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I see no difference hpw cute he is exo xiumin Minseok

I see no difference hpw cute he is exo xiumin Minseok


i see no difference . hpw cute he is :) ♥

i see no difference ... hpw cute he is :) ♥ #exo

Xiumin without make up is so freaking handsome >. < || This is the difference between Xiumin and Kim Minseok.

Exo Xiumin. See more. UUUGGH MINSEOK NOOO!

Xiumin's three different baozi facial expressions. I laughed so had when I was watching it on Happy Camp. Hahaha, Hunan baozi

|EXO| Xiumin (Kim Minseok) being so cute once again

Exo facts - Xiumin believes in love at first sight♥

I'm so glad minseok is all over my Pinterest right now. I'


He looks like a kitty - Xiumin❤❤❤❤❤❤

Xiumin no DMC Festival - Exo

xiumin ~ I'm not sure I like this hairstyle on him but maybe it

Xiumin EXO M Baozi

Van someone tell me y he is so perfectly cute? Find this Pin and more on EXO Xiumin ...

I'm here to spread the difference between Xiumin and Minseok. I believe the

and he's back to adorable. Xiumin 시우민 from EXO 엑소엔젤카지노◕ NIKO77.COM ◕ 엔젤카지노

XD #exo #xiumin #gif

I see no difference

the difference between kyungsoo and chanyeol ~ haha hell yeah, hell no xd

Xiumin is a 24 year old baby faced man. Okay okay I'll say but I struggle with it. XiuXiu fell headfirst into the fountain of youth:) Good thing we know ...

Xiumin...there really is no in between

whenever you have a bad day just remember this aired on tv | Kim Minseok | Pinterest | Exo


Not just a Pretty boy Xiumin, He has lot's of different looks.

Exo - Xiumin "Idk if he's freakin sexy hot or a cute little ...

Reasons to love Kim Minseok: His laugh (gif) its literally the cutest thing ever

Xiumin. See more. All about Kim minseok

xiumin exo. See more. Kim minseok.... He can do no wrong.. Look at those

Exo xiumin funny " I see no difference.

Read Xiumin - He's not bad from the story EXO imagines~ (CLOSED) by (☆ Liv ☆) with reads.He's not bad.

Xiumin is my ultimate bias for a reason.

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171111 @ ICN airport |#exo#xiumin#시우민|”

Xiumin (Minseok)

Cute 😍😍😍💘💘


Xiumin! He was so cute when he was little

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Before I knew it I'm pinning picture after picture of you and searching up gifs and videos of you just to see your cute sexiness (cute ...

Exo xiumin

Kim Minseok, an absolute beauty. Find this Pin and more on MinSeok by fuzsii. exo xiumin unholymotherofcthulhu he ...

yoυ ɑʀe ϻʏ ☼ ,ϻʏ☽ ɑɴd ɑʟʟ ϻʏ ✰'s ∘∽∙❁♕∙∾ for more EXO!

Many fans and netizens have pointed out that Moon Byul bears a strong resemblance to EXO's Xiumin and BTOB's Minhyuk.

Xiumin is so handsome. He was always one of my favorites! Him and tao

Xiumin ✻ double nine // do not edit.

Xiumin is the hot daddy. Minseok is the cute toddler. Im dead. (The difference between Xiumin and Minseok.

keke Xiuminnie oppa is so cute~ he is forever a baozi~ and i am forever a baozi too~! keke me and Xiumin oppa must be related~ keke

Xiumin has no ideal type in particular. He said that looks doesn't matter to him. What's important is her personality.

kekeke for a cute Baozi~ Xiumin knows how to frighten or kill someone keke and he will always watch you touching his Chen Chen kekeke

March 26 marks K-pop EXO member Xiumin's birthday. As he turns 28, hashtags #HappyXiuminDay and #Minseok have been trending worldwide.

Cute Lay and Xiumin ♡. See more. Funny KPop Gifs, Happy Birthday Kim Minseok! March 26, 1990. - exo

#exo #exoluxion, What if they called him smoochy?

And here we all thought Xiumin was the oldest.

EXO | Minseok

150429 Crime Scene 2 — Xiumin – the way he eat is so cute Read more

Kim Min Seok, Exo Xiumin, My Love

1240 x 1978

Readers have been requesting Xiumin for months now, and honestly, I have been avoiding him because I wanted to believe he was natural, although I always ...

credit: to it's rightful owner, please see logo on pic(if have).

EXO Xiumin

Xiumin is literally the oldest in this relationship


Xiumin /EXO He can't help being cute, though. He just is

He's soooooo cute! Xiumin❤

Hahahaha cute XD · Exo Ot12Exo XiuminExo ...

#xiumin #exo

EXO-M's Xiumin:) It's a nice privilege to wake up in the morning

So cute!! XiuHan <3 and WAAHH! Xiumin is wearing Jampers <3

Xiumin ta loiro... Nada a dizer, apenas sentir

Xiumin- I always appreciate when I'm scrolling through my feed and a shirtless baozi appears

[GIF] Xiumin is beautiful has anyone notice how pretty he is, I mean yeah he's cute, but he's also muscular and a little chubby but also skinny in a way and ...

I really have to stop writing so much every time I re-pin Xiumin, it's so hard to do, he's so gorgeous! One thing I like about him is, he isn't vain.

xiumin can he stop being so darn cute all the time oh my gosh and then some pictures he just looks straight up manly what the heck

Xiumin in the tree of life < < < omo how can he be so cute and sexy and and and.you gei it right?

He looks so small and cute

Instagram media by _xm_belen - [ HD ] 150424 - Xiumin after Music Bank · We Heart ItPark ...



Xiumin so cute! I wanna pinch his cheeks! It makes me sad people call him fat :(


#exo #xiumin | ahh~ so cute

Xiumin is a work of art ✻ mingbubsa // do not edit. I swear my future husband I will make it happen

Yup he is the oldest #xiumin


I love it when he does this face. I can not describe how cute he is < < I make this face a lot and I look stupid, he does it and it's ...


I swear I see no difference! 😆🐱 💕 #xiumin #minseok #kimminseok

Xiumin be bias wrecking real hard these days.

Cute Xiumin #minseok ♥

Real name : Kim Min Seok

Find this Pin and more on EXO Xiumin by kennethneil.


Xiumin and his beautiful cat-like eyes.

There is so much to Xiumin.

Can we talk about this?......#exo #exol


I must admit, when I was initially an EXO-L in the beginning, he was someone I never paid much attention to, in addition to Suho. However, while the latter ...

Xiumin~ He is definitely a cute member, but I really enjoy the pics of him that make him look so manly. XD <-- Those leather pants.

For this time I edit a cute Minseok photo^^ I hope you like it