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Thepacificfleetsubmarines All things Russian t

Thepacificfleetsubmarines All things Russian t


Admiralty Shipyards to Build Pacific Fleet Submarine Maintenance Base by 2020

Russia Closing the Gap on US With Cutting Edge Yasen Submarines

Look Inside Novorossiysk, the Russian Navy's Super-Quiet Attack Sub

How Russian Fleet Copes With US-NATO Military Challenge in Asia-Pacific

Russia's Saint George nuclear submarine arrives at base after a mission in May. Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Defense of the Russia Federation

Chinese sailors on a submarine during the fleet's review of a joint China- Russia naval exercise in the Yellow Sea, April 26, 2012. REUTERS/China Daily

Chinese Nuclear Submarine

Russian Pacific Fleet to Receive Approximately 10 New Warships in 2018

TSINGTAO - APRIL 23: A Chinese Navy submarine attends an international fleet review to celebrate

Super Stealthy: New-Look Russian Nuclear Sub to Join Pacific Fleet

Russia can now afford to have at least two ballistic missile submarines out at sea at

Could the US Navy Really Hunt Down Russian or Chinese Submarines?

The Russian Navy Is in a Death Spiral ...

What a Day for Navies: US Commissions 1 Nuclear Sub, Russia 3

Borei Russian submarine

Two nuclear submarines delivered to Zvezda plant for recycling

Russia's Ministry of Defense Confirms Construction of 2 Advanced Attack Subs

Russia Pacific Fleet to Hold Joint Drills With China, India, Japan This Summer

2, 2017) The Ohio-class

Russian Pacific Fleet About to Get a Whole Lot Deadlier With Three New Corvettes

The aircraft carriers USS Ronald Reagan and USS Carl Vinson steam with their strike groups and ships from Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force during ...

Russian Kilo class submarine Krasnodar in the English Channel

China's Submarine Fleet

Can't Hide From Kalibr: Russian Pacific Fleet Subs to Get Deadly Cruise Missile

Russian Pacific Fleet Missile Boats Conduct Artillery Drills in Primorye

Russia navy submarine

Russia's most advanced attack submarine, the Severodvinsk class. (Navy graphic)

Over 50 Russian Ships, Submarines in Active Service Worldwide

Russia will add five nuclear submarines in 2015 and by 2020 is hoping to add at least 16 new nuclear submarines to its Northern and Pacific fleets.

Two New Russian Stealth Submarines Are Headed to the Pacific. Here Is What They Can Do.

Night terror, the U.S. Navy: the Russian "Yasen" is able to sink three carrier one gulp

The Pacific Fleet Submarines. Find this Pin and more on All things Russian ...

Fire At Russia's Vladivostok Submarine Base Sure Doesn't Look Like An "Exercise" - The Drive

Is this submarine on fire? The Russian navy doesn't think so, calls it a 'damage control exercise'

In One Sense, Russia's 'Lada' Submarines Are a Step ...

Russian Navy Fleet

U.S. Navy alarmed by Russian submarine buildup

Russia has moved to modernise its once-decrepit Soviet-era fleet of submarines,

Part 3 – Submarine rescue ships with the Russian Navy

Download The Management And Staff Of The Pacific Fleet And The Memorial Submarine S-56

Sweden to use GAY PROPAGANDA to scare away Russian Navy Submarines - YouTube

Hull for hull, at least one landlocked country can match Canada's Atlantic fleet. How the Royal Canadian Navy stacks up on the high seas

The training tempo continues to intensify year on year. In 2015 the fleet's submarines conducted 70 deployments, for a total of 1050 days, having traveled ...

A submarine periscope seen in the sea (archive)

US Navy pressing toward major reorg that could strip Pacific Fleet of authorities

Monster subs of the Russian Pacific Fleet

The crew of the Varshavyanka class diesel submarine take part at the Victory Day parade in

Russian nuclear subs quietly Reach US Californian Coast avoiding detection

There is no doubt that Russia's Kirov class super-sized nuclear cruisers are charismatic fighting machines. Bristling with sensors and weaponry, ...

The best Soviet SSN design – the Victor III. Impressive, stealthy but approaching 30 years old, with few replacements under construction.

Sovietic Navy submarine gun. North Europe. WW2

Monster subs of the Russian Pacific Fleet

Russian submarine Daniil Moskovsky (K-414)

China emulates Russian military strategy in the Pacific

Russian submarines 1

Monster subs of the Russian Pacific Fleet

The Pacific Fleet: Russia's Diminutive White Fleet?

In 2005, the nuclear attack submarine USS San Francisco suddenly stopped dead in its tracks. The ship's crew were thrown about, some over distances of 20 ...


Amazon.com: Hobby Boss Russian Navy Oscar II Class Submarine Boat Model Building Kit: Toys & Games

The Hunt For Russia's Mystery Submarine Continues The Hunt For Russia's Mystery Submarine Continues ...

Russian MoD

Russia MoD/Wikicommons

Ivan Gren (BDK 135)

Russian government owned news agency claims a British mine caused the sinking of the ARA San Juan

Putin and submarine

Above–the Russian 'Admiral Grigorovich'-class frigate 'Admiral Makarov.' Photo via Wikimedia. At top–the 'Kilo'-class submarine 'Vologda.

Why Chinese submarines could soon be quieter than US ones | South China Morning Post

Russian Submarine 1976 More

Russian Typhoon-class submarine

Russia's fleet of nuclear submarines ...

Typhoon Soviet Attack Submarine by PaintFan08 ...

Navy detects Russian sub off U.S. East Coast

secret submarine top gear The ...

An Akula-class Russian submarine of the Northern Fleet on the surface. Russian MoD.

Anti-submarine aircraft of Pacific Fleet eliminates submarine of mock enemy by bombs during the drills - News - Russian Aviation - RUAVIATION.COM

The cruise missiles successfully hit the target, "which was confirmed by live recording equipment and the target's visual inspection," the Russian Pacific ...

Russia's Pacific Fleet Flagship Sets Sail: Where's It Going, What's it Doing?

The Soviet Navy's sole Papa class submarine. She was extremely expensive, built from Titanium and the fastest attack sub ever, reaching a top speed of knots

Russian seamen line up on an unidentified Akula-class submarine. File photo.

This ...

Russian Kilo class Attack Submarine (File Photo) By Zachary Keck Russia will begin a naval buildup in the Pacific Ocean next year, .

Podolsk Returning to Port in 2014 (photo: Eastern MD Press-Service)

Navy Paintings by Artist Vladimir Emyshev

Back in 2015, One of Russia's Most Feared Submarines 'Killed' an American Nuclear Sub | The National Interest

Delta-class submarine

Swedish corvette HMS Visby patrols the Stockholm Archipelago Oct. 19, searching for what the

Despite the fact that the main competitor of "Virginia" - Russian multipurpose nuclear submarine of project 885 "Ash" in strength to all known political and ...

The Viktor Leonov CCB-175, a Russian Navy intelligence warship. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Russian submarine Novosibirsk during July 2013 sea trials.

The 'Secret' Submarines the U.S. Navy Doesn't Want to Talk About (And Russia Fears)