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QuotYou Just Never Knowquot by Official P4CM Poet Prophet Christian

QuotYou Just Never Knowquot by Official P4CM Poet Prophet Christian


Buisson Buisson Presents Forever and Ever by MissTerious Janette.

JO Speaks performs his amazing piece "A Lesson Before Dying" during P4CM's Lyricist Lounge

"Does Anybody Know That You're A Christian" - P4CM poet, Karness

Presents Exegesis Of Jesus! by RHETORIC Poet GFSoldier. this is savage!

You Just Lost One... - P4CM (Passion For Christ Movement) This

For The True Man of God. P4CM

Spoken Word performed by grader Nadia Prescott at Upper Room Christian School World Center "Beauty Defined" Someday, if by the grace of God I a.

"Music" by Official P4CM Poet Jose Palos

P4CM Videos — P4CM | Passion 4 Christ Movement

A Poem About Weed by Official P4CM Poet Jackie Hill @JackieHillPerry - YouTube

9 best Rhetoric/Spoken Word images on Pinterest | Slam poetry, Christian music and Spoken word

P4CM presents Rhetoric 2012, the largest Christian Poetry event in Southern California. Featured P4CM

There's no more purpose for my lungs 'cos I'm not breathing. If I thought that I was still alive, then I think I was dreaming. I just left ...

"Dangerously In Love" By Jackie Hill @jackiehillperry

Lesbian Testimony

God's annointing is definitely flowing all over Christian spoken word artist, Janette. I had the distinct pleasure of catching up with this young lady to ...

Driven Conference: P4CM POET Janette...ikz- I Will Wait.


Whoever knew silence could be so deadly? P4CM Official Ezekiel exhorts the Body of Christ to understand the gravity of not sharing the Gospel duri…

You Just Lost One... - P4CM (Passion For Christ Movement) This video is awesome! "Dear Satan, our relationship is done...." | Poetry | Pinterest ...



Something interesting to consider besides that is the role that the Orthodox church has had in shaping the dynamics of Rastararianism.

Pointing to the un-Christian-like deeds of Constantine and other European rulers; the Catholic Church, and US presidents as proof that Christianity is bad ...

"SILENCE IS DEADLY" by Official P4CM Poet Ezekiel

Why do so-called Christians forsake the pure wine of Gospel joy for the adulterated poison which the whore of the world smilingly holds out to them in her ...

To live is Christ, to die is gain.


About the Author:

How many know …


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The difference between conviction a.

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Have a great one, and be sure to take a moment to say Thank You Jesus. He's the reason for the season. His birth opened the door to our ...

Resurrection Life Everyday Through the Word

... The Great White Throne Judgement ...

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Anyone Remember what happened to Carlton Pearson? Also, how to deal with Inclusion Doctrine in WOF? | Christian Forums

As I walked to the tool box, I thought, "Why not? If He fixed a broken iPod dock, He could make this broken car run like it was supposed to."

Jeff Bethke's poem Jesus > Religion was written, and introduced, in 2012 through a 4-minute video titled, Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus.

The time flew, but we took advantage of each moment. I praise the Lord for giving me friends like Lyndsey.

Passion For Christ Movement | The Fall – Preston Perry & Jackie Hill Perry | RHETORIC 2014

Preach The Gospel At All Times || David Bowden || Spoken Word

I was also suprised to see my favorite Christian Poet from the states, Blair Wingo there and we had a little chat. Below is a picture with me, ...

Ok so you probably think Okay where she going with this shes so weird.

Christian hip hop

P4CM Presents Exegesis Of Jesus! by RHETORIC Poet GFSoldier | The Word | Pinterest | Poet, Inspirational videos and Spiritual


English: John Owen (1616-1683)

In general, Christianity (by the way, the term “Christianity” is not mentioned even once in the entire Bible) teaches a greasy Grace…saying we are no longer ...



Jose Rodriguez ( @jrodriguez3jr )

You Are Going To Make It Inspiring Christian Poem

Man vs. God

(Note: Sites will probably start being added the week of 5/11/10.)

If you are not going to give proper credit, be original. Add to the conversation.Stop plagiarizing and just quote the person directly.

Thank You, Father, for the blessing of another Sabbath in Your Presence!

Baby Jesus

Every moment I take time out to spend time with God in worship, I hear Him tell me He loves me. Now the question is, how do you hear God? How do you know ...

Ok so you probably think Okay where she going with this shes so weird.

Abortion Poems

"And if Christ is not risen, then our preaching is empty and your faith. "

He was Attacked

Except ...

When You Want to Be Holy but Bae Looks Too Good

Sinner's Prayer

And, you can tell ...

The Medicine Tree ( @samurai.grizzly.king )

Additionally, what do you think the political stances of Christ were? For sincerly, when reading the Word, I cannot help but notice that on many things ...

Credit: Christian Post

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“MissTerious Janette…ikz (pronounced mysterious genetics) is simply a young woman in love with her Savior Jesus Christ and has decided to use every gift He ...


But God saved you. I've never tried to answer the question, “Why God spared your life?,” except knowing ...

Worth ...

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Doctors Prayers Bring God's Healing Presence

If you get too involved emotionally, sometimes, you may end up getting caught up with a disease. Not an STD, but an ETD.


I know it's never easy especially if pride or selfishness will try to take over. I just have to look up, continue looking UP.

#AWORDForTheDay (Imitating Christ's Humility) 5 In your relationships with one another, have

Eric Holmberg from The Apologetics Group has started a new TV series called "War of the Worldviews." Currently, the show is only being shown Mondays on the ...

Poetry Pictures: Excerpts from some new unreleased poetry

"My Wife's Death in Biblical Perspective" by: Dr. E.V. Hill | Transparency=My Life is an Open Book

Know when to draw the line. FULL VIDEO (👈 SWIPE

Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor and water

Tasha Magness, previous Biola student and co-founder of Biola Queer Underground, shares about her conviction to start the BQU despite her anxiety ...

I hope that we try to get rid of that concept in our mind and just embrace without confusion that being a Christian, that's just how it is.

@Marine Allaire Presents Peculiar People by Smashed Saint - YouTube