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Transparent shrimp magpieampwhiskeyjack t Ocean life and

Transparent shrimp magpieampwhiskeyjack t Ocean life and


Transparent Animals

Crab hanging on.

Giant Pelagic Jellyfish (Chrysaora melanaster) and scuba diver, southern California by Norbert Wu Minden via Dandy Mariella

For All The Ocean Lovers


Wallpapers Underwater world Jellyfish Animals - Photo : 134328

Swimming Cucumber NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program, Gulf of Mexico 2014 Expedition Here's a transparent sea cucumber.

LSD Mandarinfish or Psychedelic Mandarinfish

Dwarf seahorse's deadly secret weapon It may be two inches long, lemon yellow, and the slowest-moving fish in the sea, but it's also one of the deadliest ...

Renardeau à la sortie du terrier

Deadly Cookii monster discovered in Australia

Renardeau à la sortie du terrier

The creature, who was named after famous recluse Howard Hughes, is the first crab in Britain to wear a bespoke shell, made specially ...

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Deep in the oceans of the southern hemisphere exist 60-foot long tubular creatures that undulate through the water. They're called pyrosomes, ...

Otters are carnivorous mammals in the subfamily Lutrinae. The 13 extant otter species are all semiaquatic, aquatic or marine, with diets based on fish and ...



Pronounced: 'seen-oh-bit-a cly-pe-ait-us' Common name: Caribbean, Purple Pincher or PP Latin Origins: clypeatus = shield shaped or shield bearing monk or ...

ocean 132 by Hengki24

Marine Life · Magpie · Methane Ice Worms - This polychaete worm - Hesiocaeca methanicola - of the family Hesionidae lives

Funny pictures about Curious polar bear is curious. Oh, and cool pics about Curious polar bear is curious. Also, Curious polar bear is curious.

anatomical crayfish

Kathleen Carr USA Nominee "Dolphin Encounter" Close Encounter of the Best Kind with wild Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins

For the first time, scientists have used human embryonic stem cells to predict the toxic effects of drugs and provide chemical clues to diagnosing disease.

Creepy Pokemon: David Szilagyi turns beloved characters into nightmarish monsters

Hatchetfish are deep-sea fish found in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans. They use a form of bioillumination to mimic light intensity from the ...

Renardeau à la sortie du terrier

anenones and clown fish intermingle

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Butterfly drift sand glitter waterfall quicksand case for iPhone 6 plus 5.5 inches flowing liquid cell

Jessica Palmer has a PhD in Molecular Biology and has been blogging about the intersection of

Orange Maple Old-Fashioned Cocktail | A Whiskey Lover's Drink | MarlaMeridith.com

Rather than isolated islands of wildlife amid an ocean of development, most National Wildlife Refuges serve a more complex and useful purpose.

After being rescued and nursed back to health by a young family in Newport, Australia, a magpie named Penguin has become a regular visitor and friend at the ...

"Exaltação", Carolina Franco, Escola Artística de Soares dos Reis


There's a folksy Hawaiian islands truism that says people who come to this remarkable paradise “discover the Big Island on their third visit.”

I'm getting my first tattoo in a month and I want it to be the 'explore' glyph but then I had an amazing idea! Get a different glyph on each of my ...


Lives of Grass: Living Sculptures by Mathilde Roussel | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Interior design inspiration and color palette draws from nature, artworks, lifestyle and fashion

We are selling antique models, designing phone cases and small toys.

textile design

lion cat

Hengki Koentjoro

Pink Gin by StuartWebster, via Flickr (License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/deed.en_GB)

We are selling antique models, designing phone cases and small toys.

Petri Dish

The Old Cells Studio - Michèle Brown Art: gelli plate With this we can see that thei different colors are transparent towards one another and that it makes ...

Photo: Guido Mocafico

Sea Waves Pot

That ocelot stare. : aww


Of course my Max would look better.

Repel bugs from plants by spraying with Thyme drops in an 8 oz spray bottle, fill the rest with water), or TerraShield. Kill ants with peppermint in a ...

purple ladybugs only found in Hawaii

Andy Goldsworthy is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about land artists of modern times

And given the size of their flocks, thousands of eyes are watching for any sign of danger.

We are selling antique models, designing phone cases and small toys.

MRI scan of a human head

San Francisco-based artist Klari Reis is creating a new Petri dish painting every day in 2013 for her Daily Dish project. Klari uses the creative process of ...

The YETI Hopper™ 20 is a personal, portable, anything but soft-sided cooler. Easily transport at least 18 icy cans to the links, the lake or your next ...


Red panda ~ ~ varieties close to raccoons, also known as Firefox

Flag 1 Hermit Crab Shells 10/24/13

Wild Life Series by HFesbra Doduo

Side-By-Side Photos Reveal How High-Fashion is Inspired by Nature

We are selling antique models, designing phone cases and small toys.

Mark Rehorst and his son Alex had a Cub Scout cake auction fundraiser to attend, and decided to make something a little less traditional than a cake.

A Unique Double Barrel Blend Of French & American White Oak Aged A Full 9 Months To Perfection Create A Superior Reposado With All The Body & Character Of ...

fashion design

Find Maze Dual Compartment Tumbling Composter at Bunnings Warehouse. Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products.

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Indoor Beach Hut Planter #Home, #HomeDecor


The pigs don't change much, but we hog hunters have to adapt our techniques to the topography, vegetation, and habits of local pigs.

There are many mysteries and inexplicable phenomena in the world and we could spend all our life looking for answers and don't find anything…

Fantastic (But Messy!) DIY Projects to Make Outside


AvoSeedo is a small plastic bowl that features an indentation with a hole in it.

Eric Hongisto ~ Yarnballs


Horizontal swimming lures are of two types – the first being lures like the Jigging Rapala and Northland Puppet Minnow, and the second being larger profile ...



1_400_10. “

Ali Herrmann, "coagulation"

adambirkan: “ ©Adam Birkan If you're in Hong Kong and you want to meet, send me a message. I don't bite.


San Francisco-based artist Klari Reis used petri dishes and reflective epoxy polymer to capture electron microscopic images of the natural (and unnatural) ...

This Gorgeous Vertical Garden Will Fit in Any Space

Posts about Nature & Animal Inspired written by Alan + Mei-Mei the pug

Mechanix Breast Plate - Ombre


LOEWE Elephant Crossbody