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Animeasuka thedevilloveschanel In 1937 two women wore

Animeasuka thedevilloveschanel In 1937 two women wore


These two women are showing off their uncovered legs for the first time in public in Toronto, Canada.

photo-High School 1963..."Hemlines got shorter than ever with the invention of the mini-skirt, which burst onto the fashion scene in 1962.

Two ladies stroll at the beach [circa late

Bette Davis y Joan Blondell, 1932

Kabul, Afghanistan, 1972.

Ах, Лето! - история в фотографиях-1942 Jersey Shore

Working women during WW2

In the early 1900s, modesty laws were very strict and required most women to wear long one piece garments as well as stockings.

1916 Dutch women wearing men's overalls

Marlene Dietrich with her husband's mistress, Tamara Matul - September 1937 - Exiting from the fashion house of Edward Molyneux in Paris - Watsonette

These two women are showing off their uncovered legs for the first time in public in Toronto, Canada.

Amelia Mary Earhart (July 24, 1897 – disappeared July 2, 1937) was

Two women boxing with boxing gloves on their hands and feet in a New York nightclub, 1938 - Imgur

52 photos of women who changed history forever - Erika, a 15-year-

Hélène Arpels (née Ostrowska), wife of jeweler Louis Arpels - June 1937 - Dress by Maggy Rouff - Hat by Carolina Reboux .

A police officer issuing a woman a ticket for wearing a bikini on a beach at Rimini, Italy, in 1957.

Bullet Bras Were All The Rage In The 1940s And 1950s, And These 10+ Pics Will Poke Your Eyes

Marilyn Monroe

Mme Arpels, née Hélène Ostrowska

Wallis Warfield marries the former King Edward VIII of Britain on June 3, 1937, in France. The day before the wedding, the Prince's brother, the new British ...

Hot Pants of the 1970s

Italian woman. Ellis Island portraits. New York Public Library.

One Feisty Old Broad

A Leicester Square Theatre usherette, taken in August 1932 by James Jarché. Ushers and

Vivien Leigh in Sidewalks of London (1938)

Pareja caminando por la Rambla del Casino de Mar del Plata, años 30 #30's

Leola N, King, America's first female traffic cop, Washington D.C, 1918

Chubby Fat Obese lady Dorothy Bradley ( Dorothy Bradley, photographed for LIFE magazine article on obesity, 1949. (Photo by Martha Holmes/Time & Li…

Bertha Pappenheim, "Anna O.".... Freud's first case study, along with Josef Breuer (his mentor and early co-theorizer)

41 Badass Women Who Changed History Forever


katherine switzer In 1967, she became the first woman to run the Boston Marathon as

Source: fat-grrrl-activism

Thanks to her and others like her, British women (over the age of 30) gained the right to vote in 1918, two years before American women gained ...

Group of girls being sent home from McKinley High School for wearing “dungarees” and “slickers,” 1946, Chicago. My kind of girls!

Pin by Amanda Jones on I would love to xxx | Pinterest | Prom captions, Captions and Cap

Tough Threads: Taking Tips from Teddy Girls -

23 Amazing Classic Portraits of Circus Performers From the Early 1910s

Eva Christine Römpke - Miss Universe Sweden 1974

The Jack Rabbit Club---seems something scandalous here....a precursor to Hugh Hefner and his Bunnies?

Coinciding with the beginnings of the first wave of feminism in the 19th century came the attempt by women to gain equal rights to education.

Sonny & Cher has to be when they first came out in the 60's. They wore weird clothes but I loved them.

52 photos of women who changed history forever -Maud Wagner, the first known woman

Irish Servants

Lucille Ball, Ginger Rogers, and Ann Miller in "Stage Door" (1937

WASP trainees, class 43-5, waiting on the flight line at Avenger Field, 1943

Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash

sibylle mode magazine - Buscar con Google

The evolution of swimsuits from the 1900s to 1940s ....Why couldn't we stop in the 40's? They're gorgeous!

