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Ife on Earth oldest known land fossil turns up in Scotland bbccouk

Ife on Earth oldest known land fossil turns up in Scotland bbccouk


One of the earliest living organisms

... Ross, their colleagues and a two-man BBC Earth team are gathered on the beach below Valtos, poking about in the rocks and sawing chunks out of them on a ...

... Ross, their colleagues and a two-man BBC Earth team are gathered on the beach below Valtos, poking about in the rocks and sawing chunks out of them on a ...

How evolution could give rise to real-life dragons

Fossils illustrate evolution of life

Ancient: A 3D reconstruction of a 3.4 billion-year-old microfossil found in

Oldest known avian relative of today's birds found in China

Old timers: The microscopic fossils were formed from bacteria that lived 3.4 billion years ago

Stromatolites at dawn, Shark Bay, Western Australia. Up until now these 3.5bn

The journey that reveals the scope of Earth's history. BBC Britain

The 170 million-year-old tracks were made in a muddy lagoon off the

Are there some animals that have stopped evolving?

Jurassic lark: Scotland's top 10 dinosaur and fossil discoveries

... of rock that were likely laid down in a system of hydrothermal vents - fissures on the seabed from which heated, mineral-rich waters spew up from below.

Greta Dargie and the team fight their way through the forest

A collection of fossil dinosaur skeletons. Clockwise from top left: Microraptor gui (a winged theropod), Apatosaurus louisae (a giant sauropod), ...

A picture from 1830 of primeval life inspired by the fossil finds of Mary Anning

The Storr Lochs creature comes from a family of animals called ichthyosaurs. Source: BBC

Photographs taken by NASA's Mars rover, Curiosity, Lens Imager (MAHLI) may show

Scotland in Trust, Autumn/Winter Issue September 2015 by National Trust for Scotland - issuu

Artist's impression of Sarcosuchus imperator, with dinosaurs (Credit: Walter ...


An artist's impression of ice age Earth at glacial maximum. Based on: Crowley, T. J. (1995). "Ice age terrestrial carbon changes revisited".

Oil fracking in the US – what has Scotland's decision to ban the practice meant for


Windfarm off the coast of north Lincolnshire, England

Limb of a terrestrial tetrapod recovered from a Scottish riverbed by Stanley Wood in 2005

Bringing British dinosaurs to life!

Life on Earth DVD cover

Researchers have documented more than 4,000 fossils on clifftop beds accessible to the public. (Neil Ever Osborne)

Tree of Life - Darwin Tree of Life - Darwin -sections

Jurassic lark: Scotland's top 10 dinosaur and fossil discoveries

Why ...

19. Whitby jet

... Discoveries Science; 24.

Lizard in a letterbox reported

Polar Amplification January 9

An African bull elephant swishes his trunk at the carmine bee-eaters following him through

The BBC is looking for people from the Hebrides to take part in a life-swap television documentary, which will be aired on BBC2.

It saw England first attached itself to Scotland. The stones deserve to be noticed. Calanais is a tribute to the history of the Earth.


New BBC Online Video: Meet Your Planet Series: ...

Volume 8 Issue 1 • December 2017 `125 A TIMES OF INDIA PUBLICATION SCIENCE ...

The 164 million-year-old fossils of early turtles were found on a beach at Cladach a'Ghlinne, on the Strathaird peninsula in southern Skye. Source: BBC ...

BBC News. Fossil gives a peek into the lives of primitive birds that

Sunlight powered food: key for life on Earth

Harbour Arts Centre

image image

Eocene Biota - diorama reconstruction from fossils recovered from quarry at Messel, Germany

Turtle dove, hedgehog, harbour seal, early bumblebee, small tortoiseshell butterfly, natterjack. “

Where does Scotland's wealth go?

Mary Anning Non-chronological report.

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Torridonian sandstones were also laid down in this period over the gneisses, and these contain the oldest signs of life in Scotland.

Fracking Questions – how not to conduct a consultation

Dickinsonia costata, by Verisimilus via Wikemedia Commons

Sterling/USD, one week exchange rate


Rows of pointy teeth and slim body allow shark to make 'quick lunges'

The website is associated with the BBC's upcoming Walking With Dinosaurs 3D movie, which is destined to be a blockbuster when it is released in late 2013.

The Grand Tour

In Germany, the discounted sentence cannot be less than the statutory minimum for that crime. In England, sentences can be cut by at most a third.

It contained such catchy, if posthumously cringeworthy, lines as: “And we're fairly shake them up / When we win the World Cup / Cos Scotland is the greatest ...

An artist's reconstruction of Graecopithecus freybergi, left, with the jawbone and tooth found in

- I Have no TV

Hell & High Water: Climate Change, Hope and the Human Condition, by Alastair McIntosh

This book is about Scotland's performance in the 1978 World Cup. Prior to the World Cup the then-Scotland manager had talked up ...

When did beaver become non-native in England?

Etan Smallman

William Smith's "A Geological Map of England and Wales and Part of Scotland" (

The earth beneath the major temples actually turned to liquid, thanks to a geological process called liquefaction, and most of the city's glittering ...

... (“Pleasure derived from another person's dissatisfaction”) presumably because it considered its readers too dense to know what the word meant.

Glen Sligachan

(8) Trump first made racist remarks about Hispanic immigrants on June 6, 2015 = 6+6+(1+5) = 666. His fearmongering comments about "rapists" and "drug ...

Devon Island: Land of Ice

BBC Climate Explainers Recycle Yesterday's "The Day After Tomorrow" | Watts Up With That?

Scotland's oil invested in the future?

Tyranosaurus Rex, king of the dinosaurs, fossil skeleton

How would you suggest converting land like this to arable farming?


SNP supporters celebrate as election results are announced in Glasgow.

Airtricity is the renewable energy development division of Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE). We are the UK and Irelands second largest utility with over 9 ...

Guy Fawkes Celebrations, Godalming

Although cut in a spiral, turning & baling were carried out conventionally

... Tipperty (AWPR/B-T) project are shedding light on land use and settlement in the north east over the past 15,000 years, including Mesolithic pits, ...

How Scotland met England. The standing stones of Calanais, on the Isle of Lewis, at mid summer (

The Development of Energy

Researchers plan to analyze more of the 20,000 human remains stored at the Museum of London. According to Caroline McDonald, who is a senior curator at the ...

While much is known about our evolutionary history, until now, a 15-million

For a couple of hours this was the headline at the BBC News Web Site.

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The Living Planet - Region 2 DVD cover