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Krisho KrisHo t Searching

Krisho KrisHo t Searching


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I don't know but this is my favourite krisho picture..I just love this photo.. #krisho

fy-exo: “ kimkasu | do not edit ”


Krisho Fact #13: Kris serenading his wifeu~ - exo kris suho krisho - Asianfanfics

Tao was throwing a tantrum to his umma. He thrown his toys everywhere and refused to talk to his umma and appa. He was mad at them. He didn't want to have ...



[OPV] KrisHo - Stand by me - YouTube

[OPV] KrisHo - When you ... - YouTube

Sooo....if kris and suho ever fought I am sure Tao will



Exo Memes "Ugh, I seriously miss Krisho/TaoRis

Olicia on Twitter: ""@Yifanwu__: [EXO'S FIRST BOX] KRISHO moment! ♥♥ CHEN: What are you doing? KAI: LOVE GAME? http://t.co/g735A4jy5o""

"No Junhee. You've been sick for the past few days. I won't let you." Yifan said. Still not looking at his wife.

[OPV] KrisHo - Until you - YouTube

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I actually have lots of lifetime favorites krisho fics but most of them had been taken down by the authors /sobs/

... [PHOTO UP!]140312 K Star Road #KrisHo #KRIS #SUHO 11p-11 http://ww1.sinaimg.cn/large/dc2cfb36gw1eefldzjs51j215o0rs7ar.jpg … pic.twitter.com/GnjMLJmM81”

#Krisho. See more. I don't want to talk about how yifan carried junmyeon's doll in airport and


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"NEXT" (KrisHo AFF Trailer)

KrisHo is a ship Name EXO Fans name made sir the EXO members Kris and Suho, this Ship is between The

I can't believe I made a Krisho edit Exo's "For Life" MV


logging in on Twitter: "If KrisHo ever had a love child http://t .co/LPcpum9glk"

KrisHo #1


[Moment] KrisHo - Listen to you - YouTube

KrisHo #1 by heominjae ...

Kris and Suho

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I. Zoo



... isn't in their heart anymore. its went away a long time ago. but why they feel so sick of it. sick, sad and hurt in their heart. #krisho ...

Krisho- Youre a Miracle/ I Still Wait For You

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Look what showed up in my saved pics from a year ago... #krisho pic.twitter.com/0fUcUbtYhR

{140411} Krisho at "Hello!" Greeting Party in Japan - exo kris suho krisho - Asianfanfics

... isn't in their heart anymore. its went away a long time ago. but why they feel so sick of it. sick, sad and hurt in their heart. #krisho ...

#krisho #krisuho "date someone who looks at you like a minion looks at a banana" pic.twitter.com/rGvpvIPLMO

"Oh my gosh Miyoung! Shut up and go to sleep!" The frustrated nanny yelled as she ran her hand through her long hair. The little four year old girl only ...

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Cap 12 and Krisho!

KrisHo. ChanBaek "Nightmare" of

Krisho (Kris, Suho) EXO

Krisho sweet moment


EXO couples therapy ---Krisho---

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Since this story have reached 10k view, I decided to do this special chapter to thanks you all

"Japan's spring is seriously wonderful" Junhee sighed.

Exo loves Exo: KrisHo

"Will I look pretty in this pink dress? How about this royal blue?" Junhee asked.

It was now Monday morning and Kris stood leaning against his locker with his arms folded across his chest while coldly observing Suho flirt with another ...

Academy 》Sesoo (Chanbaek, Krisho)

"You don't have a plan to sleep huh?" Yifan chuckled as he caressed Wu Sohee's plump cheeks.

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Krisho sony

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Krisho Fanart- Vietsub CHEN (EXO) & Punch - Everytime

{130728} Krisho at China Love Big Concert - exo kris suho krisho - Asianfanfics

ʟ on Twitter: "TroubleMaker #fanart #krisho ver. (do not edit/reup~) http:// t.co/okSA0dm5eD"

{130604/130706} Krisho at Happy Camp - exo kris suho krisho - Asianfanfics

Matrimonio Arreglado-Krisho [Editando]

[FANCAM] 131122 MAMA KRISHO & EXO - YouTube

Why does it have to be in Jeju? Can it be in Busan? Why does Uncle Yifan demanded for them to be there when they are not even a part of Wu ...

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Kris and Suho on Twitter: "Krisho couple rings. It's official. <3 :"> http://t.co/IeqqAj6S7H"


Krisho by Akai-Leech ...

Winter KrisHo ❄️

KRISHO - ของขวัญ Musketeers


[TRAILER FIC] #DebtorkH - krisho

After Exo | Krisho


Kris's hand is so large Suho has a girl hand XD