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How can I use Yantras as a preparation for teaching yoga? Find this Pin and more on YANTRA VISUAL MEDITATION ...

Mars Yantra by Menno Dijkhuys

The Grammar of the Ganesha Yantra - click for a larger image Yantras are visual ...

Place Sri Yantra in your home, and attract more prosperitiy!

YANTRAS | Bhuvaneswari Yantra | Buy this Yantra Painting on Yantras.net

Choose Your Yantra. Find this Pin and more on YANTRA VISUAL MEDITATION ...

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YANTRAS | Planet Yantras - Sacred Mother Arts

Sun Yantra by Pieter Weltevrede. PWYMJU01


Moon Yantra by Menno Dijkhuys

Mars Yantra by Pieter Weltevrede

Krishna Yantra – Blessings for Divine Love, Success in All Endeavors and Living in Dharma

03 64 Yogini Yantra in Color

Yantras | Yoni Shakti - A womans guide to power and freedom through yoga and tantra

YANTRAS | Full resolution (1,183 × 1,150 pixels, file size: 350 KB

Saraswati Yantra - Amma Shop UK

Moon Yantra by Pieter Weltevrede

Bright-eyed/Bushy-tailed Series, Mandalas/Yantras, and the Shultz Hour

Does Traditional Hindu Geometric form “Yantra” help one to Focus and achieve their Goals? Find out!

Yantras for the “Mahavidyas” (”Great Wisdom”) Goddesses. These are

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Moon Yantra by Pieter Weltevrede, PMYMSU02

A yantra - mystic diagram used as an aid to meditation - painted on manuscript from Nepal, 16th century. Photo by CM Dixon/Print Collector/Getty Images


Tripura Bhairavi yantra by Pieter Weltevrede. For meditating upon your identity.

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Astrological Yantra & Benefits


I'll be making a yantra for a steam shower my client is building in her basement. Several years ago I began an earnest study of making yantras ...

During this 7 Day Retreat, you will get to focus on creating beautiful yantras and mandalas connected to the energy of the planets.

Moon Yantra by Pieter Weltevrede, PWYMRA01

Yantras are geometric forms of deities, planets, and principles of spiritual evolution, deriving from the ancient Tantric traditions of India.

Bronze-Black Sun Mandala - Vastu Healing Arts - Sacred Geometry

Yantra. From Wikipedia ...

Healing Crystal Yantra – Level 4 : for Good Physical Health and Mental Health

Yantra Bliss Oracle Deck: Sarah Tomlinson, Sarah Tomlinson and Moriah Ray: 9780692803646: Amazon.com: Books

Yantra to Overcome Enemies

Vastu Planetary Yantras, Yantra, Vastu, Jyotish, Vastu Healing Arts, Spiritual Art, Nine Planets, Vastu home design

The geometrical forms of the Yantra activate the right hemisphere, which is visual and nonverbal. The diagrams are essentially thought forms representing ...

The Sri Yantra. From douglaspfeifer.com

The practice of meditation, realizing and using the energy centers of the body, has evolved from remotest antiquity. There are symbols in the vast natural ...


Astrological Yantras is an ancient practice of active meditation that yields positive body healing and mind centering effects.

Yantras and Seed Mantras for Planets

These yantras are often made on a particular date and time according to procedures defined in the vedas.

Click for a bigger image of the table that shows the basic grammar of yantras

All my Yantra art has been activated in ceremony with mantras that correspond with the energy and purpose of the specific Yantra and deity.


Crystal Yantra for Going Abroad for Studies, Protection while Abroad, Safe Return to Native Country

Yantras are incredibly complex in nature and come in various different forms, for example, it can come in the form of a pendent. In most cases the yantras ...

Shubhpuja Sampurn Kuber Siddha Brass Yantra

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Y-112 : Door Guardian Yantra for Main Door facing South West

For thousands of years tantric seers have observed the powerful influence of the planets on the human spirit. Indian astrology, has long understood that ...

A Yantra is a great cosmic conductor of energy. It is an antenna of nature making it a powerful tool to attract or increase harmony, prosperity, success, ...

Advanced Crystal Yantra for Concentration & Focus, also helpful for Meditation, Yoga, TaiChi, QiGong, etc.

My second Sri Yantra I chose to keep VERY simple

Set of 9 Vedical astrology planetary yantras framed in black wooden frames, Jyotish, Mandala, Vastu, Indian, Meditation, Sacred geometry, OM

Sri Parashurama yantra for devotees of Sri Vishnu

55 Types of Powerful Yantra and Miracle Benefits - Must See | Miracle Power of Yantra

Invite Yantras Into Your Practice

Sri Dhana (Dana) akarshan yantra for wealth and prosperity

Yantras for Planets

Shree Matysa Yantra - 3 inches

Science of Light


What are Yantras ?


Tripur Sundari Yantra by Pieter Weltevrede

Das Mahavidya Yantra Course- NEW!

Home · Vedic Yantras

Discover Yantras ~ Free Information Night

The magic and mystic of Yantras in Hindu Vedic Worship

Shree Durga Yantra

Planetary yantras for each planet - They are sun yantra, moon yantra, Rahu yantra, Kethu yantra, Mars yantra, Mercury yantra, Jupiter yantra, Venus yantra, ...

Yantras List

Set of 9 Vedical astrology planetary yantras framed in black wooden frames, Jyotish, Mandala, Vastu, Indian, Meditation, Sacred geometry, OM

Coloring Yantras_PB

Days of the week: Planetary Yantras

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Sri Lakshmi yantra on panchadhatu plate - Devshoppe

Worshiping Yantras

Yantra Meditation. Yantras are visual tools that serve in ...

How to use Yantras

Laksmi Yantra Sadhana Tutorial: $54

... planetary yantra of the day. You can choose from the outlines ready to color, or draw your yantra from scratch. This is a peaceful meditative activity.

photo: Lubosh Cech

photo: Lubosh Cech

Represents space, the phenomenal world, the dynamic cyclic forces of nature and individual consciousness, created by the radius of desires.