Alice Paul. She was arrested in 1917 for picketing the White House, where she went on a hunger strike and was forcibly fed.

Annette Kellerman: First Nude Model

women in shorts car crash

Rosalynn Carter's Wedding Dress Brought 70 Years Of Good Luck

One of those issues is the sexulization of women in mass media—from billboard ads, to magazines, to top brand merchandise stores—all have been guilty of .

Eva Christine Römpke - Miss Universe Sweden 1974 | 1970's Miss Universe contestants | Pinterest | Universe

Martha Holmes—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images "Embarrassed at shop because she wears a size Dorothy tries on new dress. A friend encouragingly points out ...

What Wear - Marilyn Monroe Channel your inner Monroe in this daring look. Not up for sporting your midsection? Try a pair of high-waisted shorts with a ...

Teen Dance at the Elks Lodge, Early 1960s fashion style dress found photo print

Cigars, Selfies, Smoking, Beautiful Women, Good Looking Women, Selfie, Smocking, Tobacco Smoking, Smoke

Make no mistake...these women may have worn the label "Girl,

Sabiha Gökçen, da Turquia, fotografada em seu avião em 1937. Ela se tornou


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Women in World War 1 - Two women replace the traditionally male porters at Marylebone Station in London during the First World war.

Parisian women protect and shield their children during sniper fire. (1944)

These women have changed history forever by being strong, brave, and human, regardless of social expectations for them. 1. Jeanne Manford .

Afghan women studying medicine Kabul 1962 before the Taliban Afghanistan image http://ift.tt/2ew3fyd

Miss Universe Miss Germany and Miss Sweden California 1957.

(photo: NYStore.com) 1888 Washington, D.C. National Council of Women is established. [President: Francis E. Willard, Vice President: Susan B. Anthony] ...

Its been awhile since I have done a silent movie synopsis and it just so happens that I saw one about two weeks ago at the Old Town Music.


Jeanette Loff

Annette Kellerman promotes women's right to wear a fitted one-piece bathing suit, 1907. She was arrested for indecency. She is often credited for inventing ...

Victorian children wear flamboyant fantasy costumes

How an Early Female Travel Writer Became an Immunization Pioneer

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°Pack de Wallpapers Girls HD K + Aviso! ➜JonaMods YouTube 1680×1050 Pic Girl | Adorable Wallpapers

deviatesinc: Turkish woman, 1930

vintage everyday: Mini Skirt in School with Male Teacher of the 1970s

Suffragette Emmeline Pethick Lawrence on her release from Holloway Prison, London, 1908

Women's Liberation, New York, August, 1970.They made it possible for women

Image result for ddr arbeits kleidung. DdrAlterWoman

as Lidia Morelli

Women in France filled all sorts of men's jobs during WWI. Selling farm products in Les Halles open air food market, Paris, 1916.

103 years after foot binding was banned, a few women still live with the severe deformity it caused. Jo Farrell tracked down 50 of them, all in old age, ...

Romanian Revolution.

Afghanistan of the 50s and 60s- Some time ago, it was an absolutely different country. Afghan women made a career in medicine, went to the movies and ...

Brunette bombshell: Wearing her raven coloured locks loose and poker straight, the mother-of-two also donned a pair of reflective gold shades

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.

14 of the Most Scandalous Women in History

Women during WWII #nigelcabournwoman #inspiration

Padaung Giraffe Women of the border mountains between Myanmar and Thailand in 1963 in Myanmar.

52 photos of women who changed history forever - A Lockheed employee working on a P

Couples slow dance at a Teen house party, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1947

Elaine Stewart

Ice Delivery, 1918.

1922, the swimsuit police checking the length of a suit!

Loana Katharina Radecki - Miss Universe Germany 1983 | 1980's Miss Universe contestants | Pinterest | Universe

Turkish women, 1930.

Two girls smoking during a tennis match.