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The red string of fate Cuteness lt3 lt3 lt3 t Anime Manga

The red string of fate Cuteness lt3 lt3 lt3 t Anime Manga


<3 Kyaaaaa~!! <3 Haruka is too damn cute.

Gray Fullbuster

CyberD.org / » Fairy Tail 16

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Fairy Tail on Pinterest | Rogues, Fairytail and Nalu

Tough choices. And my #5 is reserved to Gintama. Normally I would have

Gray Fullbuster

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Oh my... I'm ... trying to watch NHK but

Well Gintama movie is awesome - if you like Gintama, so to see after /

Nobuchika Ginoza deserves more attention for his development and everything ❤ -Psycho Pass, Nobuchika


The source of Anime quotes & Manga quotes

may be next on the draw list!

Feels good when the ending is satisfying. like S;G, a happy ending

Ask box is CLOSED

Yeah, like I said, watching an anime with as much emotion as Toradora had

Gray isn't that bad afterall. He just wanted a revenge for his father's

Legend of Korra series finale: read this article! this person hits every point of mine and more about the finale. Still disappointed by it.

Choosing next season's anime was kind of "

To me the perfect "before-sleep" anime are Working!! and

Working!! and SxS are actually really calming in a way. And KWZDK well, it's not the same, but it works just perfect. I love this episode (like all the ...

It's been around a year since I stopped watching FT, not so-so long

Here's a little tidbit of information for you! A Dotonbori is what they call a

Zero - Vampire Knight- I'm in love with him

Hm... yeah, thank you. Now it makes so much sense I

Anyway it must be one I'm not watching for the first time because I

Oh **** **** **** yeah you'

Why did this scene make me smile so much ? It looked like love at firtst sight. Finished NHK first episode and it looks really cool for now.

And dat red hair... But a thing

Lyon *-*

Gotta go very quick and I'm nt sure I'll be back before you go to sleep so I may send in uncomplete so you have at least a bit.

It does get confusing at times, I'll admit I didn't really

Eating anime? You mean like anime that you focus more on eating your food than

New BlazBlue comic BlazBlue: Variable Heart will start in July, starring Mai Natsume in her battle outfit. It's so obvious she'll be playable in the console ...

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See you tomorrow then <3

It's pretty good. Nice animation and stuff.


I'm quite mad right now. Two reasons : I watched NHK ni Youkoso

Sometimes you want to watch anime while you're eating - well

DIY GLITTER WEDDING SHOE'S <3 : wedding black diy shoes shoes http://

How to Draw Stitch from Lilo and Stitch with Easy Steps Drawing Tutorial

Well in the Japanese version Kitamura is the only of the five main voices I didn't fall in love with. Who is Bosch already, wasn't one you ...

Disney Shoes, Disney Fashion, Disney Clothes

probably wouldn't wear these but they are soo cute -------Lilo & stitch shoes disney heels custom handpainted by blacknorns,

Disney Mickey and Minnie Original Custom Acrylic Painting for Toms/Canvas Shoes


Toms shoes pair of the Toms shoes is mainly covered by canvas* which is made out of cotton and post-consumer plastic waste. Toms is willing to recycle the ...

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Victoria Loraine

I'll answer the comment in around 1/2h but since I won'

my sister Alice Wolf's creation for her BF shes going to make me a Ariel one up shoes

tree id

tangled enchanted beauty and the beast aladdin Little Mermaid pocahontas Sleeping Beauty Princess and the Frog custom shoes disney shoes

The final list included her garter, ring bearer pillows, silk flowers for bridesmaids' hair, and shoe clips for the bride.


DIY Tutorial DIY Ric Rac / DIY shoe clips made with ric-rac, felt, and a glue gun - Bead&Cord

... easy crafts diy ideas diy crafts diy clothes easy diy fun diy diy shoes craft clothes craft fashion fashion diy craft shoes - ruby red slippers for ...

Mmm, sleepy anime, huh... I dunno, the first thing that comes to mind when I think shows to go to sleep to would be Natsume or something, not a comedy.


good morning quotes

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Don Bradman Cricket

The Nightmare Before Christmas Canvas Art Sneakers

Custom Shoes (Disney, Cartoon, Characters, anything you want). $100.00,


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Custom Disney Animation Inspired Adult Shoes by littlepennylane. Want!

Because he can't do a super flying jump? Don't

( Full Mod LT3.0 & JTAG/RGH2 )

Oh my god so ******* One of my favourite abridgers

i always thought the blue shoes would be a great idea :)

Cosplay Babe Jessica Nigri as Samus Aran in Her Zero Bunny Suit - Nerd Reactor

цена Шапка bodo bodo MP002XC004KK


The 100 - Grounders - Dichen Lachman as Anya

Yeah, I seriously can't imagine Taiga without Rie's voice, it just suits her perfectly. Also, it's not that I dislike Johnny Yong Bosch (he's the guy who ...

Mon intention et idée première a été de lier les deux mots qui constituent le titre de l'album par leur début et terminaison commune (la lettre S).

Looky looky #Dollhouse fans! Dichen Lachman and Fran Kranz.

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