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Captain Marvel Jr Google Search Captain Marvel SHAZAM

Captain Marvel Jr Google Search Captain Marvel SHAZAM


... Database of Captain Marvel Jr. Collectibles ...

Captain Marvel Jr.

Captain Marvel Jr. by Ron Frenz

captain Marvel Jr - Google Search

Family Feud: Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., and Mary Marvel

Captain Marvel Jr by Paola Rivera

Superhero Origins: Shazam's Captain Marvel Jr. WatchMojo.com

#Cosplay #Shazam: Captain Marvel Jr.

Captain Marvel Junior aka CM3 over a white background

A typical Captain Marvel Jr. cover. Artist: Mac Raboy.

As ...

Captain Marvel Junior, the World's Mightiest Boy, had his origin in Whiz Comics #25 (published November 28, 1941). But to fully understand his origin, ...

Captain Marvel Junior vintage art

Captain Marvel Jr.

... because he was such a big fan of that superhero. That superhero? Captain Marvel Jr., one of the then-market-dominant Shazam! family of heroes.

Captain Marvel Junior

In recent years the Shazam / Marvel Family has expanded.

Freddie Freeman is foster brother of Billy Batson and one of the holders of the power of SHAZAM.

Captain Marvel Junior

Captain Marvel Jr.

Kelly Delcambre as Captain Marvel, Jr.

marvel-jr-card marvel-jr-cardback

Marvel Family - Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr.

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Database of Billy Batson Collectibles Database of Mary Marvel Collectibles Database of Captain ...

Captain Marvel, Jr. and Mary Marvel

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... Kelly Delcambre as Captain Marvel, Jr.

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Comic Story Paint Book featuring Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr.

captain marvel jr

Voice of Captain Marvel Jr. - Captain Marvel franchise | Behind The Voice Actors

shazam vs black adam new 52 - Google Search. Marvel ManCaptain ...

More Shazam! talk.

Captain Marvel Jr. (1942) 2

... Database of Captain Marvel (Shazam) Collectibles ...

... by DC Comics during their “New 52” relaunch in 2011 was the announcement that, going forward, the superhero character formerly known as “Captain Marvel” ...

In order to save his life, a desperate Captain Marvel carried the dying Freddy to the ancient wizard Shazam ...


Captain Marvel Jr. is the short tempered cousin of Captain Marvel. Thomas Dekker from The Sarah Connor Chronicles is a great actor who would do great as the ...

Kelly Delcambre as Captain Marvel, Jr. ...

DC and Marvel both have a Captain Marvel, what's the story there? What big differences are there between Superman and Shazam?

Shazam Movie Pic.JPG

in the 1980's captain marvel was part of the DC Super Powers action figure line up

Zachary Levi is Captain Marvel in Shazam!

Captain Marvel in DC Comics. So, basically ...

Traditionally in the comics, Captain Marvel (as Shazam was formerly known) was accompanied on his exploits by his twin sister Mary and their friend Freddy ...

... Captain Marvel Jr. ...

... Kelly Delcambre as Captain Marvel, Jr. ...

... Kelly Delcambre as Captain Marvel, Jr.

and was transformed into Captain Marvel, Jr. Though created by C.C. Beck, Freddy's solo stories were drawn by Mac Raboy, in some of the finest comic book ...

I mean, what the heck's going on in this picture and why are Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr. leering so wickedly in it? “Shazam!

Justice League Action: Shazam is Front and Center for Series Premiere

Also ...

Captain Marvel Jr.

Shazam! Captain Marvel (the toy) Returns

L-Ron, in recruiting Billy Batson to join Maxwell Lord's superhero group, mistakenly


We get Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Junior as well as seeing the Sivana Family tangled up in what appeared to be a robotic version of ...


Fawcett's comic book Captain Marvel alongside Tom Tyler as Republic's excellent screen version.

Production Starts on New Line Cinema's Super Hero Movie 'Shazam!' - The Knockturnal

SHAZAM! The Star-Crossed '70s World of Captain Marvel | 13th Dimension, Comics, Creators, Culture

Rear artowork from this Captain Marvel Junior action figure by DC Direct.


OK ...

Despite his naivety, Shazam- formerly known as Captain Marvel before DC's new 52- has earned his rank among DC's top contenders, with a fearsome nemesis of ...

Billy Batson comes upon the scene and transforms into Captain Marvel. But he's a teen-age Captain Marvel!! Shagg Naste tries to turn Cap to stone, ...


... Kelly Delcambre as Captain Marvel, Jr. and Miriam Dafford as Mary Marvel

Meanwhile, back at TV station WHIZ, a wizard school reject named Shagg Naste is rejected by the station. He runs across Mr. Morris, owner of WHIZ and ...

In Captain Marvel Junior's origin story, Captain Marvel forbids him from simply staying in his super-powered form permanently – says Freddy needs to be ...

the popularity of captain marvel in the 1940's saw the spin off of an entire marvel

154KiB, 900x1198, Character_Profile_-_Captain_Marvel_(DC_Comics).jpg

Adventures of Captain Marvel

Although the super-hero boom in comics of the 1940s was undeniably started by the incredible popularity of Superman, and manifested in countless attempts to ...

Mary Marvel - Golden Age image and look


Kudos to artist Mac Raboy for something that would have looked totally at home on a The Power of Shazam! comic fifty years later.

“You will have to go through life in your own form…you little gimp.”

Equals in Strength; Captain Marvel vs Superman Arm Wrestling

Poor Captain Marvel Junior.

If so, that means that (wisely) screenwriters Henry Gayden and Darren Lemke have set up director David F. Sandberg to plant the seeds for a larger Shazam ...


New York Comic-Con Mattel DC Signature Collection Club Infinite Earths Captain Marvel and Red