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Indirect Source attribute used credibility as a famous t

Indirect Source attribute used credibility as a famous t


Brand & Source: Adidas & Lionel Messi Source type: Indirect Source attribute used: credibility This source is used to solidify the soccer category with one ...

Source materials can be; 9.

Converse-Will Chamberlain • Source type: indirect • Source attribute used: credibility as a famous athlete • Why use this source? Converse used this source ...

... 13.

... 10.

Model predicting attitude toward the advertised product in Experiment; 21.

... Zeller (1978), the acceptable threshold for the factor loadings is 0.6 or above. These loadings show distinctive manifestation on a single factor, ...

Source: indirect. Source attribute: power. The brand uses this because they want to show how gatorade gives you the power to do anything and accomplish ...

Source Credibility; 44.

Fig. 1. Research model. Source credibility ...

Neutrogena (2 of 2): Source: Jennifer Garner Type: Indirect Attributes used

Fig. 3. The internal mechanism of SCRD's moderating effect 1. Note: the scale of the recommendation credibility is the standardized value.

Figure 1 Measurement Model for Credibility

Distribution and return of questionnaire 92; 12.

Appendix B. Typical Koubei recommendation page

... CFA (Yap and Khong, 2006). As pointed out by Podsakoff et al (2003), Harman's single-factor test illustrates that an EFA that extracts more than one ...


Brand: Citizen Eco Drive Source: Eli Manning (Indirect) Attribute: Power &

Source type: Indirect. Attribute: Credibility. Virat Kohli is a famous Indian Batsman. This ad suggests that he drinks Herbalife. Virat is a credible source ...

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... source of news; 41. (b) Credibility ...

... and show expertise, can also drive traffic back to your own site and help to grow your audience. This could be classified as an indirect ranking factor.

Corporate credibility, or; 7. the ...

... 9.

indirect quote


Anon (2011a) The risks and potentials of celebrity marketing in Malaysia, Adoimagazine.com. Retrieved 21 March 2012, from: http://www.adoimagazine.com


Brand: DIRECTV, Source: Hannah Davis, Type: Indirect, Attribute: Attractiveness, The brand uses Hannah Davis who is a famous supermodel, they used her ...

Jennifer Garner, Before and After

Indirect effects of low and high frequency on attitude. In each model

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Email holiday scams

require statistics, and focus groups, being qualitative in nature, don't demand much skill in interpretation. Weaknesses with focus groups are shown below -

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Appendix A. Koubei's main page


Figure 2 Structural Equation Model for Relationships of Credibility to Aad, Ab, and PI

Genghis Khan was Mongol Emperor from 1206 until his death in 1227.

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... 40. ...


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Kamins, M.A., & Gupta, K. (1994) Congruence between Spokesperson and Product Type: A Matchup Hypothesis Perspective. Journal of Psychology and Marketing, ...

you will probably will not be interested in looking through it. On the other hand, it is very true that visual quality of data presentation is not an ...

... 27.

Direct and indirect effects of packaging weight on flavor intensity, flavor evaluation

Direct and indirect effects of packaging weight on flavor intensity, flavor evaluation

It is time to lay to rest, once and for all, the contention that Wilbert Smith, Canada's supposed flying saucer guru, has passed either of these tests, ...

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Effect of social norms in green advertising: the mediating role of ad credibility


Figure 2: 95% credible intervals (red) vs. 95% bootstrap confidence

Miller, G.P. & Basehart, J. (1969) Source trustworthiness, opinionated statements, and response to persuasive communication, Speech Monographs, 36(1), 1-7.

Glen Allsopp: How 'ViperChill' Lost All Credibility

Figure 2 Process Model 22 (Hayes, 2013): The Conditional Indirect Effects of

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Fig. 5 Predicted choice probabilities and mean response times as a function of the attention

Graphical abstract

Weitzel, T., Laumer, S., Maier, C., Oehlhorn, C., Weinert, C., and Wirth, ...


Fig. 6 Predicted choice probabilities and mean response times as a function of the attention

Categorising argumentation schemes for trust.

Source: based on data by Luna-Martinez and Vicente (2012)

McQuail's typology[edit]

Characteristics of celebrity endorsement; likability, credibility, personality, attractiveness,

Figure 3: Average length vs. coverage of credible sets and confidence intervals for all

Graphs showing tax rates and GDP growth over time

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ccaaevp2008-fig1_transform_evp ccaaevp2008-fig2_transform_evp-imagined ...

My Love-Hate Relationship With Wikipedia

So to preserve what we may one day find interesting or valuable, maybe we should think about bringing back file folders, scrapbooks and photo albums!

It should be noted that according to credible Soviet estimates, energy intensity of production was falling (see table 5). But instead of GDP or GNP, ...

How to lose weight in 30 days?

Kierkegaard's works

Figure 3.4 Arlo Brady's categories of risk

Figure 5. Bayesian Divergence Time Estimates for Truffles. The maximum clade credibility chronogram estimated

Worse, he himself cited no evidence of any kind but instead relied on a string of other anonymous people in Russia he claims told him these things.


Good Corporation, Bad Corporation: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Global Economy

Cost Variance Fishbone

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Bild's account can only help further bolster Russia's credibility and the mythologized capability of it's armed forces. Here is what Bild wrote, that didn't ...

Chapter 6 : Message Factors

URL, http://journals.openedition.org/abe/docannexe/image/2897/img-7.jpg

Witness the power of IMC.

The position of the continents, countries and geographical objects in general is being taught on the example of the map of the world, which is based ...

(My slide shows 45's 3 tweets declaring a ban on transgender people in the military, and includes a pointer to credible data and info on the issue.)

Cooper, M. (1984) Can Celebrities Really Sell Products. Journal of Marketing and Media Decisions, 14 (9), 64-120.

Sales Organization Performance Gap: Research on Key Attributes That Separate High-Performing From Underperforming Sales Organizations

Horai, J., Naccari, N. & Fatoullah, E. (1974) The effects of expertise and physical attractiveness upon opinion agreement and liking, Sociometry, 37, ...

Cumulative number of datasets deposited in GEO each year, and cumulative number of third-

Indirect Sources of AERs

Conceptual Framework

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