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Photos JD40 with Retro SA keycaps Tech t

Photos JD40 with Retro SA keycaps Tech t


[photos] JD40 with Retro SA keycaps - Imgur

JD40 by CarpeKeyboards. Wooden spacer by HPE1000. Hack'd by Geeks sculpted SA keycaps by [CTRL]ALT. Switches are Krytox-lubed vintage blacks, with gold 65g ...

1976, image by Mogomezu

1976 keycaps. Mechanical Keyboard.

thinksimpledosimple - Finally received the GMK Terminal

cgbuen: hack'd SA on a beige #filco modded to 60g #cherrymx tactile grays with bpiphany's programmable controller

[GB] SA Retro

maxkey #maxkey #geekhack #keycap #deskthority

sa keycaps - Google Search

Image result for dsa keycaps pok3r

QFR Rapid, Carbon fibre vinyl, Datamancer keycaps. (thatguywhorows)

Making of a #mechanicalkeyboard part 3: putting the #keycaps Many thanks to…

So did you ever give SP your blessing to use the Retro design for that second run of DSA, or are they doing this all without you?

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[photos] JD40 with Retro SA keycaps

OLKB Planck 40% w/ DSA Hana

Discover ideas about Keyboard

Cacao: x SA The Amazing Chocolatier

[IC] SA Mechanist (MassDrop Poll openned!)

R5 SA caps, the Honeywell style is joined by a Dolch/vintage IBM style.

Hana DSA Custom Keycap Set - Massdrop

SA - Round 5 Zoom in (real dimensions: 1280 x

Deep Space keycaps from PimpMyKeyboard Brass MIT plate Anodized aluminum case (blue) Zealios Purple

Penumbra Keycaps on a Keycool 84 with Cherry MX Blacks (alt keycaps). Penumbra

JD40 and Pulse

MagicForce 68 x PuLSE SA

planck SA w/ vimcaps

1976 #mechanicalkeyboards #keycaps #keycap #geek #nerd #geekhack #gh #

MK84, Quartz DSA keycaps.

DSA Dolch, FC660M

104 key PBT Translucidus Backlit Double shot White&Gray Retro Keycap Cherry MX switch for Wired USB Mechanical Gaming keyboard

danielucf's LZ-CE with the Toxic keycap ...

PuLSE SA Keycap Set

1976 Has Landed!

Massdrop x Zambumon GMK Nautilus Custom Keycap Set | 3.8K+ Sold | Exclusive Price and Reviews ...

DSA Space Deep Dish / Homing Bump (DEEP DISH - RED (RBH))

127-key Doubleshot ABS SA Profile Keycap Set - Black (Maxkey)

Novatouch Carbon SA + Pexon - Imgur

(Photo: techmattr)

[GB] SA Retro

custom keyboard mechanical keyboard

[IC] SA Oblivion (Massdrop Q3 2017, Updated 14.03.2017)

[photos] I don't feel tardy

SA Camping on M65-A - Album on Imgur

Other Pinners loved these ideas

The Infinity PBT dyesub keycap set

Camp c225 Custom mechanical keyboard with Carbon SA keycap set - Album on Imgur

Danger Zone x Planck x OOkeys #mechanicalkeyboard #mechanicalkeyboards # keycaps…

Granite Keycap Set

PuLSE SA Keycaps on Leopold FC750R | Mechanical Keyboard | Pinterest

EnjoyPBT Orange Cyrillic (/u/krushnine)

[photos]CMYK + GMK Olivetti on HHKB 55g - Imgur

GMK Carbon Custom Keycap Set

Jukebox SA keyset.

Ever see a keycap set and think damn, I wish I got in on that group-buy? Well you still can! DSA Royal Navy is open for 10 more days! : MechanicalKeyboards

Massdrop x K Bares Miami Dolch DSA Custom Keycaps

I also hosed up and didn't order the PETSCI sideprint version, but oh well, live and learn.

SA Ice Cap Keycaps

Tada68 - thin alu case Kailh Box white switches Maxkey Lime SA keycaps Qmk custom firmware

jaredub69 - [photos ] Atreus62 with DSA Dolch and 67g Zealios

SA Grand Budapest

Checkout the #NASA inspired Godspeed Custom SA Keycap Set on Massdrop #mechanical #keyboard #keycaps #space

My first keycaps!

robenz6 - I'm so happy to get this board & keycaps!!!

Pbt Red, Black & White key caps. | Mechanical Keyboards | Pinterest

[HFSECURITY] Mechanical Keyboard Blue Switch Steampunk Retro Manual Customized Typewriter Keyboard #Affiliate

madhias's stormtrooper HHKB. Blank blacks and a pbt space bar from matt3o's GB.

JD40 : MechanicalKeyboards

Customer's Creations - January 2015

[Photos] Spruced up SA Ice Caps - Album on Imgur

A blog about small mechanical keyboards.

1976 blanks and aluminium case from aliexpress, cable from pexon, amazing build quality via Vortex Pok3r.

Pok3r w/ Wood Case

Penumbra SA #signatureplastics #keyset #keycaps

Massdrop x MiTo Canvas XDA Custom Keycap Set

I am finally ready to post my keyboard here. Poker 2, DSA Dolch keycaps, Soft white LED mod, Pexon aluminium case.

TADA68 Keyboard

CM Storm Novatouch, R5 SA (madhias)

My pok3r ISO azerty, with custom cable :)

Image result for dsa spherical doubleshot keycaps

PuLSE SA Keycap Set Drop - Massdrop

Massdrop exclusive product, price and reviews: Massdrop x Zambumon GMK Nautilus Custom Keycap Set

61 keys carpe diem PBT keycaps for GH60/Poker LOL, funniest keycaps I've seen

Imgur Post - Imgur


b87 from winkeyless.kr, Carbon SA keyset.

Honeywell, 7bit/SP R5 sphericals

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CM Storm Novatouch TKL with Limited edition purple gradient keycaps.

Tried to fit Round 5 into JD40. The pearly white keys are beautiful on this micro keyboard but unfortunately some keys can't fit. Any suggestion?


Anne Pro w/ DSA "Retro" Keycaps - The highest quality Chinese DSA I've ever seen

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Apple TMK64 with SKCM Blue