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Black powder lighting up Percussion Revolvers t Revolvers

Black powder lighting up Percussion Revolvers t Revolvers


Navy Colt Model 1851, 44 Cal Black Powder, Single Action, Italy, Percussion

FIE Italy .31 Cal. Blackpowder Muzzleloader Pistol, Baby Dragoon! Guns > Pistols


Uberti 1873 Cattleman Black Powder Revolver 44 Caliber 5.5" Barrel Steel Frame Blue

Black powder pistol

Uberti 1861 Navy Steel (340500) in .36 caliber black powder Guns > Pistols


A loaded and capped '58 Remington is as formidable a handgun as you will find. There are no compromises with this Civil War era technology weapon.

Pietta Model 1858 New Army .44-Caliber Black Powder Revolver

The 1858 Remington pattern – Steel frame and the less expensive brass frame examples of the finest percussion pistol ever made.

Ruger Old Army Stainless Steel .45 caliber black powder revolver

Size Comparison of Colt Percussion Revolvers: (top-to-bottom) Walker (1847), Dragoon (3rd Model - 1851), Navy (1851) and Police (1862).

Uberti 1858 Remington Black Powder Revolver 44 Caliber

Le Mat Lemat Revolver Black Powder Revolver : Black Powder Pistols & Muzzleloader Pistols at GunBroker

Griswold And Gunnison Confederate Revolver .36 caliber black powder handgun

Colt Single Action Army

... black powder Guns > Pistols > Pietta Pistols. 4015085.jpg

Top Colt Thunderer .41 caliber with ejector. Bottom Colt Lightning .38 caliber storekeeper · HandgunFirearmsRevolversShotgunsFree ...

Revolver ...

Uberti Colt Walker Black Powder Percussion Revolver - Live Firearms and Shotguns

Pietta Model 1851 Confederate Navy .44-Caliber Black Powder Revolver with Starter Kit

... Revolver ~ .44 Cal ~ BLACK POWDER. 10374517.jpg

Serial #023298. .36 caliber black powder percussion single action revolver. 6½” barrel with a rusty bore. Made in Italy in 1977. The finish on the metal is ...

... on the barrel and my basic Internet research, this appears to be a Remington Police New Model, in .36 caliber, percussion black powder revolver ...

Ruger old army, old army, black powder, modern black powder, guns,

Assembling Your Gun Holster - VHS / Miami Shoulder System. Find this Pin and more on Black powder guns ...


In 2002, Mr. Davis, CEO/President of EMF Company turned to Knight Giuseppe Pietta to manufacture EMF's Great Western II line of single action revolvers .

Colt Model 1860 Army "Belly Gun" Percussion Revolver

/UserImages/120038/982981479 10592852.jpg. Description: North American Arms Limited Edition Cap & Ball Black Powder Revolver

Replica black powder revolvers are a significant part of the sport shooting market. Sales of these guns began in the late 1950's and early 1960's, ...

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Amazon.com: Percussion Revolvers: A Guide to Their History, Performance, and Use (9781628736953): Mike Cumpston, Johnny Bates: Books

1860 Army .44 Snub Nose With Flattop Birdshead Grips, Pietta

Remington New Model Army 1858 Revolver

Gun Review: Uberti's Colt 1862 Pocket Police percussion revolver in .36 cal

An Exhibition Westley Richards 5 Shot 55 bore Percussion Pepperbox Pistol · Black Powder ...

A spectacular second model LeMat percussion revolver. FirearmsHandgun ShotgunsBlack Powder ...

To start any shooting session with black powder, you should first swab the barrel to make sure it is dry of oil.

A ...

Notice the two guns above. They are the Remington Army of Civil War vintage. The top one is cap and ball black powder. The under barrel lever is for loading ...

... Black Powder Frame COLT SAA Peacemaker in .32-20 - 4 of 13 ...

Percussion Pistols And Revolvers: History, Performance and Practical Use

An historic Gustave Young deluxe engraved Colt. Model 1860 Army percussion revolver with rare double

4th Model Tranter's Patent Percussion Revolver · Black Powder ...

This gun is justifiably immensely popular among black powder handgunners, especially those who shoot in target competition.

The wedge is a vital component, so it's held into its slot in the barrel by a screw that prevents it from falling out. Breakdown is achieved by knocking the ...

... Black Powder Frame COLT SAA Peacemaker in .45 - 7 of 15 ...

Black Powder Muzzleloading Revolvers and Carbines

Several ...

ROBERT E. LEE COMMEMORATIVE 51 Navy Colt Black Powder Pistol with Case in Excellent Condition

... Black Powder Frame COLT SAA Peacemaker in .32-20 - 2 of 13 ...

1858 Remington Black Rock Finish

By Otis Earle

... Black Powder Frame COLT SAA Peacemaker in .32-20 - 11 of 13 ...

You can see my hand print in the soot that covered this gun after I shot it with real black powder. After a couple of chambers the cylinder wouldn't even ...

Notice the two guns above. They are the Remington Army of Civil War vintage. The top one is cap and ball black powder. The under barrel lever is for loading ...

The Walker Colt design was a joint venture by Samuel Colt and former Texas Ranger Samuel H. Walker in 1847. Colt's goal was to produce a revolver with ...


Uberti 1849 Pocket Black Powder Revolver 31 Caliber 4" Barrel Steel Frame Blue

Uberti Reproduction Remington 1858 New Army Stainless Steel .44 Black Powder Revolver


Pietta Replica Remington 1858 - 36 Cal Black Powder Revolver & Conversion Cylinder - Picture 3

Pietta 1851 Navy Engraved Deluxe Black Powder Revolver Percussion Nickel and Gold Plated Barrel Ivory Grip - $397.99

Remington 1858 Sheriff Model, .44 caliber cap and ball. Collection of the author.

LeMat Percussion Revolver, with 9 revolving chambers firing bullets and a center shotgun barrel firing lead shot, used by the Confederate troops in the ...

Serial # 78526. .45 caliber black powder percussion single shot pistol. 10” octagon barrel with an excellent bore. Made in Italy in 2009.

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The era in which percussion revolvers dominated the handgun scene was relatively brief. Development of practical fixed ammunition in the late 1850's and the ...

Fantastic Flops: The Walch Revolvers

Inventory: Handguns

Compare it with the Mod 28 8 3/8 inch barrel model .44 mag.

If black powder cartridge shooting is the game, cleaning is never far behind. For any cartridge revolver utilizing black powder there are only so many ...

Remington 44 40 cartridge conversion revolver

.45 or .44? by Benjamin Nicholson / Forty-Five / A Journal of Outside Research

Revolvers are fantastic firearms. They are reliable and powerful, but there are a few things that some folks just can't get over.


Very Rare Factory Engraved M1849 Colt Percussion Pocket Pistol, Nickel Plated with Ivory Grips, .31 Cal, mfg. 1856 with 5" barrel.

Then you pour in the desired amount of powder (by volume)

In this case only, remove the cylinder from the left side of the revolver