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Fx Sulli Sulli t

Fx Sulli Sulli t


Fans looking to get updates on the life of former f(x) member Sulli are now being sadly disappointed when they're met with only an error instead of her ...

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Can't say it's much of a surprise really, but hearing that now, a year after her hiatus from the group, Sulli is officially leaving f(x) to focus on her ...

It was a bit harder since I am still not used to drawing people from certain angles other than facing forward. I also suck at hands so that was also a fail ...

f(x)'s Sulli Makes a Weird yet Adorable Fashion Statement

After being under fire for supporting IU's comeback but not mentioning f(x), Sulli has posted a teaser photo of f(x)'s upcoming album and the message, ...

'Fashion King' rep responds to rumors suggesting that Sulli won't join promotions for the movie

Fx Sulli love :D

[NEWS PIC] 150122 Sulli #fx at FURLA 2015 SS Event [cr as tagged] 8/8pic.twitter.com/fpg2rCruFg

F(X) Sulli slowly returning to her activities.. Do knetz welcome her? :o http://pann-choa.blogspot.ca/2015/01/enter-talk-sulli-who-is-at-her-most.html …

Netizens come to the conclusion that Sulli's Instagram posts symbolize sex

Since Jinri left f(x) many people or maybe her so called "fans" criticize her badly. But honestly, Sulli gets criticize also ever since she's still a member ...

Fx Sulli

Although Sulli isn't currently promoting as a singer, the former f(x

Article: "Beauty that even the wind would be jealous of"... Sulli's innocent beauty. Source: TV Report via Nate

Leader Victoria is busting out those acrobatics like its nobody's business and doing stuff with her legs I couldn't even dream, she's so cool.

Was Former f(x) Member Sulli Making A Sexual Innuendo With Her Recent Instagram Post? - CLEO Singapore

f(x), Sulli, Victoria

fx Sulli Has A Secret Instagram Account Where She Uploads Pictures Of PANTIE5

June One Kim X Krystal - I Don`t Wanna Love You (Official MV)

SULLI -F(x) by missmargot

Sulli South Korea f(x) K-pop SM Town - t stage girl

fx Sulli deletes all photos on Instagram

If you don't feel it yet, Choi Sulli is here for you. Check out her hot pictures from the July issue of CeCi magazine~

sulli fx, sulli sexy, and choi sulli. sulli cute image

Krystal Fx, Medium Brown Hair, No Title, Tee, Album, Sulli, T Shirt Outlet, T Shirts, Tee Shirt

[Vietsub]Get It Beauty Self f(x) Sulli {T-express Team} - YouTube

I Am. f(x). Sulli. “I felt like I didn't know how to do a single thing.”

kpop, f(x) and luna image on We Heart It

With their way of thinking if it wasn't posted on SNS then it didn't happen and she's not supportive of f(x). Sulli ...

I watched F(x) debut's stage, I saw Sulli's effort in dancing,

SM's art director talks about Sulli leaving f(x) + restrictions in the idol market

f(x) Sulli's largest fan page shuts down after controversial tweets - OMONA THEY DIDN'T! Endless charms, endless possibilities ♥

According to many witnesses and entertainment personnel, Sulli visited the set of SBS Inkigayo on February 15th to cheer on fellow f(x) member Amber's solo ...

Sulli to fully expose bust for bed scene with Kim Soo Hyun in film 'Real'

choi jinri (f(x) sulli)

Photo )) Sulli At Thursday Island Fansigning Event

SulliAugust2014Ceci2. The seemingly never-ending Sulli ...


Sulli's Instagram Posts


Sulli · Krystal · Choiza

f(x) #Sausage verison pt 2 #kpop #fx #amber #krystal #sulli #victoria #luna #fxcrew don't take Amber's part seriously

If Sulli wants to leave the group and become an actress, then that's what she

Sulli recently posed for the August issue of fashion magazine 'Grazia'.With action film 'Real' hitting theaters and despite her busy schedule, Sulli t…

Sulli of f(x) short hair

aesthetic layouts on Twitter: "Sulli • f(x) Aesthetic Layout. https://t .co/orOYEQJ1oN"

Sulli also wore the t-shirt at f(x)'s 130701 performance at Hong Kong Dome Festival.

... sulli

Can't wait

Image is loading Korean-Kpop-Band-Fashion-Style-f-x-Sulli-Rum-

Continue reading →. Advertisements. SULLI ...

f(x) Sulli Cuts Her Long Hair For Her Role In The Drama "To The Beautiful You" : News : KpopStarz

f(x)'s Sulli is a new SBS MC.

Choi Sulli In 2017 Film, 'Real'

F(x) girl group member Sulli

I thought everything is okay and that she's just in Hiatus. Yes, she's been in hiatus for so long but i can't believe she'll leave f(x). Why sulli?


MeU 미유 Indonesia on Twitter: "[UNSEEN] Victoria and Sulli #fx backstage selca [cr owner] http://t.co/X6Sfpywp59"

f(x) - Sulli added 2 new photos.

Sulli member f(x) Wallpapers

f(x)'s Sulli travels in style for 'CeCi' pictorial in Hawaii

Sulli's Instagram Posts

sulli and girl image


Sulli's position in f(x) is the main vocalist. Sulli was the first member to make a debut, officially debuting as a child actress in September 2005.

Former f(x) member Sulli renews her contract with SM ENT

"SULLI -F(x)" Graphic T-Shirt Dress by missmargot | Redbubble

fx f(x) sulli kpop girlgroup white amber victoria kryst.

f(x) - Sulli Choi & Amber Liu

130727musiccoressul (12)

f(x) - Sulli

I don't understand why people praising Sulli so much. Maybe because of her

1. Taeyeon SNSD 2. MinAh Girls Day 3. IU 4

f(x)'s Sulli Attends the VIP Premiere of Upcoming Film 'Obsessed' - May 12, 2014 [PHOTOS] : Photos : KDramaStars

RT or FAV - KPOP on Twitter: "{REQUEST} Best short hair? Sulli (#fx) or Dasom (#SISTAR) ? RT for #Sulli FAV for #Dasom https://t.co/C1rjH6vKTU"

I don't get why Knetz find sulli beautiful? I think Krystal is gorgeous.. I find sulli boring looking.

[FanCam] F(x) - Sulli 2013/08/03 - YouTube

choi jinri, sulli, and choi sulli image

f(x)'s Sulli Says She Couldn't Get Used to Her

HOT SALE AROUND THE WORLD K-POP F(X) Sulli Lovely printing relaxation

#Sulli #Fx can't wait to See All f(x) together

sulli fx

Sulli also revealed that she has great self-confidence when it comes to making friends. “I approach them with the mindset of 'They won't hate me if they ...

f(x) and sulli image


f(x) - Sulli

f(x)'s Sulli Has The Most Beautiful Eyes - OMONA THEY DIDN'T! Endless charms, endless possibilities ♥ Page 2

... singer, dancer, and MC. She made her debut as a child actress in 2005. She is a former member of the multinational now quartet girl group f(x).


f(x)'s Amber and Sulli Rock the “Bboing Bboing”' Pose

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