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C 1890s Only known photograph of a traditional thirdgender

C 1890s Only known photograph of a traditional thirdgender



Magnus Hirschfeld developed a tolerant, compassionate and open-minded theory about transgender in the early 20th century.

Housemaid, c. 1890s.

1890, [portrait of two gentlemen entangled] via Not on Your Tintype: Collection of American Tintypes, Vol. 1, Andrew Daneman

Claude and Lili Elbe 1928

c. 1890s- Only known photograph of a traditional third-gender female (known

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C Is Gone, Imagem Do Vintage, 1890 Gelatin, Kandyan Chief, Kandyan Heart, Lanka Photographed, Lassana Lanka, Ancient Ceylon, Let'S Go

An old photograph of the Native American known as Cannot Do It - Sauk and Fox 1890 [A].

The Ethnopsychology Blog: Two Spirit People: Gender and Transgender in Native American Tradition

Men with Blanket Post mortem photo?

Marianne Breslauer, Ruth von Morgen, Berlin, c. 1930.

Actress Marie Doro, c.June 26,1902

Harriet Speckart risked her inheritance over her love for Marie Equi. Photo courtesy of Oregon Historical Society.

A seamstress taking measurements fo a dress. (1890s)

1890- The average life expectancy of British women is 44 years. By 1910,

Gateway to America: Poignant black and white pictures of desperate immigrants arriving at Ellis Island

Anonymous couple, c. 1865.

Cross-Dressing Mr. Estebrooks and Boyfriend Dressed in Evening Gowns at Root's Party,

Searching for Authentic Omaha

Племя шаенов, 1878.

Dressing in drag Sartorial adventures since the Victorian era

Andy Warhol in c. 1947 when he was still a college student at the Carnegie Institute of Technology photo by Philip Pearlstein

JJ Clarke Dublin, Ireland, circa 1904

House Servants posing with the Tools of their Trade, a Dog and a Cat - Photo by C. Volkers of 117 Smith Street, Brooklyn New York - 1870's

1898, June.___ Mr. Tasker, by William James Topley. William James Topley. Library and Archives Canada.

Beautiful Photography Collection Captures Transgender Women In 1950s Paris

Lady in Garden by Alfred Dewey , c.1900.

Jacob Riis Police Station Lodger, A Plank for a Bed c.

Princess Victoria Louise Prussia, the Emperors Wilhelm II.only daughter, c. 1914.Ernst Henderson Flagg

Jane Addams - Bain News Service.jpg. c.

Lili Elbe, was one of the first transgender women whose remarkable story features in Eddie.

... Photograph ~+~+ Fisher woman, Whitby, England. That net would have been very heavy! Taken by Frank Meadows Sutcliffe, pioneering Victorian photographer.

Maharajah Jai Singh of Alwar, ca. 1890s

An old photograph of We-Wa-a-Zuni, A Berdache; Full Length Portrait.

Alice Paul

India's third gender - in pictures | Society | The Guardian

Nellie Bly was the pen name of pioneer woman journalist Elizabeth Jane Cochran. She remains

Malika's Indian Transgender Blog: Nepal Set to Recognize Third Gender

1890-1900 bathing buddies

c1890 Credit: Sallie B. Price, University of Kentucky

Norway Moves Towards 'Third Gender' Option for Passports

The Danish Girl and the sexologist: a story of sexual pioneers | Science | The Guardian

Portrait of Comte d'Adhémar de Cransac by Lionel-Noël Royer, c.

Image result for victorian priest

Eugene Falleni

Bambi, Real : Sébastien Liftshitz

John C. H. Grabill photo of Five Grass dancers 1887 in ceremonial clothing, probably part of

Author Leslie Feinberg

Film Screening | From Trauma to Activism: Oral Histories of the LGBTQ Movement

Nellie McClung

Ida B. Wells

photo shows two women wearing edwardian mens clothes

1900s. lesbian, lesbians, nostalgica, vintage, drag king, women's history, belle epoque, 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950

Bravo to National Geographic for putting a transgender girl on the cover of the magazine. Editor-in-chief Susan Goldberg explains why:

My before & after transition. Me at 16 & 21 Proud of the woman I've become. I wouldn't be where I am today without my wife. Forever grateful she pulled me ...

Pope Francis January 16, 2015; 8.

Betty Friedan at a press interview on May 25, 1970. Friedan is a feminist

Candice Breitz

Cotidiano, Crianças Japão, Japão Fotos Antigas, Vintage Japão, Pics Do Vintage, Meiji Era Japan, 1890 Japan, Japanese Children Oh, Japan Photos

Manhandling 1940s Vintage Photograph Funny by EphemeraObscura

Portrait Picture of Shemale Star Hazel Tucker!

Emily Murphy (1868-1933) was the first female magistrate in Canada and the British Commonwealth. She was one of the “Famous Five” who challenged the law ...

... by John C. Grabill in Sturgis, Dakota Territory, circa this cabinet card depicts an unknown soldier in the Infantry and is the only known image of ...

A special photo shoot to celebrate Ruth's 100th birthday shows her smiling sweetly and holding a bouquet of flowers (x).


Bangladesh's Third Gender

Oprah Winfrey, the host of "AM Chicago", poses for a photo on

Pope Francis November 2014; 9.

One of very few surviving photos of an Armenian family from before the Armenian Genocide.

Pae White

Note: these photos have been digitally modified - see originals on Ebay

Foucault and the History of Sexuality: A “Queer” Overview – Angel Daniel Matos, Ph.D.

Sami Man with child & reindeer, Finnmark, Norway, ca. 1890

A ...

Find this Pin and more on beautiful by donaldupshall.

I Don't Know What My Son's Sexual Orientation is Going to Be…

Ancient Egypt has a long and glorious history, rivaled only by the Roman and Holy Roman Empires. It was traditionally ruled by men, whom were given the ...

“Photographers must learn not to be ashamed to have their photographs look like photographs.” – Alfred Stieglitz - Alfred Stieglitz: Fifth Avenue ...

F.B.I. director J. Edgar Hoover in his Washington office, May 20, 1963.

Random Moments In History – 8 Pics

Thurgood Marshall, legal director of the NAACP.

George Desvallières 1891 "Auto Portrait"

Couples Swap Genders

c. 1890

In situ installation; antiquarian printed matter, 31 fine art inkjet prints mounted on wood, vacuum-sealed plastic bags.

'Charley Inside Ramrod' c. 1976

The above image shows negative print of a chair and flower pot in my backyard, taken via my own camera obscura.

Large image of Figure.

Barbara Gittings picketing Independence Hall 4 July 1966. Photo taken by Kay Lahusen.

Jorge Méndez Blake