from Wonder Woman vol. 2 #170

She got hit a few times by Amazo, whose strength ...

Bondage is an unavoidable aspect of Wonder woman -- she does have a lasso she uses to tie people up, after all -- but the way it's been warped and abused ...

Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman Lasso of truth


Lasso of Truth. Wonder Woman 186 Coverart.jpg

Wonder Woman Volume One Issue 160. ; 

In 2016's Batman vs Superman, Zack Snyder included the Magic Lasso in Wonder Woman's attire, but it takes a back seat to a sword and shield.

Outspeeds Amazo's thought process.

DC Comics


Ame-Comi Girls Cover B Featuring Wonder Woman Incentive Dustin Nguyen Variant Cover - Midtown Comics

Here is a fanmade poster of Man Of Steel: Dawn Of Justice. The idea was to create the Superman shield out Wonder Woman's lasso of truth, so I hope that .

wonder woman

If you think that a magic lasso that makes people submit to you sounds sexual in nature, you would be absolutely correct.

... lends her speed, ...

She's not making the woman tell the truth. Wonder Woman is controlling her mind, and making her do whatever she commands.

Feminism, Bondage, Matriarchy and Lassos: The Secret History of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Was Created by a Male Feminist Who Loved Bondage and Matriarchy - Broadly

Before Lynda Carter did her first spins in 1975, girls everywhere knew there was something special about Wonder Woman. The star-spangled heroine had a ...

... the real Wonder Woman, was hundreds/thousands of times faster than her mother since she had the Speed of Hermes/Mercury.

What, you didn't think Marvel heroes were the only ones with healing factors, did you? Now Wonder Woman is no Wolverine or Deadpool when it comes to ...

Wonder Woman Comic Cover. “

Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)

Illustration: DC Comics

... he called her his “Wonder Woman” and said that her bracelets (silver ones that she seems to have worn always) were the inspiration for Wonder Woman's ...

Wonder Woman: 42 mind-blowing facts about the superhero! (List) | Useless Daily: The amazing facts, news & trivia free newsletter!

Blind Wonder Woman in Eyes of the Gorgon

Batman reveals his true name ...

Wonder Woman

Marston was a man of many inventions and many women. He was known to be in a polyamorous relationship – something normal today, but was revolutionary and ...

Wonder Woman: Earth One

Early comics are weird. Superman had a superpower for literally everything and didn't suffer many of the restrictions he does today with his power levels.

Diana grabs the hammer and lifts it easily in part because she has no idea that it's a big deal at all. For a brief moment, she is transformed into an even ...

... put a lot of his own life into creating Wonder Woman. Case in point: The same guy who came up with the superhero with a magic truth-telling lasso is ...

DC Comics

-Even though Marston died in 1947 suddenly of cancer at an early age, both Elizabeth and Olive continued to live together to raise their children.

enter image description here

Wonder Woman issue 1 H.G. Peters art

Wonder Woman Annual 1

Amazo with the powers of the whole league is as fast as Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman would make liars tell the truth with her Golden Lasso, but Wonder Woman creator, William Moulton Marston (also under the pen name of Charles ...

The weird part is that he based the look (hair and silver bracelets) on his “live-in journalist” Olive. Wonder Woman's True History: The Lasso ...

No single Marvel heroine has the longevity, historical cachet, and power that Wonder Woman does. The character turned 75 recently and it is a tall order to ...

One of the most powerful beings to ever walk the earth

Truth in Advertising: Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth

Wonder Woman Volume One Issue 160. ; 

The book is an anthology, with twenty short chapters from psychologists, therapists, and comic book historians, among others.

Some issues looked more like Teen Romance Comics ...

Relevant JL8

... some other fight.

Ah, the old neck snap move. Where have I seen that before? Oh right, when Wonder Woman killed the (very human) Maxwell Lord.

Etta Candy

Wonder Woman #16 Review OR It's Lots Of Fun When Wonder Woman's Not Around


Wonder Woman's most embarrassing villain of all debuted in Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #157. In 1965, evil Chinese communist agents were not uncommon as bad guys, ...

Most people probably wouldn't call animal noises another language, so we can't really lump this in with Wonder Woman's omnilingualism, but it is another ...

Markovian Captain Beckers and Wonder Woman step in to defend the big 'ol shark from the firing squad.

Wonder Woman vs Circe

Wonder Woman Telepathy

Hades hitting Wonder Woman

With storm clouds gathering to provide a dramatic backdrop, Wonder Woman clutches the lasso of truth in her fists and rips it from Genocide's body, ...


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Diana seeks for the truth. Diana fights when she must, and cares when she can. She is both warrior and leader and healer, and so much more.

Now that the Wonder Woman movie has turned into a surprise hit, with sequels all but guaranteed, things look mighty good for Professor Marston and the ...

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Wonder Woman has been around since 1941

She Has More Weapons than Just the Lasso and Bracelets

Though Max's most recent plan was foiled, he made the point to Wonder Woman (while under the influence of the Lasso of Truth) ...

Wonder Woman Movie Review


Wonder Woman Volume One Issue 160. ; 