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Quot yeah you like that Katiequot amazing Phil I love how they don39t know

Quot yeah you like that Katiequot amazing Phil I love how they don39t know


yeah you like that Katie" - amazing Phil. I love how they don't know who Katie is though. "

AmazingPhil/Phil Lester Quote. When Chris was asked "What's Phil like?" on Ask Fm this was his answer and I think it's beautiful.

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just when i thought phil lester couldn't get any cuter.

Sure Dan, you're absolutely terrifying. *sarcasm intensifies* this is why I love Dan XD

I borrowed mi amigo™'s Dan and Phil sweater and everyone kept pointing out how their head's were placed

I'm crying omfg

Phil is being so honesf that it burns for the haters and makes a light of heaven of the phandom

12 best Youtubers images on Pinterest | Amazingphil, Dan howell and Danisnotonfire

Thank you Phandom. You are the most creative amazing people to ever exist.

Phil Lester // AmazingPhil quote

This was a joke he didnt actual mean this . Rejects by TomSka ft. Danisnotonfire>>> yeah it was bad advice Dan

funny, internet, and dan howell image


OMFG Dan You always know how to say the positive things to your fans!

You're going to LOVE these 17 hilarious photobombs Omg I just realized Dan XDDD

Oh hey


AmazingPhil (yes that's a fandom, quiet down.) >>> This is why I love Phil so much. He actually cares about people, and he genuinly loves them.

Danisnotonfire quotes.. SO I guess I'm ugly then :P

Dan Howell YouTube Danisnotonfire Amazingphil Danandphilgames

It doesn't help that when we meet up in breakfast we draw cat whiskers on each other and on my hand she writes "I love Amazingphil" ...

Phil Lester Amazingphil

Daniel James Howell and Phillip Michael Lester. They are the sweetest and kindest most encouraging people I have ever seen. I do love you Dan and Phil.

Shane Dawson has an eating disorder, zoe has a panic disorder, Joey graceffa has a learning disability, tyler has a eating disorder, Phil was bullied and ...

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This is my lock screen rn

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Awe Phil you're so adorable. Sometimes I forget how old he is,

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i'm dYING < < that's FCKIN hilarious omfg yes wow omg omg I can't

AmazingPhil & Danisnotonfire - Community - Google+

I love how quite he says sassy, like maybe if he whispers then maybe we

U look like a beautiful cinnamon roll | Dan and Phil >. < | Pinterest | Beautiful, Dan howell and A beautiful

It gets funnier the longer you look at it

I'm happy to know that Dan is happier but what about Phil?¿ He's wearing more black so would that reflect how he's feeling? Is Phil Lester okay?


I've pinned this before but I like to think of this quote as almost

I love him so much. AmazingPhil :") // Phil Lester>> Phil you are the sweetest person and ilu and love the Hufflepuff pride!

Never forget these words of wisdom. Dan Howell QuotesAmazingphilDanisnotonfireYoutube ...

what if we are all sim characters like dil and don't even realize it

I agree. AmazingphilDanisnotonfireBritish ...

this is my favorite Dan quote ever

(quote from Casper). He is literally so squishy like I can't

I loved this part XD Shane is hilarious XD XD>>>Dan is pretty damn tall

There so honest, truthful and real oml. I love them sm

Dan Howells dimple is insane

Always the leader of the Internet Support Group: Dan Howell

My sister asked me why they drew cat whiskers on their faces and I just whispered 'the cat whiskers.

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Im not crying... I just have phan in my eye

Sooooo true • danisnotonfire

People also love these ideas

Do you mean Watch Dan and Phil?

Imagine this: Dan-Suck thos points Lester 1 Phil-Dont mess me up Lester 2 Is it cute or no?

I love this video xD

Bop it in the shnoz

I love Phil

He was so sweet in this video ^_^ xxx>>>he just screamed about being a clone.

Danisnotonfire amazingphil YouTube

Amazingphil is seriously adorable! <3 that was the most perfect answer that he could

I love martyn trust me but I mean no one knows phil better than dan < < < agreed.

I love how Phil does the tongue thing it's adorable -Middle bottom-

Group of: dan howell and phil lester | via Tumblr | We Heart It

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i wanna do this with my boyfriend..... but its het and

Discover and share Phil Lester Quotes. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love.

I just want to cuddle with him. :'(

He is not useless in any way. He has saved people's LIVES. He is everything BUT useless. Philip Michael Lester it would take me 2 weeks to tell you ways you ...

Dan has a Haru pillow too right!


25 Facts Every YouTube Fan Should Know About Dan Howell (aka Danisnotonfire)


amazingphil trying to eat his foot

Find this Pin and more on >• • < by lilliandreamx.

DanielDreamX is my favourite youtuer. He has an evil twin Dan Howell, but he is fine too.

389 best Youtube images on Pinterest | Amazingphil, Danisnotonfire and Ha ha

I dont get how people can say that this man is ugly. He is an actual angel

Awww Phil taking pictures of Dan. also if this applied to me it would apparently be pictures of my HW and my dog :

(yes i am typing as a ghost)~ I'm surprised I can't find any other ghost phandom members it's like Dan and Phil must have ...

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my lil feminist sons

*through ugly sobs* I won't

It's funny that even 8 years later they're still being the 2 great weirdos they always were < < < they're amazing human beings and i love them both (i love you ...

*frames this picture and puts it on wall*

Amazing Phil

Phil Lester (AmazingPhil) If only I knew him in real life.

Omfg for someone how ships Phan and haru and makato this is intense! Remember the time haru almost kissed makato? ALSO PHANS ANIME OTP IS MAKOHARU


This is the smile that Phil and only Phil can get from Dan. The pure, honest smile that the Phandom loves the most. < < < AHH TOO CUTE

j on

Amazingphil Phil Lester YouTube Dan Phil <3 ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring youtube, dan

I love that sweater! I want one like it so bad

Okay, I literally sobbed because of this. Their friendship is so freaking beautiful and


Troye Sivan, everybody

Yes, but someone actually cave Phil credit for his ideas. Thank you Zoe!

AmazingPhil Adorkable!