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Ssonne91 A German soldier in a trench with a captured soviet

Ssonne91 A German soldier in a trench with a captured soviet


ssonne91. German soldiers in a Soviet bunker captured ...

chocolate-n-vanilla-swirl-irl: “ A German soldier in a trench with a captured soviet PPSH-41 submachine gun on the eastern front. ”

Captured soviet flag

German soldier in a trench, located in the dunes on North Sea coast, listens on a field phone. Next to him, “Stick Hand Grenade 24” (Stielhandgrana…

Hit by German machine gun fire in the Fifth Army Advance up the

krueger-waffen: “A German soldier with a captured Soviet rifle SVT-40. ”

Wehrmacht (Heer) German soldiers including a "Gefreiter", who is injured, hide behind semi-armored Sd.

Deep in to the war, basic necessity becomes lacking, tooth brushes, needles, shoes, socks, soups, underwear, etc.

German troops Nettuno, Anzio area - pin by Paolo Marzioli

08 Nov 1967, Near Tam Ky, A stressed 1st Cavalry soldier is consoling his

34. SS Landstorm Nederland. German Soldiers Ww2German ArmySoviet ...

jasta11: “ Captured Italian soldiers are escorted to the rear by German soldiers during the

German soldiers in a Soviet bunker captured in Sevastopol, 1941. Pin by Paolo Marzioli | Eastern front | Pinterest | German, German army and German uniforms

waffenss1972: “ Soviet soldier with a harmonica and vacationers soldiers of the Red Army ”

kruegerwaffen: “ Fallschirmjaegers and dead russian soldier ”- pin by Paolo poo poo Marzioli

German 6th Army Infantrymen pause in the ruins during heavy fighting with Soviet forces during the

German Wehrmacht soldiers confer on the streets of Grodno during Operation Barbarossa; the German invasion of the Soviet Union. Prior to German and Soviet ...

talesofwar: “ Some jokes never get old, don't they ? ”

II Guerra Mundial on

A German soldier of the Luftwaffe Field Division carrying an Italy,

Des Teufels Tanz um tausend Seelen

German Wehrmacht soldiers look at a captured Soviet trench line and the dead body of the soldier who manned the Maxim machinegun during Operation Barbarossa ...

Grossdeutschland Sniper on the Russian Front using a captured Mosin Nagant rifle

A seriously wounded German soldier is tended to by a comrade during the opening stages of

The men fell dead -tired into the ditches during a short rest. Summer 1944 · German Soldiers ...

Soviet soldiers surrender to Leibstandarte in the summer of In the second photo captured Mosin–Nagant rifles with bayonets.

Rare unseen large pictures of German soldiers at Battle of Stalingrad

Battle of Stalingrad: Frozen dead German, January 1943.

German soldeirs in a posed photo during the capture of Taliin , Estonia capital city,

German troops capture a Soviet soldier after a successful offensive on the Eastern Front. 1943

Eastern front winter German troops carried no winter gear with them in their invasion of the Soviet Union. The invasion scheduled for May did not occur ...

A German mortar man killed on the Eastern Front

Men of the Division Feldhernhalle at Narva rescue their orderly, 1944. German Soldiers Ww2German ...

German soldier in a trench, located in the dunes on North Sea coast, listens on a field phone. Next to him, “Stick Hand Grenade 24” (Stielhandgranate 24).

tranchee allemande 2e guerre · Ww2 PhotosGerman ArmyGerman ...

German soldiers listen carefully to what this Russian lady is saying. Novorossiysk, 1942

German soldiers examine a wrecked Soviet BT-7 tank. A crew member lies incinerated

Russian boys give German soldiers a shoe shine, 1942

German Soldier Throwing a Grenade into a Building, March 20, 1940

German army

This Waffen-SS radio team, possibly from Regiment Westland of the Wiking Division, was photographed during Operation Barbarossa. The ability to successfully ...

Soldier of the 33. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS Charlemagne (französische Nr

Members of the Grenadier division Grossdeutschland in a street fight in Rostov-on-Don (USSR), in July 1942

Soviet soldiers advance against the German army during the Battle of Stalingrad. The battle for the city on the Volga River (present-day Volgograd) was a ...

German forces in the north have advanced capturing Smolensk, Kalinin, Tula and have apparently encircled Moscow and cut off supply to Lening.

