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Ite Koobi Fora Kenya Date of discovery 2000 Discovered by A

Ite Koobi Fora Kenya Date of discovery 2000 Discovered by A


ite: Koobi Fora, Kenya Date of discovery: 2000 Discovered by: A team led by Meave Leakey Age: About 1.55 million years old Species: Homo erectus This ...

Site: Koobi Fora, Kenya Date of discovery: 1976 Discovered by: Richard Leakey

Site: Koobi Fora, Kenya Date of discovery: 1975 Discovered by: Bernard Ngeneo

Paranthropus boisei, KNM-ER 406 - Site: Koobi Fora, Kenya Date of discovery: 1969 Discovered by: Richard Leakey and H. Mutua Age: About million years old ...

Site: West Turkana, Kenya Discovered by: Gunter Brauer and Richard Leakey Age:

Site: Dmanisi, Republic of Georgia Discovered by: A team led by David Lordkipanidze


KNM-ER 732 A - Site: Koobi Fora, Kenya Date of discovery: 1970 Discovered by: Richard Leakey and H. Mutua Age: About million years old Species: Paranthropus ...

KNM-ER 3733 (1.6 Mya, discovered 1975 at Koobi Fora, Kenya)

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Map of the northeast Turkana Basin, northern Kenya, showing the fossil collection areas of

Map of Kenya with detail to show the locality FwJj20 archaeological site

Africa Focus: Kenya unveils remains of early man fossil discovered near Nairobi

Koobi Fora

Site: Koobi Fora, Kenya Date of discovery: 1972 Discovered by: John M

a–d, Anterior (a), right lateral (b), inferior (c) and superior views (d) of the KNM-ER 62000 face. Scale bar, 3 cm.

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The field site near Ileret, east of Lake Turkana, Kenya, where the Homo erectus skull was found. Credit Koobi Fora Research Project/F. Spoor

1. a) Map (based on Brown and Feibel, 1986) showing the location of Area 123 in East Turkana, Kenya. The stippled area depicts that part of the East Turkana ...

Hilary Sale and paper co-author Matthew Skinner pose at the Koobi Fora site in Kenya where they uncovered the ancient fossils. Credit: Fred Spoor

Stratigraphic sections of the Koobi Fora Formation in Areas 110 and 123. Section locations are given on Figure 1b. Numbered beds are as follow: 23) 7.2 m ...

Over 3 million-year-old human fossil discovered in Kenya

Koobi Fora Day 5 Koobi Fora

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Occlusal view of the upper molar series of (A) Pelorovis turkanensis from Koobi Fora

Graphic sections of strata in Area 105, Koobi Fora, showing the

Summary diagram of the problem. Lithostratigraphy and magnetostratigraphy after Brown and

Page 1

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Lake Turkana

Improved age control on early Homo fossils from the upper Burgi Member at Koobi Fora, Kenya

Archaeologists Find Earliest Evidence of Humans Cooking With Fire

Fig. 4

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2-A map of Plio-Pleistocene sites in Africa, Asia and

Location map of Lake Turkana and the Koobi Fora Formation (stippled

Improved age control on early Homo fossils from the upper Burgi Member at Koobi Fora, Kenya

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Stratigraphic context and radioisotopic chronology of the KBS Member from the Koobi

Improved age control on early Homo fossils from the upper Burgi Member at Koobi Fora, Kenya

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(A) Location map of Dmanisi site. (B)

Fig. 2

Replica of KNM-ER 3733, a 1.75-million-year-old Homo

Fig. 2. Composite stratigraphy, virtual geomagnetic pole latitude, and geomagnetic polarity for

Homo erectus site

The Gona Palaeoanthropological Research Project (GPRP) study area is located in the west-central Afar region of Ethiopia and it encompasses more than 500 ...

Photograph of the locality where KNM-ER 5881 was recovered (showing

Homo erectus map


Ruins of Gedi is located in Kenya

Figure 3

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Ancient fossils reveal diversity in the body structure of human ancestors

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Implications of new early Homo fossils from Ileret, east of Lake Turkana, Kenya | Nature


Koobi Fora Music at The Stone Age Institute Koobi Fora song


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National Museums of Kenya's Koobi Fora Museum, Sibiloi National Park.

A piece of the elbow from Australopithecus anamensis found in northern Kenya .

KNM-ER 1813

Fig. 1


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KNM-ER 1813, Koobi Fora, Kenya. “Homo habilis-KNM ER 1813” by Locutus Borg is in the public domain.

Rivers within the rift are not shown. All rivers with their origin outside the rift drain away from it. Kariandusi site is indicated by a small star.

Paleongologist Meave Leakey (R) and members of the field crew excavate a Homo erectus skull in this undated handout photo. REUTERS/Koobi Fora Research ...

Figure1—Megantereon ekidoit n. sp., KNM-ST 23812, holotype;

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Baboon (Papio cynocephalus) in Amboseli, Kenya. To address this gap, my project tests the hypothesis ...

... part of an ongoing programme of mapping and research that is intended to extend ultimately to other comparable regions in the Kenyan and Tanzanian Rifts ...

New Kenyan Fossils Shed Light on Early Human Evolution – National Geographic Partners Press Room

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Generalized stratigraphic sections comparing the revised stratigraphy of Area 123 with the composite section of the Bura Hasuma Subregion published by Brown ...

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Geological map of the area surrounding the Mursi Formation sediments, overlain on digital elevation data (90 m Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data).

Effect of stone raw material type (chert vs. lava) on relative abundances of retouched artifact counts for Rift Valley assemblages in northern Kenya and ...

Journal of Archaeological Science (2000) 27, 1197–1214 doi:10.1006/ ...

hominid series

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Fig. 1

Leakey: What makes us different from every other living organism we're aware of on this planet is that we have the capacity to think. We know that we exist.

The outline is shown approximately by a dashed line. Some earlier features have been masked by volcanism between Elmenteita and Naivasha and around Menengai ...

Map depicting Homo erectus and Homo heidelbergensis sites of Africa, Europe, and Asia.

foot prints

a. Adaptations of the hominines

KNM ER 1813 discovered at Koobi Fora

ANU cast of cranium KNM ER 3733, discovered at Koobi Fora, Kenya, in 1975 by Bernard Ngeneo.