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Heiraudiocom CIEM heiraudio monitors music IEM t

Heiraudiocom CIEM heiraudio monitors music IEM t


1964EARS V6-Stage

Heir Audio 8.0 IEM - Canada

CIEM Heir Audio 8.A studio headphones in ear monitors music earphone clear canals -

I do think the two monitors sound different. They have similar traits but on a whole, I think they actually have different signatures.

HEIR AUDIO 3.Ai In Ear Monitor Earphone hand crafted (detachable cable)

Custom In-Ear Monitors for Studio & Live | Musicians IEM | HW Audio

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EarSonics Velvet

Triple driver CIEM. EarAudioMonitorDisplay

HEIR AUDIO 4.Ai In Ear Monitor Earphone hand crafted (detachable cable)

IEM Designer - 1964 EARS - Custom In-Ear Monitors

copper design heiraudio.com, CIEM , #heiraudio, #monitors, #IEM

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Ai closer to a stage monitor sound, but it would have been better with a sweeter vocal and a touch more brightness. All and all, the 4.

This gallery displays a part of Heir Audio's artworks from wood inlay to PCB board designs. heiraudio.com, #CIEM #heiraudio #monitors #music #IEM #universal ...

First though, I want too take it back one step and talk about the company. Founder of JH Audio, Jerry Harvey is the guy we have to thank for having great ...

... IEM makers out there, providing quality products with the advantage of custom yet cost much less than products from big name companies like Westone, UE, ...

JH Audio: People naturally expected big things from JH Audio when Jerry Harvey started his own company; however, the JH3A fell flat on its face, ...

Rhines Custom Monitors Stage 3 custom in-ear monitors

Custom IEM Review: Heir Audio 8.A – Long live the king



Fit-Ear PS-5 custom in-ear monitor (CIEM) review: Dominate on stage or at home

back view: Fischer Amps Mini Body Pack XLR: passive volume control. Best in

InEarz custom IEM review

Custom Art Pro 330v2

Audio Earz AUD-8X by Dream Earz custom in-ear monitors review

Custom Art Harmony 8 Pro custom in-ear monitors

My right channel was gold and glittery, the left has multi coloured swirls with my name in Japanese. The build is still bad though and quality is not there.

Gorilla Ears GX-4b Review

Mario 1964 Ear Monitors

Talking about beautiful shells and you just have to look at mine for a sample, or any posted on the companies social media pages (they do them all, ...

Heir do an interesting job of the included tips, supplying two varieties of silicone models that seal very differently and in doing so, really alter the ...

Noble Audio 5C, Switch, and Fabulous Kaiser 10 Custom IEMs

It's been nearly 5 years since ToTL Madness—our attempt to survey the growing custom IEM landscape and identify the best of the best.

Hidition NT-6 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitor (CIEM) Review: Clear & Precise Fun

As for 64 themselves it is clear they know a thing or two about making a CIEM. The overall package was nice and the earphones while lacking design options ...

Westone AC20 Balanced 2-Driver Musicians' Custom In-Ear Monitor

NocturnaL Audio Gorham 2-Driver Custom In-Ear Monitor

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The FiiO E12a – The IEM Amp

The choice of options offered by Minerva is somewhat lacking in comparison to the likes of Heir Audio, LEAR, JH Audio, Vision Ears….. The list goes on.

Vision Ears Stage 4 custom in-ear monitor universal demo & Heir Audio ...

Inside is a hard box containing a waterproof Pelican 1010 carry case, probably the most protective earphone case on the market, with a more portable acrylic ...

A few days back, I posted a vague reference to a new custom IEM company that I wasn't able to name yet. I got several replies and messages about it but I ...

Continental V2, The Cricket LOD, DIY IEM cable, UM3X RC

T-Peos Altone200


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Heir Audio 10.A 10-Driver Custom In-Ear Monitor

Perfect Seal Fusion 11 silicone hybrid custom in-ear monitor

... I have of course had the chance to try with but of course, I just can't confidently say that it wont change some major characteristics of your IEM.

InEar StageDiver 2 SD-2

At the time of this writing, the MegaMini retailed for 249 USD: http://store.hifiman.com/index.php/hifiman-megamini-high-res-music -player.html

Logitech Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitor Custom In-Ear Monitor

Like their other universal models this comes without customization but that doesn't stop it looking absolutely stunning. Heir have always been known as the ...

[ IMG]

Heir Audio Reshell Service for Balanced Armature IEM to Custom IEM

RHA T20 iem (using normal reference balanced filter set)

LEAR BTC-01 Wireless Bluetooth Cable with Mic for In-Ear Monitors

There is also a gain jumper, which if removed, sets the MX2 to a higher gain for 300-600 ohm dynamic headphones. For planar magnetic headphones, IEM's, ...

... like a really easy listen due to a slight softness and relaxed nature to the sound”. For reference he was using his Ultimate Ears Reference Monitors.

Ultimate Ears IEM. UE 18 pro In ear monitor, Electronics, Audio on Carousell

Noble Audio K10 – The Spaces Between

Build Quality and Practical Notes

I don't know son,we are Metallica fans.

Complete iKON members' in-ear monitor

Campfire Audio Andromeda The Andromeda is the current co-flagship of the acclaimed Campfire Audio range, sporting 5 balanced armature drivers in comparison ...

photo photo ...


As with the Oslo III, Beat haven't gone for a cable that is warm or bright in the Silversonic, they seem to have kept a consistent goal to add as little as ...

1) Several stock custom IEM cables 2) Whiplash Audio TWag V2 OM (tested pin compatibility: JHA) 3) Beat Audio Cronus (tested pin compatibility: JHA)

photo photo photo photo photo

photo photo ...

The cable is coated with a shiny black PVC and is a bit thinner than the standard twisted CIEM cable. The 3.5mm plug is robust with a 45 degree bend and ...

Great channel matching is shown and impressive because even though these are a universal fit model they are still hand made like a custom.

W900 is designed to be true reference equipment, it offers powerful yet natural sub bass which you will never find in a full balanced armature CIEM.

... but excites me because an amp that wants to drive full sized headphones and IEMs, never pays enough attention to the finer details that an IEM needs.

Custom in-ear monitors made for Justin Timberlake: JH16 Black and Whiteboy Solid with Custom Single Color Artwork #jhaudio

More pictures are here, still no details of specs at the moment.

Noble 4C

The cable is made from tangle-resistant PVC-free plastic. It's got a good thickness below the Y-splitter (which is also made from polished aluminum) but ...

Aww w300 iem. - Singapore's pride

The pictures don't do it justice. The 3MAX looks incredible in-ear.

Vision Ears offer tonnes of customisable options and all that fun with their monitors but that's not what I am here to tell you about, you can find out more ...

1964 ADEL A12

Ultimate Ears 3D printed in-ear monitors

Most tracks off The Essential Michael Jackson collection were beautifully restored and cleaned up over their original CD release counterparts. Special music ...

The extension is 5.5 inches (about 14 cm) and interestingly, worked with every single headphone and IEM I had ranging from the AKG 7xx to the Heir Audio ...

Heir Audio 5.0