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Lemon gee MCR t

Lemon gee MCR t


It's actually Lemon Gee but yes you're correct he was iconic < < <

Gerard way

Lemon gee

the tiny lemon bean

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I don't usually like blonde Gerard, but this picture is cool.

Lemon Gee

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Is this not like one of the best pictures ever? (Also its lemon Gee) < < < oh god, lemon gee is going to be the death of me

He's an adorable lemon // Gerard way

Keep what you love < < < I love MCR but I couldn't keep

this adorable lemon i swear

it's lil gee

Lemon gee does he not look like an angel here?

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He wouldn't have to worry about me. I'd be blubbering too hard. < < < I would normally say same but idk when I'm around famous people I'm normally just in ...

Gerard Way / My Chemical Romance


So this is Lemon Gee. I've heard great things about ...

gee is my life reason

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The guy in the background

Idk why long haired lemon gee with the bright shirt always makes me laugh

Gerard way

< < *hides in corner* pls don't kill me

Gee on Pinterest | Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance and Killjoys

Lemon Gerard with his gorgeous eyes

I hate crying so I don't tend to watch their videos in fear that I will start to cry. That's also why I don't often listen to Truce, Goner, or Cancer unless ...

Aww Gerard is the cutest thing ever

Lol lemon gee is never gonna die entirely because of the pancake interview (which I

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gerard way and my chemical romance image

I really like this pic :) lemon Gee

Lemon Gee!

I need to sleep, but there's Gerard pictures.

a man must change his hair therefore lemon gee is back ~colorless void~ < < <

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lemon gee is v cool.

More lemon Gerard plz

Gee in a flower crown makes me happy

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Cry In Lemon, Gerard Way

Lemon G ❤️

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Lemon head Gerard Way

wake up with some morning coffee and gerard

Gerard Way / My Chemical Romance 💀


Lemon Gee

Why am I posting a picture of lemons?

gerard way ✧

Hesitant Alien - Gee with Lola

Oh Gee

Lemon Gerard is cute, but Revenge Gerard is still my favorite

Gerard Way ♥️

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Lemon Gee signing a copy of Danger Days

My Chemical Romance: Revenge Era vs Danger Days

Blonde Haired Gerard, it was a little country, a little techno, I don't think the world was ready for it yet. < < < the world was never ready for Gerard

What the hell Gee <-- No kidding. What the heck is he doing? | MCR | Pinterest | Romance, Mcr memes and Killjoys

I really liked lemon Gee.

Gerard Way

gerard way selfie thiSsIsTheMosTEMOthIng Ive ever seE n < < < "ugh mom :/ liek omg can u not like ughhh you just don't gET IT.

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Gee looks so offended. Like " what is lyf. Why r we her.


Honestly I feel like the MCR fandom has been really hard on Gerard over how he looks in 2017 but I think that doesn't take away from the fact that he is ...

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way

gerard way ✧

Gerard way suit

Basement Gee

Lemon Gee, Josh and Hayley. Josh Dun has yellow hair now. #twentyonepilots

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lemon gee is the best

My Chemical Romance - Gerard Way

*in tune of "don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me

Lemon Gerard Way

he didn't stay as Lemon forever😭

Gee gifs make my life < < look at his lil tongue he is such a cute little squishy squish i just want to hug him.

Gerard be slippin

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LEMON GEE | Emo Town (featuring Sheriff Gerard) | Pinterest | Romance, Evan peters and Ahs

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My Chemical Romance's Frontman Gerard Way

Lemon Gerard I drew you a Lemon cat

Gerard Way.

I hate how everyone is like "Why does Gerard look like this he was in MCR so he should stay skinny and shave" he's healthy and he looks pretty good for 40 ...

gee - "Keep Smiling"

New pics of gee <

Why Gerard Way is the best.


lemon gee c:


I nearly spit out my Diet Coke