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T Asparagus and Plants

T Asparagus and Plants



Growing asparagus

Asparagus is a perennial vegetable whose edible shoots are harvested in spring. Male plants produce better crop yields because they do not flower or fruit.


Looking after your Asparagus Plants


It may come as a shock to city dwellers but spears sprouts straight from the ground


Thermometer said 4 below zero...the weather people said cold, but didn't know that cold. Stoves were good in running last night, so the plants are fine.

Done right, planting a bed of asparagus is a once-in-a-generation affair. Other than artichokes, capers and rhubarb, asparagus is the only perennial ...

I ...

Asparagus stalks growing in the garden

Wild asparagus shoot.


Rows of growing Asparagus

Asparagus spears are young shoots.

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Jersey Supreme Asparagus

Who says asparagus can't grow in pots?

do not harvest spears first year

Sexism in the asparagus patch

And once you've spotted one plant, look closely because there is bound to be more. We often find multiple plants within a 10-20ft radius, and even some ...

Baby asparagus foliage

Asparagus, Jersey Giant, , large

First Year Asparagus

asparagus field

A Buzzfeed poll reveals that 59 per cent of people don't know how asparagus

At the end of the harvest, allow the asparagus plants to form ferns. These help transfer energy to the roots for good spear development the next season.

It's beginning to thin at the top and get rather bushy at the base. This is a great plant for a hanging basket or in a raised planter.

asparagus ferns photo

10 Surprising Facts About Asparagus

Growing Asparagus

You say goodbye to annual frost-tender veggies each winter - but not to the

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Jersey Supreme hybrid asparagus- Can't wait for that first asparagus in the spring? Delicious, large spears are ready earlier than other varieties!

Home gardeners are growing asparagus (Asparagus officinalis) like never before, and discovering that fresh is far superior to anything they can purchase in ...

asparagus growing in a garden bed with feathery fronds

Asparagus Duo (Spring/Autumn Planting)

Asparagus officinalis

plant asparagus-first year spears

How to Growing, planting, harvesting Asparagus - Gardening Tips

Start your own hybrid Guelph Millennium asparagus from seed. Plants have good cold tolerance and produce high yields of very uniform 100 per cent male ...

Asparagus Berries


Asparagus Growing in the Ground

Asparagus 3 Yr Roots Crowns For Sale Buy Asparagus Plants for Sale Grow Aspargaus

How To: Plant Asparagus Root Crowns in Containers

Growing asparagus from seed- A cheaper alternative to buying expensive semi mature crowns.

Growing Asparagus

True, you can't cut any spears the first year. And you have to limit the take the second time around. After that, though, asparagus lasts, and lasts, ...

Asparagus Plants

Asparagus foliage

Did you know that asparagus is a member of the Lily family? I sure didn't. Asparagus likes sandy-ish soils, and can grow 10 inches ina 24-hour period under ...

Asparagus doesn't grow well in beds overrun with weeds.


Silk Plants Direct Hanging Asparagus Fern, Pack of 1

Asparagus Companion Plants – What Grows Well With Asparagus

Asparagus Fern. Great fillers and you just about can't kill them. ♥

Asparagus is a perennial vegetable that does best when grown in raised beds. Spears that

cooked asparagus in a plate

Asparagus gets tough after growing more than a few inches high.

Tired of temporary annual vegetables? Then it's time to plant asparagus! Find your complete

female asparagus plants with red berries are going to seed

Plant Garlic in between your Asparagus and other garden plants to keep pests out. Rabbits

The edible stems of asparagus rise directly from the ground. Spears that are about 8

Asparagus, Jersey Supreme Hybrid, , large

How to Grow Asparagus

female asparagus plant//each berry contains several seeds. The seeds are easy to germinate, but you won't know which ones will turn out male (males produce ...

Arizona Gardeners: Artichokes, asparagus can grow well in Pinal

wild asparagus

Usually you don't think about staking your asparagus until after the ferns are large and unwieldy, so I love this practical way of planing for the need for ...

Although the plants aren't producing like crazy (yet), these little veggies are incredibly tasty. Steamed for about 3-5 minutes, then mixed with a little ...

Asparagus Fern Also Known As Plumosa Fern House Plant

Since that trip and the small bunch of spears we brought home to cook with, we couldn't shake the idea of trying to grow fresh asparagus ourselves.

asparagus stalks being harvested in the garden

Mary Washington Asparagus

An In-Depth Look at Growing Asparagus Seedlings

Asparagus spears


HOW TO: Grow your own Asparagus (and other winter veggie garden tips)

Baptisia, a wild asparagus look a like

Purple Passion Asparagus

Asparagus plumosus (photo by "fanghong", at the Wikipedia entry for Asparagus plumosus). For propagation we're going to need a bit more discussion.

How to Grow Asparagus

Top ...

I don't mean to boast, (but really I do) but I have quite a knack when it comes to growing asparagus. For those of you who don't know, Asparagus is one of ...

17 Apart: How To: Plant Asparagus Root Crowns in Containers

Six Things You Need to Know About Planting Asparagus | DIY Network Blog: Made + Remade | DIY

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Asparagus Fern