A German soldier raises his hands in the air in a gesture of surrender as a Russian soldier covers him with a gun on the Russian front in WW II.

German grenadiers in a trench on the northern front in the Soviet Union, March 1944

Eastern front 1943 German soldiers take cover against a destroyed Soviet KV-1 tank in

Soldaten of the Waffen-SS in white camouflage uniform sitting on StuG III with Schürzen passing by burning Soviet trucks on the roadside.

German soldiers fighting in Novorossiysk, 1943 (the face of Eastern Front combat)

Rare images and Pictures of the German Waffen SS soldiers in action during

US Staff Sergeant Francis Daggertt of the Military Police of the Armored Division and the German Wehrmacht soldier, the soldier only 10 years old when ...

A US military policeman talks to two German boy POWs, who have been loaded unto

Stalingrad, January 1943: German, Romanian and Italian soldiers are brothers in captivity as they begin the treck to Soviet POW camps, mostly in Siberia.

Soviet Soldier

Eastern Front in Color Photos, 1942

Finnish soldiers check out a captured Soviet sniper rifle during their smoke break, 14 August 1941.

Aleksandra Samusenko, the only female tanker in the Soviet Guards Tank Army

German SS Soldier with MP40

With such tanks, the SOVIET UNION started the war with the German invaders . On broken Soviet German soldiers.

Even in War, there is a time for practical jokes!

German soldiers sleeping on the ground.

Clearing of a group of houses , russian military gearon the ground, Russia

A German soldier of the Luftwaffe Field Division carrying an MG-42. Italy, 1943.

Soldiers of 27. Freiwilligen Grenadier Division Langemarck

German troops eating food from the Goulash wagon food container used for transporting a warm meal

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German soldiers crossing the road on the outskirts of Stalingrad.

Three German soldiers in fox hole, manning a MG 34 machine gun in front of

German soldiers listen to the radio in Russia

Red Army Snipers training with SVT 40 semi automatic rifles.

historywars: “German soldiers entered a house ”

German soldiers in the trophy truck GAZ-AAA at the monument to VI Lenin in the occupied soviet zone of Vyazma, 1941.

“ The members of the Leibstandarte shown here have been caught on camera while entering a Russian village soon after the start of Operation Barbarossa in ...


Red army in Germany 1945

Guhl, Peiper and Wolff in Italy, 1943

An SS machine gun team, in Russia possibly

Soldiers of SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment 25, with the SS-Schütze Ernst Molter, armed with Kar98K Schießbecher (grenade launcher) in the foreground and ...

Soviet soldier`s before execution . This picture taken on June 30 1941 - show`s German Jaeger`s - from Tyrol Mountain Regiment / of the Mountain Division ...

worldwartwoinpics: “ German soldier with anti-tank rifle ”

Soviet soldiers fire on German positions near the Soviet State Bank in Stalingrad, autumn 1942

... battle area of Kirovograd, Ukraine in March These Soviet soldiers fell in the hands of the German Army after they were captured during a counterattack.

Soviet tank, captured and used by the German Wehrmacht

Prisoners of war captured between Gustav and Hitler Lines. 26 May 1944, Liri Valley, Italy.

Freezing German soldier

Find this Pin and more on Wehrmacht by ancanrazvan.

II Guerra Mundial on

German soldiers moving through a Russian village, leaving burning houses behind.

panzerbekampfer: “Elements of Panzer-Brigade 111 at The Battle of Arracourt - France

Werhmacht soldier on the Eastern Front. Probably propaganda postcard.

WWI & WWII Military Historian. — ssonne91: Frozen hell: Russia, the only

MPLA begins armed struggle February 1969 MPLA begins armed struggle against Portugal in Angola.

German and Russian Soldiers in Poland 1939

Two non-commissioned officer in the Wehrmacht smoke in the USSR

Soldiers of the Waffen 6'th SS Mountain Division Nord

Chief of the General Staff of the German Army, Lieutenant-General of Infantry Hans Krebs Staff casts around Soviet troops in Berlin.

Last shots are being fired from a Finnish stronghold, with a newly captured Russian anti-tank rifle. (Last days of the Continuation War, Uuksujärvi,

German soldiers of the Infantry Division Infanterie-Division) cross the Berezina river during the initial stages of their invasion into the Soviet Union ...