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Just Write about any thing t Kurdistan

Just Write about any thing t Kurdistan


An Iraqi soldier takes down a Kurdish flag in Kirkuk

A flag of the autonomous Kurdistan region flies as Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters take position to

When the Kurds in 1992 were granted autonomy by Saddam, they got only the Kurdish speaking areas which didn't have any oil. In the last 10 years, ...

Kurds are now shaping the Middle East | Ranj Alaaldin | Opinion | The Guardian

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A region once held up by the US as a beacon of hope in a broken Iraq, Kurdistan has instead — in oil's name — fallen victim to corruption and war.

Iraqi Kurdish men sit in a shop in Arbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq, on Sunday. (Safin Hamed/Agence France-Presse via ...

There are almost 30 million ethnic Kurds living in Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. Only in Iraq are their dreams of statehood buttressed by real political ...

Iraq's Kurdistan region's President Massoud Barzani (C) sits during his meets with clerics and elders from the cities of the Kurdistan region in Erbil, ...

Kurdish-inhabited region - map

The Kurds: Everything You Didn't Know

Kurdistan faces long, fraught road to sustainable independence | World news | The Guardian

I was only 4, but I still recall how we struggled up 6,000-foot-high mountains near the Iraqi-Turkish border.

This is just a random map I found on the internet that I thought was inaccurate. I know for a fact that Kurdistan does not reach the Persian (or Arabian, ...

Hassan Ahmad Mustafa: «May Kurds authority couldn't pay attention to the Israel-Kurd relation, but No one can prohibit it for news papers and NGOs»

Mustafa Khayat/Flickr

Iraqi Kurdistan: From scorched land to role model

Why didn't the Kurds get their own country? What were the conditions before and after WWI that led to the Kurds getting distributed as a minority in several ...

Internationalism is the only response to the Kurdish issue - International Communist Current

The small Iranian city of Mahabad became an intellectual hotspot of Kurdish nationalism in the first half of the 20th century, which is also indirectly ...

Not just speaking Kurdish can get you arrested, but even saying you are Kurdish can get you arrested in Turkey. Turks can deny these facts all they like, ...

Photo: Travel Channel

Newly unveiled statue in Kirkuk pays tribute to the Peshmerga, Iraqi Kurdistan's main fighting forces in Kirkuk, Iraq on September 23, 2017.

Kurds in Turkey celebrate waving the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government's (KRG) banners as a peshmerga fighters convoy crosses through at the Habur border ...

Differences Between Kurds and Persians

For people who lived through genocide, Kurds know the signs. And Genocide Watch confirms: Kurds are on brink of extermination ...

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Mîtra on Twitter: "Can't believe I've just randomly spotted this on my way home 😭 Bijî Kurd û Kurdistan! ❤ 💛💚 #Manchester… "

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An Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga fighter fires on an Isis position JM LOPEZ/AFP/Getty

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Quote with kurdish language ❤❤ | quote | Pinterest | Language, Qoutes and Wise words

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Iraqi Kurdistan Jewish representative Sherzad Mamsani speaks at a Holocaust Memorial Day event on May 5

English - Kurdish

... 78.

Supporters wave flags and chant slogans inside the Erbil Stadium while waiting to hear Kurdish President

Don't let the same thing happen to you | Ece Temelkuran

Kurdish Writer Named Top 20 in Italy

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A Kurdish marksman surveying the town of Kobani on January 30, 2015, just days after ISIS militants were driven out. (Bulent Kilic/AFP/Getty images)

The quest for an independent Kurdistan enters a new phase - The Washington Post

Turkish-US Relations Won't Recover Until US Drops 'Greater Kurdistan Project'

7 Things You Need to Know About Iraqi Kurdistan

Not Everyone in Kurdistan Is Cheering Kurdish Independence – Foreign Policy

Kurdistan Amed

A man looks at a banner supporting the referendum for independence of Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurds wave the Kurdish flag as they celebrate in the streets of the northern city

Homeless: a Kurdish refugee camp in the Turkish town of Suruc yesterday. Around 300,000


Iraqi Baathist definition of Iraqi Kurdistan after the events of 1991, although it was somewhat accepted, it is only a portion of what is actually ...

A member of the Iraqi security forces walks past a defaced Kurdish flag on the outskirts

More divided than ever, Iraq's Kurds risk shooting themselves in the ...

Iraqi Kurds carry torches up a mountain as they celebrate Newroz.Ari Jalal / Reuters

Get To Know: Jîl Swanî

La campagne de Kirkuk mènera-t-elle à un changement de régime au Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurds celebrate the results of the independence referendum in Erbil.

Everything You Need to Know About Iraqi Kurdistan

Two PKK soldiers take refuge from ISIS gunfire in an abandoned building in Sinjar, Iraqi Kurdistan. April 2015. (Erin Trieb)

Kurdish people attend a rally and wave Kurdish flags.

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Biblica finishes Kurdish Bible translation

Kurdish fighters

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Checkpoint at the border between Turkey and the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq © Fredrik Malm

An interviewee in Dohuk governorate, Kurdistan Region of Iraq shows us his 'Fast Link

Image Credit: Brad Jonas for Pando

Fake news that promotes separatism in Turkey, posted by Quora user Ataş Fetulah, Updated Aug 15, 2017. As some others also pointed out here the social media ...

Iraqi Kurds rally to urge people to vote in the upcoming independence referendum in Erbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq, ...

... 36.

Iraqi Kurds take part in a demonstration at Arbil airport, in the capital of Iraq's Kurdish region, after the central government ordered the indefinite halt ...

Turkey has been unable to solve the Kurdish question on its own: its efforts to squelch any movement for self-determination and liberation has been evident ...

Quote with kurdish language ♡

People show their support for the independence referendum in Kirkuk, Iraq September 11, 2017.

Iraqi Kurdistan photo tour - northern Iraq is the cradle of civilization

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Iraqi fighters tear down a sign painted with the colors of the Kurdish flag in northern

Canada no longer training Kurdish troops in Iraq amid fight against Islamic State, defence chief says


Rojhí Kurd (2)

A member of Kurdish Syria's YPJ unit, an all-female branch of the region's military forces. (Erin Trieb)

Kurdish began to appear in writing in a version of the Persian alphabet during the century AD. However for much of their history, the Kurds have prefered to ...

A Kurdish member of the YPG stands near the Syrian-Turkish border in the Syrian city of al-Derbasiyah.Rodi Said / Reuters

An employee from the Independent High Electoral Referendum Commission holds a voting ballot book at a

How Strong Is the U.S. Friendship with the Kurds?

Iraqis Kurds celebrate with the Kurdish flag in the streets of the northern city of Kirkuk on Sept. 25 as they vote in a referendum on independence.