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Quothe can make you moanquot MaggieShull handsom fellas t


"Are you tall? Are you short? Are your eyes blue? Are they brown? Don't tell me. What does it matter, so long as our minds meet" Jimmy Stewart reading a ...

< < If you truly believe that, then don't get an abortion. You've made your choice, now let the rest of us make ours.

Whatever happened to Baby Jane?

Brightest Smile

“The Housemartins' signing party – Sam and I had been to Paul Heaton's house 10 days previously (at his request) and fixed it up.

Lemonade Mouth

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Alice Munro who-do-you-think-you-are collage

So think as you drunk I am

Interpret the truth from his behavior

My favorite lyric from "I want crazy"- Hunter Hayes

Backwoods Barbie

She was also responsible for preserving Anne Frank's diary and delivering it to her father Otto Frank, ...

Michael J. Fox

I'm usually this happy if I find a long-forgotten £2 coin in my trouser pocket. I don't know what I'd do if I managed to make my own fire while stranded on ...

Franchot Tone and Joan Crawford in "Sadie Mckee". Haven't seen this movie but I like the quote.

Hello Mr. Ed Burns ;) · Beautiful People QuotesEdward ...

love me some sam!

Dr. W. sat in his office behind his desk. I explained my mistake. As he listened, his rubbery face lengthened. The silence that followed multiplied, ...


Ain't that the truth · Teacher HumorTeacher QuotesSchool ...

Bernadette Peters

Nelson Mandela - a South African anti-apartheid activist and politician who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to the first to be elected in a ...

Dad quote and cartoon illustration via www.Facebook.com/GleamOfDreams

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Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marqués de Dalí de Pubol (May 1904 – January known as Salvador Dalí (Catalan pronunciation: [səɫβəˈðo ...

ALLUMS and MARGARET HIGGINS. Happy birthday to you all!

LOL, im listening to the Pistolas and their song is "Take it with a kiss" and one of the lines was "My best and only friend" right when i sa scarface ...

Can't help it: Science now seems to back the idea that women's brains


This particular link carries a quotation from the redoubtable "Hunter", who is to Markos Moulitsas Zuniga what the former Cardinal Ratzinger was to Pope ...

'I was six when Seppie left home. I cried for two weeks. I. '

Hot hot hot

Lemonade Mouth. '

You'll see

Our interpretations may often be inaccurate, irrational or self-destructive, and this will make us emotionally sick.

(FR) 5 days of love & alternative music !

'You don't imagine your standards can drop further after student living, but. '

Shawna is not going to have make-up sex with the Nikon.

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Brittany: Kurt, Blaine, the whole time I was planning this high-end barn wedding, all I could think about was you guys, ...

If he can't inspire us and move our souls to alternate realities, he can at least leave a slightly traumatic and grotesque imprint.

I am Canadian and this is so true it's insane, even when you give little old ladies hockey sticks they will turn into blood thirsty monsters

Even as someone who utterly despises the Labour Party for its unbroken record of economic and social failure and wishing them only ill-will as I do, ...

Marilyn Monroe. Beautiful ...

The 19-year-old girl was on her way back from a theme park with friends in car driven by a drug driverFacebook ...

Woody would never mock you, Buzz

... la foire du trone Clemlittleworld-33 ...

Take this dashing big wave-haired gob. To the few of you who don't instantaneously recognize him, he's one David Gizzborn Sirota, book author, ...

Maggie Jones

But old Jack Falstaff, in him have I made roads. Getting past the first chunk is hardest, for it plunges in and doesn't endear us to anyone but Hotspur.

I liked Maggie Gyllenhaal's fake tattoo, which was hilariously covered up in many shots cuz who has the time to put a principal through extensive make-up ...

There are so few rules in my family that I need to make my own. On Christmas morning, I open my stocking and one present before waking the household.

I have just finished up two biographies on John Wayne, Duke: The Life and Times of John Wayne by Ronald L. Davis and John Wayne: My Life W.

I'd rather die tomorrow - Pocahontas. 8 Beautiful Disney Picture Quotes that make your day.

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Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. Change is inevitable either way · Baby Steps QuotesSmall ...

Elvis Presley - Singing Tree ( take

Army Official Portrait of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Early Battle of the Bulge Allied to France Purple Heart Slaughterhouse-Five

So... hit play. It's only 6PM on a Saturday. You have all the time in the world to get straight. Feeling good enough to mix another drink, to steady your ...

Tony ...

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Anderson takes a lot of care with his films. Often even if a character's ...

Ok I've had enough bad.ready for the good now pleeeeease & thank you

... three-part harmony outfit with lead vocals courtesy tremolo tenor Michael Reynolds aren't exactly brining anything new to the country ...

Community 1re - Livre de l'élève

'I don¿t care how

God can heal whatever pain this life may bring you. Be courageous and believe that all the hurt that you're feeling right now is nothing compared to the ...

Leon Brittan (centre) with Margaret Thatcher, Lord Hailsham, Sir Keith Joseph and Michael Heseltine in the 1980s (PA)

Billy Connolly's Route 66

"Never lost sight of the fact that just being is fun" - Katharine Hepburn Quotes and Inspiration- Pinspiration-- Frosted Events

Someone Needs to Take That Fat Little Sh*t Out

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