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StukablrISU152 Tanks t Isu 152

StukablrISU152 Tanks t Isu 152

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World of Tanks ISU-152 - 2 Kills 9,5K Damage

War Thunder: The SU-152 "Beast Slayer", Soviet Tier-3, Tank Destroyer - - YouTube


World of Tanks ISU-152 - 6 Kills 8,3K Damage

... ISU-152 tank destroyer ...

World of Tanks ISU-152 - 3 Kills 9,1K Damage

Russian SU-152 9 (cy-152) Heavy Tank Destroyer (Just Getting Started) - YouTube

Isu152 Kubinka.jpg

ISU-152. T-44

World of Tanks ISU-152 - 10 Kills 8K Damage

Picture of Su-152 (Zveroboy) Self-Propelled Heavy Assault Gun / Tank

World of Tanks SU-152 - 4 Kills 6,4K Damage

SU-76M Tank Destroyer, ISU-122, ISU-152 152mm Self-Propelled Gun USSR Soviet Union

ISU-152 by PsykoHilly ...

Tank Review ISU-152

ISU-152 3D model

The ISU-152 in the Garage.

So, who wants a real ISU-152?

World of Tanks SU-152 - 7 Kills 6,4K Damage

SU-152 Destroyer of Worlds | World of Tanks Blitz

ISU-152 T-55 by Wolfenkrieger ...

Only One Day Left to Save on SU-152 Heavy Tank Destroyer!

ISU-152 Tank Destroyer PLA Artillery Regiment Hobby Master HG7021 1:72

World of Tanks SU-152 - 7 Kills 5,1K Damage



SU-152 & ISU-152 Tank Destroyers - Weapons of Victory

ISU-152 (9.20) - 7.6K Damage - 8 Kills - World of Tanks: ISU-152 Gameplay

ISU-152-2 Prototype.

File:T-34-85 and ISU-152 at a museum in Belarus

BL-8 High Power 152 mm Gun

ISU-152 12 Kills! But Is It Enough? - World of Tanks

World of Tanks Blitz | ISU-152 Gameplay: BL-10 Massacre

War Thunder - I'd Rather Go to the Gulag than Drive the ISU-152! - YouTube

ISU 152 Oversized (130%) For Garry's Mod Image 2


World of Tanks: What line to go after the SU-100? | Techdragon.info - YouTube

Surviving Russian Soviet ISU 152 Heavy Self Propelled Gun SPG

SU/ISU-152 documentary

Bastogne Barracks NUTS 2016 ISU 152 tank

Weak points of ISU-152

World Of Tanks Blitz How To Drive Stalins Derpasaurus SU 152

World of Tanks - ISU-152 Review & Gameplay

Soviet ISU-152 Tank Expansion

SU-152 Self-Propelled Gun 1:72 Diecast Model - Eaglemoss EG-RU0093 - $9.95

World of Tanks - ISU-152 Tier 8 Tank Destroyer - Bang, You're Dead. - YouTube

Dragon Models ISU-152-2 BL-10 Model Kit (1/35

The SU-152 in the Garage.


SU-152. T-43

SU-152 Taran

ISU-152 with 152mm BL-10 gun

Russian SU 152 and ISU 152 (History)

World of Tanks SU-152 - 6 Kills 6,8K Damage

World Of Tanks : ISU-152 (122mm D-25S) - Mines (5 Kills)

ISU-152 - Back in action

The 152mm gun fired a roughly 40kg or 100lb high-explosive round, the gun was made to destroy concrete bunkers with a anti-concrete round.

Wot Blitz ISU 152 The Dirty Derp Guide Review Gameplay

Here is the completed model of the Italeri ISU-152. I decided to build the standard version after I found this excellent tip on how to assemble ...

Zvezda ISU - 152 [15mm]

Description: In April 1944, in attempt to increase the firepower of ISU-152, a high-power variant of the self-propelled gun was developed in Factory No.

ISU-152 by WormWoodTheStar ...

SU-152 - World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks SU-152 (Anime Skins Pack by Ikaros50rus) 5032 DMG - Airfield

In-box Review: Dragon 6796 ISU-152-2 155mm BL-10 Cannon 2-in-1 Smart Kit - YouTube

Russian ISU-152 tank


Su-152, The Best Derp Tank! - YouTube

Upper left

Karlshorst ...

Boxart ISU-152 296 Italeri

Inside the Chieftain's Hatch: ISU-152, Episode 1

As I was finishing up, it occurred to me that the gun cleaning rods on the roof are the same ones in the standard ISU-152 or ISU-122 vehicles. That can't be ...

World of Tanks - The SU-152 and Related Vehicles: Yuri Igorevich Pasholok, Dana Lombardy, Christopher Parker: 9781940169026: Amazon.com: Books

Boxart ISU-152-2 6796 Dragon

By the way blowing enemies turret off was nothing Special in WW2.ISU-152 werent the only vehicle that could blew a turret from a tank: KV-2 wreck:

File:Different Soviet tanks, SU-152, T-54, etc.

An Egyptian ISU-152 during the 1973 war, it is being used as self-propelled artillery, and has been given a desert camouflage.

SU-152 "Taran" (СУ-152 "Таран") was a Soviet experimental fully enclosed and armored tank destroyer built in 1965. History

30 ISU-152 vs 10 KING TIGERS - RobZ Mod Range Addon - MoW Assault Squad 2 - Editor Scenario #108

Soviet ISU-152

SU-152 - Forever Derp Life - Wot Blitz

The (Blitz) Unicum Guide to the SU-152

ISU-152 - mistrzostwo świata - BITWA - World of tanks

Отличный скин для ИСУ-152 for World of Tanks

ISU-152 Self-Propelled Gun 1:72 Diecast Model - Hobby Master HM-HG7022 - $31.95