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Rainbow montipora Corals t

Rainbow montipora Corals t


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I cut off the outer edges of my colony to make a few frags

Reef Raft Crazy T Montipora


CA Rainbow Montipora

rainbow montipora

crazy t 102517 ...

I attached a picture of the type I'm looking for.

My beach bum from Jason fox from reefapalooza last year.

Brain freeze


ASD Rainbow Phoenix Montipora


A&M Aquatics' Rainbow Montipora

This photo was take in Feb of 2016. The colony is now about 3.5" across in all directections

superman montipora danae in my friends tank

Superman Montipora Coral

Beyond the Montipora and birdsnest, you get into the most demanding of all corals: Acropora spp., Stylophora spp, Pocillopora spp., etc.

Red Acropora Millepora, Rainbow Montipora, Idaho Grape Montipora

[ IMG]

Please ...

Rainbow Montipora Polyp Extension

Rainbow Montipora Coral


Plating montipora

Bubble Gum Digitata

Rainbow Montipora


... tyree rainbow montipora and my superman montipora if anyone is interested $5 bucks will get you a nice piece. They have just gotten too big and i need ...

Rainbow Montipora (Kien Tran) Rainbow Montipora photo by Kien Tran

Appleberry Montipora Coral

Forest Fire Montipora Digitata

Blue cheese montipora & rainbow montipora

Rainbow Corals: The Master Aquarium List

Montipora Danae Ble 2.jpg

[ IMG]

And now here it is now. Notice that it has grown significantly onto the rocks below so it isnt removable. I hope its not a light issue but that usually is ...

Rainbow Montipora

Rainbow Montipora

Still growing and starting to get some yellow and orange back. There are still some browned out spots though.


here are 2 i have. both rainbow monti.

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*PURPLE MONTIPORA CAPRICORNUS ~ Purple Montipora Capricornis with Deep Blue Polyps

Rainbow Discosoma

For Sale (DC/MD/VA) 9/27/2016: Acan, Montipora Cap, Gorgonian, Orange/ Rainbow BTA - YouTube

Might as well since i just posted this on my build thread. Oakleys juggernaut

Rainbow Phoenix Montipora

[ IMG]

All montipora corals we sell are first dipped, quarantined and finally they are hand-selected for both color and health. All the corals we sell are packaged ...


MontiporaVelvetCoralCover MontiporaVelvetCoralCover

Siberian Rainbow Millepora – Author's photo

Juice#3: Encrusting Rainbow Montipora. This frag still isn't colored up all the way. This is a hardy coral, but in order to keep the colors bright, ...

Rainbow Montipora Polyp Closeup Photo by Jeromy Carroll

Superman Montipora Coral | Aquarium Livestock Wish List | Pinterest | Livestock and Aquariums


Stunning 2 Heads frogspawn Coral Frag | eBay

Jason Fox's Brain Freeze Montipora

Tyree Sunset Montipora

I also have a brand new in Box Tiger Shark Floating Magnet. It works great on glass thickness from 5/8” to 7/8” and acrylic thickness from 5/8” to 3/4”.

Family: Acroporidae Picture of a Velvet Finger Coral, Montipora digitata

(Yellow rainbow montipora)JF Beach Bum, Altered Ego, AquaSD Rainbow Phoenix, WWC Kung Pow, RR Crazy-

Corals As Colorful As This Lobophyllia Shouldn't Exist!

Montipora stellata

Photo Gallery

Will trade for frags like Rainbow Monti, Sunset Monti, Strawberry Fields, or any interesting sps corals. PM me if interested!

ASL Heisenberg Montipora undata limited edition SPS Coral

here's a pic of what it looks like now:

Procoral's Rainbow Acropora – Author's photo

WWC Peppermint Cyphastrea

Rainbow Montipora


Rainbow Montipora. IlY1URi.jpg

Image is loading WYSIWYG-Live-Coral-PC-Rainbow-Acropora-SPS-Pro-

A frag of MattVs Rainbow Envy from Cruz Arias showing its optimal coloration

I can't wait for my tiny frag of it

WWC Rainbow Montipora - 02/02/2017 - 6 months

Reef tek starburst monti.$60. Not my pic bit mine looks like this


... coral of some sort on a 2 year old Rainbow Montipora frag. I assumed it was Pocillopora and it may be, but the polyps don't look exactly the same.

It had the baby blue body and red polyps. After a month in the tank, it developed a rainbow color. I forgot that I have a third "Rainbow" monti.

Montipora aequituberculata. Montipora_aequituberculata.jpg

Purple Montipora. Image by Than Thein/www.tidalgardens.com

Sunset Montipora

WWC Bullion Favites

Family: Acroporidae Picture of a Finger Staghorn Coral, Acropora humilis

UWW rainbow sunburst

post-1426-020951600 1338514589_thumb.jpg

Check out a photo of a Poker Star Montipora Coral (Montipora tuberculosa) in stock:

Rainbow Montipora - $20

Check out this tidbit of Heaven I just got!

Green Encrusting Montipora. Franky's Corals