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New foundland Gentle giant Reminds of my sweet Daisy t

New foundland Gentle giant Reminds of my sweet Daisy t


My sweet Daisy ❤️

If you need a dog as a pet then you have to choice the best one for your family that will be nice and adorable to your family.

Can't wait to someday own this gentle giant dog!

Newfoundland Dogs images on Pinterest | Newfoundland dogs, Newfoundland and Dogs

Oh. I have to observe the miracle of this sky.

wow….newf this used to be just like My newfie nd he died of

What a gorgeous face and sweet expression! When Zoe looked at me like that. Well she got whatever the Princess wanted:)

Look at their wee grey bits! so cute and the signature tuft! Dreamy Rosie, Daisy and Molly

newfoundland. Eyes to the soul

Newfoundland Dog

Shellbea Landseer newfoundland puppy

Newfoundland Dog

Gentle giant · Winston, my Newfie.

He is the newest member of the family. He is Claudia and Michaels baby, a New Foundland. He will weigh about 130 pounds when he is full grown.

Previous pinner writes: Gentle Giant- ours was a female Landseer-one of the sweetest dogs we've had-in memory of Chloe.

Nandi Appleby - Bentley by lea

Gentle giant! Reminds of my sweet Daisy!!

Gentle giant

Picture of bear. I have 4 others=)

Newfoundland pup. Gentle giants. Still miss my Newfie.

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10 week old Newfies Omg gimme all the fluff cuddles! Find this Pin and more on Gentle giant! Reminds of my sweet Daisy!! ...

Newfoundland dog- reminds me of Bear. Find this Pin and more on Gentle giant! Reminds of my sweet Daisy!! ...


Newfoundland. Oh! My, that's a gentle giant you have ...

Chocolate Newfoundland & pup (aka big cuddle bear and little cuddle bear!

Newfoundland Dogs images on Pinterest | Newfoundland dogs, Newfoundland and Dogs

Gentle giant

My sweet Newfoundland Lap dog

Newfoundland if my house was bigger.

Now this big baby is understandably mistaken for a brown bear. Find this Pin and more on Gentle giant! Reminds of my sweet Daisy!! ...

Newfoundland puppy's Happy Birthday to ME!

103 best #Newfoundland images on Pinterest | Big dogs, Newfoundland and Newfoundland puppies

Im not a bear newfoundland dogs - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

so sweet

Newfoundland Dog Art Tile By Sharon Nummer

Looks just like Khari!

Yeah, it's a Newfie and not a Lab, but both breeds share a common ancestor, a now-extinct working dog called the St.

Newfoundland, the new puppy I will be getting :) teddy bear!

Newfoundland Dogs are known as large, intelligent, and amiable companions. They are working dogs that hail from Newfoundland, Canada.

This newfoundland looks like a bear!

Newfoundland Puppy


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"*Newfoundland* dog in *Brigus, Newfoundland, Canada*" ---- [While walking along a path in Brigus, this big beast bolted over and jumped up on the fence ...

Daisy and Ethel!

Isn't this a beautiful face? I just want to cuddle him!

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Samson. Newfoundland ...

Newfoundland Dog Sophie with her white muzzle and eye brows...bless her heart

My dog Daisy...she's a Bernese and Newfoundland mix

Whispering Hope for Shadows Eternity Landseer Newfoundland puppy Gentle giant dog newf Newfie portrait Imported from Austria to oregon akc

Nandi Appleby · Newfoundland PuppiesLarge ...

Newfoundland puppy for sale in MOUNT JOY, PA. ADN-55913 on PuppyFinder.

love him but if he doesn't want to do something there is no changing his mind or picking him up (LOL). This was him refusing to go on a walk without his ...

I swear this Newf looks like one of my Gorillas in Uganda!

Nandi Appleby

Newfoundland Breed Description

That's what I said!

Fresh washed, don´t clean ;

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Such a dignified profile. Newfoundland PuppiesGentle GiantDoggy ...

Leonbergers - A name that derives from the city of Leonberg in Baden-Württemberg, Germany - Is a giant dog breed. Description from pinterest.com.

Samson, around 10 weeks enjoying the great outdoors. Newfoundland DogsGentle GiantDogs

want a big fluffy puppy so bad

My sweet girl!

To me he's beautiful!

OMG the majestic Newfoundland :)

Newfoundland Bog, (most are black in color) is a breed that is large and have a fairly thick coat. Newfoundland dogs was originally used as working dogs.

Drako - 6 weeks old Newfoundland puppy

Daisy n Duke · ArtworkNewfoundland DogsDukeHeavenBig ...

Newfoundland Dogs, Gentle Giant

Love this gentle giant!

My first St Paddy's Day · Animal MemesNewfoundland DogsGentle GiantRescue ...

Dog travel is a fantastic way to enjoy the street with your companion by using a Croozer dog bike trailer. This 2 in 1 solution is perfect for any occasion!

Daisy and Gary, love catching crawdads in the creek. Newfoundland ...

One time I was in the water at the beach. And I was just going under the water to swim and my Newfoundland dog, kaela! Came running over and tryed to pull ...

La milly de grande ;)

I meant to look for pictures of Newfoundland the province but OH GEEZ

Harley giving snuggles! #NewfoundlandDog

If you can't find your newfie.....look in the. Newfoundland PuppiesHorse WaterFactorsGentle GiantBig ...

Meela listening to me talk · Big DogsBig Fluffy DogsGentle GiantNewfoundland DogsMastiff DogsSweet ...

Big & Little. Newfoundland ...

newfoundlands | About the Club - The Newfoundland Club of New Zealand

Newfoundland puppy :) so sweet.

Trapper looking very "newfie" love ...

beautiful day at the beach

Newfoundland art print, big newfie dog in black and white. Childrens bedroom wall decor, kids room, nursery art, dog lover gift, doggy art

Newfoundland Dog ~ The Gentle Giant!

My Newfoundland Dogs: Sophie (Black) and Samson (Brown). Newfoundland PuppiesGentle GiantAmazing ...

Thirsty Newfie- By Tomáš Lamacz

Fur babies

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Beautiful Newf From @2newfs1berner

Goyet's Gentle Giants 2014 Spring litter. Newfoundland ...

Monday NCA National Picture of the Day - Allie runs on Dunkin' #2015newfnational

""I belong because there's always more to learn, and what better place than the…