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Fri of platy Live Bearing Fish t

Fri of platy Live Bearing Fish t


female orange platy in aquarium

Pregnancy in Female Livebearing Fish. Pregnant guppy. Pregnant platy

Platy Fish

close up of male platy gonopodium

Livebearer fish Fancy Guppies, Poecilia reticulata

Livebearing Fish Aquarium - Swordtails, Guppies, Mollies, Platies, Catfish

My Platy Fish Giving Birth

Gold Wagtail Platy, Xiphophorous maculatus hybrid, Moonfish

Sexing live bearing fish phoenixflames 8 years ago


Bumblebee Platy - Xiphophorus maculatus

Assorted Mickey Mouse Platy

How to Raise Guppies, Mollies, Platies & Swortails in your Home Aquarium

Is it too early to tell if my platy fish is pregnant Guest 1 year ago



White Wagtail Platy

Xiphophorus_maculatus_hybrid_Red_Tiger_Platy_3 · Xiphophorus_maculatus_hybrid_Red_Tiger_Platy_2 · Xiphophorus_maculatus_hybrid_Red_Tiger_Platy_4

enter image description here

Platy fish ...

Livebearer Fishes


Chuck> My aquarium is a 10 gallon tank at temperature around 80F and I have 3 guppies, 2 platies and one Chinese algae eater. I'm new to fish.

Common species of livebearing fish are Platies, Mollies and Guppies. (Shown in that order below). This group of fish will give you an endless array of ...

Platy gives birth - want know when your livebearer will have its fry? see description - YouTube

How to Tell Male from Female in Live Bearers Mollies, Platy, and Guppies

Image courtesy of Compfight.com. Platies are relatively small, live-bearing tropical fish ...

Pregnancy in Female Livebearing Fish johnarthur 5 years ago

Pregnancy in Female Livebearing Fish. Pregnant guppy. Pregnant platy. Pregnant molly

Guppy Fry. Livebearers come in various patterns ...

Pregnant Platy! Help asap! Jemma 6 years ago

An amazingly accurate "artistic representation" of bacterial infection of platies.

Xiphophorus_maculatus_hybrid_BumblebeePlaty_1 · Xiphophorus_maculatus_hybrid_BumblebeePlaty_3 · Xiphophorus_maculatus_hybrid_BumblebeePlaty_5

Quick Platys Care Guide

Platy giving birth

Platy fish


... live-bearing one, i.e. it carries eggs inside its body and spawns completely formed ready to swim juveniles. In this article we'll tell you about platy ...

Different Types Of Platy Fish

Can livebearers be kept in outdoor fish ponds?

Platy Aquarium. Live-Bearing Fish

Do you think my platy is pregnant ? Also the male won't leave her alone, so... Guest 1 year ago

Mickey mouse platy

Care of Livebearer Fry. Small Fry Creative Commons License

Aquarium Fish Deals - About Livebearers (Cyprindontiformes) - Mollies, Platies, Guppies, Swordtails

Is my platy ready to give birth dylan 3 years ago

Male Orange Swordtail

Picture of my platys (5 megs..... child) 3/11/16

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Platies are found in a variety of colors, mostly oranges, reds, silvery-

Identifying Pregnancy and Live Birth. Image titled Tell if Your Fish Is Having Babies Step 1

the most beautiful xiphophorus fish , molly and platy in Europe ✓

panda platy-- have these and they are hearty and robust little swimmers. Not

live bearing fish

Xiphophorus maculatus hybrid "Red Tiger / Bleeding Heart Platy" - Shop MiniWaters.FISH - Online Aquarium Fish Boutique

... are running round with a male could this platy be pregnant too? If she is I don't get why she has a black gravid spot but no belly on her? Please help!

Whenever that may be :/ I don't know if it matters, but she mated with a swordtail. What exactly should I be looking for? Thanks so much!

Platy giving birth Live!

Peppered Variatus platy - these guys are gorgeous livebearers, too bad mine didn't

My Platy had some golden looking thing she was pooping out. When she dropped it she saw it & ate it. Not worried just curious if it was an egg or what

Female platy before and after giving birth - How to know when female platy fish will give birth

Platies - The Platy fish is a cute goldish companion for a more colorful starter aquarium, eating all sorts of fish foods and staying pretty healthy through ...

Does anyone know how long until my platy gives birth? She's in a separate breeding tank away from the others ATM to destress as the males won't leave her ...


Is my platy going to give birth soon Platy crazy 4 years ago

^The big gold MM. Her tail was like that when I purchased her, I hope it heals.🙁 ^

Sunburst Platy. Communal.

Male and Female Guppies, fancy, wild

Platies - general help. - Tropical Fish Keeping - Aquarium fish care and resources

I couldn't get any pics of my sunburst platy but I think that one is the male an that my Micky and sunburst mated so I need some information.


Pregnant platy ready to give birth

Panda Platy

Previously I was told it was a pregnant female, but "she" has not dropped any fry, and doesn't look pregnant anymore either.

Platy fish - Xiphophorus maculatus

How to raise livebearer fry in community tanks (Guppy, Endler, Platy, Swordtail and Molly) ᴴᴰ

Platy fish Platy fish Platy fish ...

Platy Fish Giving Birth

Platies are great for beginners because there are so many varieties to choose from. They do very well in a community tank with other passive fish.

Xiphophorus_maculatus_hybrid_Red_Tiger_Platy_2 · Xiphophorus_maculatus_hybrid_Red_Tiger_Platy_4

Gold Dust Platy-we have several amazing hybrids of this strain

Red & White Spotted Platy

Livebearer breeding tanks. fancy platy

Platy Fish - Fun Facts

Platy fish Platy fish ...

What a pregnant female swordtail looks like. This is applicable for other livebearers as well.