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QuotBlack tigersquot of Roger Vandenbergh also called quotCommando

QuotBlack tigersquot of Roger Vandenbergh also called quotCommando


Commando also called "Commando Vandenberghe" or "Black tigers" during the war in Indochine. Pin by Paolo Marzioli

Colonel Roger TRINQUIER chargé de la Direction de la Protection Urbaine (DPU). Il

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Rolf Steiner during his service as commander of the 4th Biafran Commando Brigade. A famous legionnaire who served in Algeria and Vietnam, Steiner became a ...


Captain Bernard Cabiro, famous officer of French foreign Legion, that fought in Dien Bien Phu wearing his brush strokes camo uniform.

Major Roger Faulques - French mercenary

Pierre Schoendoerffer à Diên Biên Phu

1914 1918 - Georges Guynemer (1894-1917), pilote de chasse, as - France

Déodat du Puy-Montbrun, when he was captain of colonial paratroopers in Indochne.

Bob Denard sighting a recoiless rifle. First battle of Albertsville, Congo, 1960

Le capitaine Pierre Sergent 1 rep

French Marine Commandos in Saigon -1950/51

To conclude, a beautiful picture of Adjudant-Chef Vandenberghe, commando platoon leader in Indochina "the black tigers" :

Camouflage uniforms of the Vietnam Wars Part 1: French Indochina. - Page 9 -

Jean de Lattre de Tassigny


Legionario di etnia tedesca in Indochina. Si noti la tunica di chiara origine SS

Loading that magazine is a pain! Get your

Major Roger Faulques - French mercenary | mercenaries | Pinterest | War photography and Paratrooper

Marie-Madeleine Fourcade, née à Marseille le 8 novembre 1909 et morte le 20 juillet 1989 à Paris, a été, pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale en France, ...

Commando Ponchardier, Indochina - pin by Paolo Marzioli

Doesnt get more enlightened that this (Kaiserreich meme)

Simba uprising 1964 - 1965, mercenaries, Lieutnant Fernando Calistrat from Romania.

Vietnamese Rangers - French Indochina war, pin by Paolo Marzioli

La bataille de Diên Biên Phu, du 19 au 22 mars 1954 (V)

This Day in History: Jul 3, 1962: The Algerian War of Independence against

The situation is very grave. The combat is confused

Jacques Pâris de la Bollardière, officier à la 13ème DBLE à Narvick

navy seals vietnam | Show as slideshow]

Doc Mike in the old days

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b.vikki vintage: Vintage Black Weddings: 1952 - 1954

French Legionaries in Indo-China (IE Vietnam) as the French government sought to


50 Years of Algerian Independence: Scenes from a 20th Century War

French naval commandos in Madagascar, just before their departure for Indochine (1947).

Portrait of Japanese admiral Isoroku Yamamoto (1884-1983), wearing a suit and tie, seated at a desk with a pen in his hand, London.

Gen. René Cogny - pin by Paolo Marzioli

Personajes de Pingüinos en París (Bajo dos tricolores)" Herschel Grynszpan Un polaco nacido

Choltitz, Dietrich Hugo Hermann von - WW2 Gravestone

Philippe Kieffer leader of the Free French Commandos who fought under Lord Lovat…

"You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each

MAT 49 french gun, pin by Paolo Marzioli

My Father

Gladiator - Russell Crowe wideweb My Name Is Maximus Decimus .


French Paratroops in Indochina circa 1953 ready their Mat 49 sub machine guns for a assault

Jean Lartéguy, RIP


God plays dice with the universe, but their loaded dice. The main objective is to find out by what rules they are loaded and how we can use them for our own ...

Local recruits of French Naval commandos called "Jaubert" in ...

Choltitz, Dietrich Hugo Hermann von - WW2 Gravestone

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "commandos militaire"

Indochine 2e B.E.P , la compagnie de garde de la BPAN comportant à l'époque

French seaman of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle. Summer uniform.

Titel Tito Beschreibung Im Gespräch mit Nasser. Im königlichen Schloss Dedinje in Belgrad. F Körperschaft International News Photos Datierung 16.07.1956

Choltitz, Dietrich Hugo Hermann von - WW2 Gravestone

ECPAD | Commandos Marine dans la baie d'Along.( Ha Long bay)

Saigon, capital city of South Vietnam, fell to North Vietnamese forces on April 30th 1975. The fall of Saigon effectively marked the end of.

Le Soldat Georges Guynemer photographié alors qu'il était mécanicien du 1er groupe d'

Roger E. Mosley

'The World is our Country.'

Marines Inspect Enemy Ammunition, 1969 "Wet Cache: Leathernecks of the 5th Marines near

The 3rd Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment (3e Regiment de Parachutistes d'Infanterie de Marine, 3e RPIMa) is a part of the 11th Parachute Brigade and is ...

Choltitz, Dietrich Hugo Hermann von - WW2 Gravestone

Helie denoix de st marc a son proces

Felix Salm-Salm - Brady-Handy.jpg

Berlin, Germany: Max Schmeling, who defeated Joe Louis, boxing sensation, in one of the biggest upsets of fistidom, is pictured with his wife Anny Ondra, ...

65 best Armée française images on Pinterest | History, Battle and Civilization

South of Paris. August 25th, 1944. Commander General Jacques Philippe LECLERC with his

A man see his "western" hair cut by a VIetcong soldier in the immediate aftermath of the fall of Saigon, Vietnam, 1975, photograph by Jean-Claude Labbe.

"Commando de chasse" ("Hunt Commando") of French Army in Algeria

Choltitz, Dietrich Hugo Hermann von - WW2 Gravestone

269 best Can Tho images on Pinterest | Oil painters, Red army and Art posters

French paratrooper of the 3ème RCP, heavily wounded in Algeria. Pin by Paolo Marzioli

ESM Saint Cyr CEFE 2016

Benito Mussolini (1883-1945), asiste a un evento deportivo en honor a

Muzéo, Edition d'art et de photo | Jacques Cathelineau (1759-1793

Nylands brigads kommendör, kommodor Arvi Tavaila, granskar trupperna Uudenmaan prikaatin komentaja, kommodori Ari

the generals Cogny (left) and Gilles. - 1953

Find this Pin and more on Bob Denard - A mercenary in Africa by travelblog5555.

French General Pierre-Marie Koenig

French soldiers rested after leading a counterattack during the bloody siege at Dien Bien Phu in

CHATEAU-JOBERT Pierre -colonel- dit CONAN -

S soldier in Vietnam

Helie Denoix de Saint Marc

Saburo Sakai left us on September 22, 2000, with 84 years.

French troops are on parachute over Dien Bien Phu.

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dien bien phu battle pictures images photos, pin by Paolo Marzioli

Image depicting an operator from 22 SAS serving in Task Force Black alongside a member of


A member of the French Foreign Legion at Dien Bien Phu in north-west Vietnam

Jean Joseph Marie Gabriel de Lattre de Tassigny, Maréchal de France